Wednesday, May 02, 2018

12 minutes in 12 months #5: Still Improving

This fifth run, and the final run for the month of April, saw a 40 second improvement on the previous time. Apparently I finished 20th in my age-group, but whom I kidding, it's still a slow, shitty time!

I think by the end of May I'll at least be done with the 30's, which means getting down to bringing 6 minutes/km down to 5, which is where the real business of running begins.

Today, May 2nd, I did my first Tuesday training run in a while. Blazing sunset, nice, cool Autumn evening, plenty of animals about.  The group have a different workout now - running single file, with the runner at the back sprinting to the front, easing off, and then the next runner sprints forwards and so on. 

Since I'm about to wrap up my 71st book, The Murder of Vincent van Gogh, as usually happens at this stage of a book, my sleeping patterns are completely messed up as I try to integrate every scrap of relevant info into a compelling climax. It's too bad the insomnia has hit while I seem to improving my fitness; I just need to try to hold it together, and try to continue training while the sleep pattern re-adjusts back to normal. This tends to be associated with gaining weight, though, so I don't know. I don't even know if I'll be able to wake up for #6. So far 5 in a row, improved 4 of those, but writing makes it very hard to be a consistent runner.

After this book I need to take a full week off, and if the gods allow, 2 weeks. 

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