Sunday, April 01, 2018

12 minutes in 12 months #1: The Plan

As I stand here on April Fool's Day 2018 [and I am literally standing while typing] I'm tipping the scales at a smidgeon over 102kg [about 225 pounds]. That's a record I'm not proud of, and after three weeks of training, I've realized the time has come for some real effort to turn the tanker around. By blogging my progress I'm holding myself accountable, and perhaps this record can provide some use or value to others in a similar position.

In that spirit, I'm taking the entire month of April off work to dedicate to training. April 2018 represents month #1 of 12 in an effort to carve 12 minutes off my current Park Run Time.
In the two weeks prior, I did the 5km route in close to the same time, 32:48 and 32:38 respectively. Like my weight, running 5km in almost 33 minutes is nothing to be proud of. Some friends of mine are doing it in 21, 22 and 23 minutes, and I know I could be, and should be there too.

In April my goal is to go under 32 and if possible, 31 as well. By April 2019, I hope to do what seems unthinkable right now [weighing 102.5kg], and that's run close to or just under 20 minutes in a Park Run. Since I've run a 37 minute 10km inside a triathlon [after swimming 1.5km and cycling 40km], which translates to an 18:30 5km x 2, I know I have the legs to do it, or I did it once upon a time.  Can I do it again 20 years later?

My current Park Run record is 24:12, set in Durban 2 years ago, which means to achieve my goal, to improve #12minutesin12months I have to improve my current PB by 4 minutes. That's unknown territory, and will probably require trimming down from over 100kg to under 76kg.  This implies losing 12 minutes in 12 months requires losing 24 kilograms over the same period [2kg per month].

To that end, I've implemented a few changes on the home, work and exercise front.

1. More standing while at the computer. Sitting must be on a Pilates ball.
2. Planking at least once a day [current record is 1 minutes 15].
3. Exercising twice a day at least 20 minutes per session [currently exercising once a day and not losing weight].
4. Increase pullups by 1 each month [currently at 7, record is 12].
5. Increase leg raises by 10 each month. Currently at 50 in 1 minute].
6. Cutting out chocolates, carbs and junk food.
7. Watching less television.

My goal for the next Park Run is to go under 32:30. After being stuck for three weeks at 32:45, it's time to see some improvement.

By the end of April I hope to bring my weight down to below 100kg. I'll report back on progress on Sunday April 8th.

My concerns in terms of consistency:

1. How long will I be able to maintain office work standing up?
2. What are the chances of getting injured?
3. Being unable to sleep at night [last night I struggled to settle down and sleep,]

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