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"I was there" Amanda Knox Prison Wiretap____2007 - 11 - 17


Important milestone in the audio at 05:00 and 10:00


AMANDA KNOX: Oh, you’re here.
CURT KNOX: We’re here.
EDDA MELLAS: Hey, how ya’ doing?
AMANDA KNOX: Ah… (inc.) I’m okay.
EDDA MELLAS: You’re okay? What do you mean okay?
AMANDA KNOX: I’m okay. I had a bad day yesterday.
EDDA MELLAS: Oh, how come?
CURT KNOX: (inc.).
AMANDA KNOX: Umm… the police were here, and umm… they monitored me all day wherever I
was …(inc.) waiting… he was like, oh did you see the TV yesterday and, you know,
about the knife and I was like yeah, but I’m not worried about it, ‘cause I didn’t do
anything, and he was like, yeah, well you’re a liar, and I was like you said 3 versions of
your story, you’re a liar, and I was just like… wow…
EDDA MELLAS: And you know what? Your lawyers were afraid that they’re…they’re just trying to
intimidate you with all that bullshit it’s just bullshit.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah… I know that. It’s just that… I’m really upset. It was like you are treating me like I’m a murderer, and you don’t even know me… like… wow… It’s the first time
that’s ever happened to me, and I just cried like when I was back in my room like
hysterical crying, and plus I think I’m getting sick …
AMANDA KNOX: …because it’s really, really cold all the time. It’s extremely, extremely cold. And
I’m under 3 blankets all day and I woke up today umm…with a stomach and a headache
and everything.
CURT KNOX: Are you eating?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I’m eating.
EDDA MELLAS: Can I get you more blankets, or…?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, you can. They have more here, I can… I’m… I was okay last night, but I just woke up like and when I get up from my bed after like reading I don’t know if it’s
because I’ve been reading for hours on end but I feel dizzy and everything and I don’t
know I just feel like I’m getting sick.
CURT KNOX: Sometimes obviously, sometimes when you lay down you kind of get up and…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, yeah.
EDDA MELLAS: (tosse) Well, is there a doctor you can see if… if you need…
AMANDA KNOX:Yeah, there’s a doctor, I just got medicine for my headache this morning and I feel
better right now but like the reason I was crying yesterday was just because like there
was this pressure on my head that just wouldn’t go away because like I felt horrible like
this person was looking at me like I was this horrible person and I was freaking out…
EDDA MELLAS: Well, like I said the lawyers think they’re doing this on purpose, because they really
don’t have any thing so they’re trying to put pressure like they did when they were
interrogating you to see if you’ll say something else and so whatever you do calm,
don’t say anything to anybody.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I was just like when I was in the room with him I was just like what …(ride) and then when I went back in my room I was crying just like I’m really, I’m really
worried about this whole knife thing… Why was there a knife in Raffaele’s …
CURT KNOX: Here’s, here’s, here’s, here’s the whole thing …(inc.) we talked to the lawyer
yesterday we asked him about it. Anytime that … uh… any article is being reviewed,
we have a specialist in there with them reviewing it. So that’s an example of …, this
knife that they are talking about, we were never notified about the knife.
EDDA MELLAS: Well, it’s bullshit!
AMANDA KNOX: It’s bullshit?
EDDA MELLAS: It’s bullshit.
CURT KNOX: It’s total bullshit. It’s total fabrication
EDDA MELLAS: This is what they’re doing right now. They just lie.
CURT KNOX: It’s all fabrication…(inc).
EDDA MELLAS: To try to get umm… you or somebody to crack.
AMANDA KNOX: That’s stupid. I can’t say anything else other than the truth, because I know I was
there, I mean, I cant’ lie about this like there’s no reason for me to…
CURT KNOX: Yes, yes. So, so what you should do is you just don’t talk to anybody about any
thing. Don’t write anything. I mean you may start getting letters have you been getting
letters or anything?
AMANDA KNOX: I’ve been getting tons of letters from admirers.
EDDA MELLAS: Oh well, people in Seattle also your friends are gonna start mailing. You they’ve
been asking forever they want to send you stuff… probably a lot of it won’t be able to
get in, and umm… but…
AMANDA KNOX: What do they want to send me?
EDDA MELLAS: Tea and books.
AMANDA KNOX: Well, the tea isn’t really gonna help me …(inc.) because I can’t have hot water.
CURT KNOX: You can’t have hot water?
EDDA MELLAS: Not for tea-making, hot tea water.
AMANDA KNOX: No, I mean, I think. I asked my umm… room-mate about it she said that you can
get like you can buy a little stove, but honestly I don’t really, I don’t really care
whatever I’m just chilling out.
EDDA MELLAS: And umm… while we’re thinking of it, we brought you hangers but they took them away because they said you can buy them.
CURT KNOX: You can buy hangers in the… uh… catalogue or whatever it is that you’re… that
you have.
AMANDA KNOX: My ok… room-mate told me to ask you guys to bring them so…
EDDA MELLAS: And they’re telling us, no we can’t bring them in, cause we brought then today and
they said no.
CURT KNOX: And we also brought some chocolate and they go, oh no, you can buy that in the
catalogue, too. (ride).
EDDA MELLAS: You can buy that in the catalogue, too. They wouldn’t let us bring so, you know,
it’s just you hear one thing and then you hear another. So you should have…
AMANDA KNOX: I think they’re also just driving you mad …(inc).
CURT KNOX: Well, they’re…
EDDA MELLAS: Well, we do know, like I said, the lawyers said absolutely do not listen to the, you
know, crap on the TV ‘cause…
CURT KNOX: The TV… it’s all fabricated
EDDA MELLAS: You look warm now. Do you feel warm. Are you ok now?
CURT KNOX: You look like you got a little sweat going right here
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I know, it’s weird, because I’ll like … like all of a sudden, I’ll feel hot but
then I’ll be like shivering like crazy.
EDDA MELLAS: You’re coming down with something.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, and then I was thinking like may be if I’m sick may be they’ll let me go
somewhere else …(inc.) like my lawyer told me: don’t lose weight! Don’t get sick!
Eat!… (inc.) my, umm… my room-mate getting kind of weird umm… with me because
she keeps saying: you’re okay with yourself inside and you’re gonna be okay and I
don’t trust your umm… boyfriend because he carries a knife with him all the time and
you messed up when you met up with umm… him, and I was just like uh….

EDDA MELLAS: Oh, and the other thing whatever you do they said do not… well first of all… don’twrite letters right now .
EDDA MELLAS: Just remember that.
CURT KNOX: But I mean… Don’t even write in your journal that has anything to do with…
EDDA MELLAS: Any of this.
CURT KNOX: Any of this.
EDDA MELLAS: You know. Don’t write anything about what’s going on. And they said, and
definitely don’t try to get a hold of …
AMANDA KNOX: Raffaele.
CURT KNOX: Or write.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah.
AMANDA KNOX: ‘cause they might, I might be like trying to fabricate something.
EDDA MELLAS: Exactly, exactly, they’re gonna take anything you do that has to do with this, and
try to twist it, ‘cause they really don’t have… anything.
AMANDA KNOX: Anything on me.
CURT KNOX: Yeah, they, they did a … they submitted some paperwork yesterday to appeal your
being put in here… they’re appealing your arrest.
EDDA MELLAS: Your arrest …(inc.)
CURT KNOX: And so probably Wednesday or Thursday of next week we’ll know …
EDDA MELLAS: The date.
CURT KNOX: What the date of the actual hearing which is another probably… I would say another
5 to 7 days after that.
EDDA MELLAS: And they’re hoping …(inc. – rumori) at that hearing that they’re gonna ask for you
to have home arrest, so you might… they ‘re hoping to be able to get you out of here, as
long as nothing, you know, horrible comes up, and like for instance if we aren’t for sure
about the knife because they found supposedly a steak knife a knife in your house that
both had your and Meredith’s DNA on it, not blood, but just your DNA, well duh…you
lived in the house together your DNA is gonna be all over… (inc.).
AMANDA KNOX: When the news came out the cop was umm… the main guy he like showed me this article and he was like: how do you feel about this? It shows that it has your fingerprints
on this knife and Meredith’s DNA on the blade and I was like ok, I don’t really
understand that umm… alright.
CURT KNOX: That’s enough now. No comment.
EDDA MELLAS: Who was that guy?
CURT KNOX: Just say I have no comment.
AMANDA KNOX: He’s, he’s this guy who’s like: I’m like your dad.
EDDA MELLAS: But he’s the one that’s… What’s his name? He asked you the weird question.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, he asked me the weird question… umm… He… I don’t know his name. He says they call him like the Vice Captain.
EDDA MELLAS: The Vice –Captain?
AMANDA KNOX: Like the Vice-President, kind of guy or…
EDDA MELLAS: You hear his name?
AMANDA KNOX: Umm… My room-mate keeps telling me, but I keep forgetting. It’s like Alberto or something.
CURT KNOX: Ok, so the Vice-Captain or Vice …(Inc) .
EDDA MELLAS: Don’t talk to him about anything.
CURT KNOX: Don’t talk to anybody about your case; period.
EDDA MELLAS: Does he want to ask you questions about your case?
AMANDA KNOX: Uh, no, he says that if you… if I remember anything I can tell him about it, and I
said: I already said everything that I know, so….
CURT KNOX: …(Inc).
EDDA MELLAS: No, no, you don’t tell him, you tell your lawyers if there’s anything else that comes
up, so…
AMANDA KNOX: And like I’m in my room, my room-mate wants to talk to me about it. She’s like,
well, there’s certain things that you just can’t make mistakes on and you… are you sure
you don’t want another lawyer? And I’m like Dude, I like my lawyer, leave me alone.
CURT KNOX: … (inc.).
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah don’t let them freak you out, ‘cause they’re… that’s what they’re trying to do.
CURT KNOX: The lawyers ….(inc.), the lawyers say “stay calm, stay calm”, but whatever you…
AMANDA KNOX: Stay calm chill out whatever.
CURT KNOX: Seriously , whatever you see on TV and stuff like that, it’s all a fabrication because
they don’t have anything.
AMANDA KNOX: So the police are telling like journalists that they have stuff?
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, oh yeah.
CURT KNOX: They’re leaking information because I mean it’s even umm… I think it was the BBC
the, the one that’s the I guess, the real versus kind of the Enquirer version of these
things umm… the BBC is starting to write bad articles about the Italian press and the
Italian police.
EDDA MELLAS: The police… And how they’re…
CURT KNOX: because they’re just trying to run the trial in the press versus the trial in the
AMANDA KNOX: yeah, this is ridiculous.
EDDA MELLAS: Right, and that’s what kind of the whole world is now saying this is ridiculous,
what kind of a, what kind of a….(inc.) they bringing anything.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, so…
CURT KNOX: It’s just a matter, it’s just a matter of time before you know we get you out of here…
(inc.) starts…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, but you gotta stay calm. You can’t get sick. You can’t… Did you get the
shampoo and stuff?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, shampoo, I have a comb. I have cookies to eat for breakfast, umm… my
room-mate keeps saying you need to eat all your cookies and she keeps wanting me to
eat, and I’m like Dude, I get a stomach ache if I eat. I don’t want to eat. And I do eat.
EDDA MELLAS: Well, I know. I understand ‘ cause I get a stomach ache, too.
AMANDA KNOX: Like she keeps wanting me to eat more. And everyone’s like eat, eat, eat.
EDDA MELLAS: mhmmm… are you still going outside at all, or… (inc.) at the time, it’s so cold
AMANDA KNOX: Well, that’s the thing. I was outside. I was freezing my ass off and I think that’s why I got a little bit…
AMANDA KNOX: ‘cause when I came back in I started getting…
EDDA MELLAS: Do you have a coat? A coat?
AMANDA KNOX: No, I have fleece things that I wear. They took my coat away from me ‘cause it had a zipper.
AMANDA KNOX: And umm… it’s not even my coat, it’s Raffaele’s coat. Umm… Yeah, they took my umm… it was weird, ‘cause one of the cops seemed really chill, like he didn’t really
talk tome, or anything but when I left they said “in bocca al lupo!” and I just like: “see
you later”. But the other guy…
CURT KNOX: What’s “in bocca del lupo”?
AMANDA KNOX: Good luck.
EDDA MELLAS: So why were they umm…
AMANDA KNOX: In the mouth of the wolf. It’s their way of saying “good luck”.
EDDA MELLAS: Why were they talking to you?
A) They were taking my bag Umm…
AMANDA KNOX: And I had to be here to um… watch them look at my bag.
EDDA MELLAS: What’s in your bag?
CURT KNOX: Schoolbooks?
AMANDA KNOX: My schoolbooks, my wallet, my umm… drops for my throat, ‘cause I was sick
when all this was going on… umm… pretty much nothing else. They took my wallet,
they took… they left my schoolbooks although they haven’t given me my schoolbooks
yet. (inc.).
CURT KNOX: I… I think the lawyers said they’re going to hang onto your schoolbooks, ‘cause
they have to examine them.
EDDA MELLAS: There might he something important in your schoolbooks, like the fact you’re
studying Italian, or German
(Amanda ride).
EDDA MELLAS: I think… nobody really thinks you know… they may just he shows about they have all this stuff and now …(inc.).
CURT KNOX: Well, part of it has to do with the fact that there’s a loon out there and they’re trying
to well…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, whoever did this…
CURT KNOX: You know what they’re trying to do is… they’re trying to kind of say… save the
town’s image you know, as far as, uh…
AMANDA KNOX: It would save the town’s image if they caught the real murderer.
CURT KNOX: Yeah, correct.
AMANDA KNOX: They were so excited when I umm… like… when… everyone was just like jumping for you, kissing each other when like I was like telling them I don’t know, I’m like not
sure, and they’re like no, no, no, no… (inc.)
EDDA MELLAS: Oh, yeah.
AMANDA KNOX: Just go with it .
EDDA MELLAS: They feel like… your lawyers feel like they can fight that pretty easily.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s no big deal. I didn’t have a lawyer there, they kept yelling
at me and hitting me.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah.
A) And stuff, okay… yeah… thank you because
EDDA MELLAS: ‘cause if you were naive… Did you ask for lawyer, ever, in all of this?
AMANDA KNOX: No, because I didn’t know, I didn’t know I was a suspect, they were just asking me questions and I was like okay, well here’s the answer to the question and they were like
“no, you’re a stupid liar, and I was like what…
EDDA MELLAS: That was probably the part where you should’ve asked for a lawyer.
AMANDA KNOX: I was like uh… and then they were like… one lady said Umm… Do you want a
lawyer here right now, and I was like well yeah, and she was like ‘well, it just makes it
a lot harder for you to have a lawyer here, and I was like ok.
EDDA MELLAS: So you did? Did you tell your lawyers that? That they asked you and you asked for
a lawyer?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I told them …(inc.)
EDDA MELLAS: Ok, good.
CURT KNOX: So did you talk to… let me see, today’s Saturday, right?
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, so tomorrow ‘s probably gonna be tough, right?
AMANDA KNOX: Tomorrow’s …(inc.)is suck, Sunday suck.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok, Monday. Though … umm…
CURT KNOX: And Luciano’s coming this evening.
EDDA MELLAS: On Monday … (inc.) your lawyer will be here on Tuesday, your other lawyer will
be here on …(inc.).
AMANDA KNOX: And when are you gonna be back?
EDDA MELLAS: In probably about 2 weeks.
EDDA MELLAS: Deanna’s having kind of a tough time, her surgery was umm… pretty…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, nasty.
AMANDA KNOX: They didn’t have ice-cream for her?
EDDA MELLAS: Well, you can’t have ice-cream
EDDA MELLAS: Well, because…
AMANDA KNOX: They give you ice-cream all the time.
EDDA MELLAS: No, “popsicles”, but no milk products.
CURT KNOX: Right, right, exactly.
AMANDA KNOX: Ohh… ok So I may have…
EDDA MELLAS: And I guess Chris said that the tonsils were tangerine-sized.
EDDA MELLAS: …(inc) and she’s had these massive craters so…
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, nasty!
EDDA MELLAS: So I’m gonna go home and take care of her, take care of Deanna, get everything in
order, and then be back, and hopefully by then, umm… we’ll hear, you’ll may by then
have had your hearing and be out, or… close to it.
CURT KNOX: Yeah, …(inc).
AMANDA KNOX: ‘cause I really like you guys being here It keeps me… I like look forward to… I try
to sleep through …(inc) talk to somebody …(inc). I talk to you guys and I wanna talk to
my lawyers all the time… I just like chill out and listen to my room-mate complain
about stuff… she complains all the time
CURT KNOX: Can you …uh… Can you have an i-pod in here?
AMANDA KNOX: An i-pod, I don’t know.
CURT KNOX: ‘cause I’ve got my i-pod.
AMANDA KNOX: That would be swell!
CURT KNOX: and stuff like that.
EDDA MELLAS: Oh, we’ll have to ask about that. (inc).
AMANDA KNOX:Because if I could listen to music that would make my life… like… I turn on MTV
and you have the same songs over and over, but it like makes me feel better, ‘cause it’s
not like the news, saying that I have a knife , and I kill…(inc), ok?
CURT KNOX: Yeah, well we … uh… ‘cause I can bring mine and I can bring some…(inc)
AMANDA KNOX: Yes, I have all my… I actually have been thinking about that ‘ cause I have like…what I do… what makes me feel better the most is when I get to go outside and what I
do when I’m outside is I skip around the square, which is not very big, and I sing at the
top of my lungs, I just scream insanely …(inc) because I’m sick and tired of being
stuck in here.
CURT KNOX: They said you’re getting a sun-tan here.
AMANDA KNOX: I’m getting a sun-tan?
CURT KNOX: Yes, yes …(inc).
EDDA MELLAS: …(Inc) tanned?
AMANDA KNOX: I keep asking to go in to the sun, because like I’m stuck in my room where there’s just artificial lighting all the time, so like, when I’m in the sun… I’m… yeah, like when
the sun’s out and I’m tired from like running around I’ll just go like this leaning against
the wall and have the sun on me …(inc.)
CURT KNOX: I was gonna say that you’re suntanned according to the other people… (inc).
AMANDA KNOX: I’m sun-tanned.
CURT KNOX: Yeah, so your hands are getting sun-tanned and your face is getting…
EDDA MELLAS: They’re literally, you know, waiting for any tid-bit.
AMANDA KNOX: My hands are so sweaty.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, I know… you’re …(inc.).
CURT KNOX: Your… (inc.) are starting to sweat too.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I don’t know why.
CURT KNOX: It sounds like you’re snorting a little sounds like you better uh… talk to the doc.
EDDA MELLAS: Tell them you don’t feel good …(inc.).
CURT KNOX: … get to… uh… actually uh… if this weren’t going on they’d be pretty nice people.
AMANDA KNOX: (ride) Cool.
CURT KNOX: We’ve got a what do you-call-it a 2 loft, 1 bedroom, 1 loft, uh…
EDDA MELLAS: Apartment.
CURT KNOX: So you’d be… on the very top level is like your queen-sized bed.
EDDA MELLAS: A double-loft. Well, I have… I have.
CURT KNOX: She has like this loft, because she’s leaving tomorrow and then I’ve got the top and
then there’s like a little sitting area that has a couch and two chairs and a big table.
AMANDA KNOX: Do you have a TV?
EDDA MELLAS: Well that’s just in the… the master bedroom area… (inc.).
AMANDA KNOX: That’s just the master bedroom area? Good lord!
CURT KNOX: And… upstairs and then there’s a … and you go into this loft area where she is
where there’s a single bed.
EDDA MELLAS: That’s 1 so that’s 1 …. Yeah… so it’s really 3 stores.
CURT KNOX: Like a mezzanine and then go down another set of stairs and then there’s a bathroom
it’s a nice bathroom except I can’t figure out… how to get the… no shower curtain…
seriously it’s, it’s like… you walk in and there’s this square thing… with a hole and
then you have the rest of thing at least Edda’s place had a curtain… (ridono) so… and
then… and then the downstairs has a big fireplace, and then has a kitchen area.
AMANDA KNOX: And all of this is like your… part of this.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, it’s ours, it’s one of the 8… this is a massive villa.
CURT KNOX: It’s one of those things where when you look up on the hill as you’re driving up and
they have lights floodlights flooding up the thing.
CURT KNOX: It’s uh…
EDDA MELLAS: It’s grand, yeah.
CURT KNOX: Yeah. So we’re trying to… we’ve got to figure out how long we can stay there.
EDDA MELLAS: How long we can stay there.
CURT KNOX: And if you can get arrest there, or if there’s a home-arrest.
AMANDA KNOX: I also told the priest about… (inc.) talk to the journalist anymore, because
apparently my… about how stop talking… I miss my…
EDDA MELLAS: (inc)… priests that they have.
AMANDA KNOX: I also told the priest… (inc.). They… they also said that umm… the journalists said that’ in the interview with Raffaele he was like ‘I never want to see Amanda again”.
EDDA MELLAS: That’s bullshit. Nobody’s interviewed him. No. But I mean, Raffaele’s lawyers are
saying bad things about you, umm… you know, Raffaele’s parents are not saying great
things about you, because well…
AMANDA KNOX: I mean they’re all trying to… they’re scared for him. They kind of look at me as
being the reason why he’s in this whole mess which is like, kind of true, but at the same
time, not, because it’s like, I couldn’t…
CURT KNOX: Like I said, don’t listen to anything that’s on TV.
EDDA MELLAS: If you overhear something, they’re just making it up.
AMANDA KNOX: ‘cause like I was gonna wait and talk to my um… yeah… when I was there I was
like oh,,, when they told me about the whole knife thing it was on Thursday, and I was
like oh, my, my lawyer is gonna be here tomorrow … (inc.) that’s kind of interesting,
like maybe you wanna talk to me about that.
CURT KNOX: and, well, that’s, that’s the thing, it’s… uh… when’s she’s gone every day I’m
gonna talk to the guy down in Rome, who… who actually speaks English.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, Carlo.
CURT KNOX: But… Carlo, and then Luciano, is obviously up here, but every day at 4:30 he’ll give
a call and get an update on what’s going on, so that… you know…
EDDA MELLAS: But they wanted you to be aware that they’re throwing all kinds of just…
CURT KNOX: All’s it is, it’s a game.
CURT KNOX: because they’re playing it out in the press part right now. So don’t listen to anything.
EDDA MELLAS: And we’re then… then… their instructions to us are that we’re not gonna play their game. We’re not talking about it in the press, we make no statements, you know, if they
ask me, I say: “Amanda’s innocent”, and that’s it.
CURT KNOX: In fact, on the way in, all the press people were out there, so, so we walked up, it
was kind of funny, we walked up, and there was like, I don’t know, 5 or 6 people in
line, and 2 or 3 of them came running out and started just… (rumore)
EDDA MELLAS: It’s the Italian mob taking care of us. And they were shoving them, and they told
us, they kicked them and yeah… they really…
CURT KNOX: And then another pair of uh… camera guys.
AMANDA KNOX: There were 3, those 2?
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, they were waiting in line in front of the prison, we’re tired of the camera
people following us so they went out and were screaming at them, and pushing them,
and telling them to go away.
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, sweet.
CURT KNOX: So, and then another camera guy came up and then they… a couple of them run out
again and… (rumore) …
EDDA MELLAS: And then they told us… in, you know, Italian… they go ‘yeah! Ok. We might not
make a good show in the press, because we’re… (inc).
AMANDA KNOX: well, who cares? Like, honestly it doesn’t matter. I was here with the… like when I was in my room I was just like completely upset about this police guy, and then I was
like: wait a second, it doesn’t matter what he thinks, it matters what the.. the judge says,
and granted, he’s gonna be talking bad about me to the judge, but there’s nothing that he
can do about it, ‘cause I didn’t kill my friend, so… screw him.
CURT KNOX: Yeah… well just make sure that you uh… just keep clam, don’t write about it,
another thing, too, is, uh… if your friends write you, you can write back, but don’t
AMANDA KNOX: Nothing about the…
CURT KNOX: Anything about the case, because whatever you write down…
EDDA MELLAS: They’re gonna take it…
CURT KNOX: They’re gonna make a photocopy of it, they’re gonna retain it, they’re gonna read
EDDA MELLAS: And they’re gonna take a little bit out of it and say: “Ooh…. look what she said!” So yeah… he actually said if you can for right now, try to avoid writing, but… yeah…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah… I didn’t write much yesterday, I was just like… I write… wrote a letter to
D.J. in my diary, ‘cause I’m not gonna send it to him or anything, but I was just like: I
need you to hold me right now… like… have you talked to like… who… who of my
friends are wanting…
EDDA MELLAS: A shit load of ‘em. Chris… I don’t know exactly all of ‘em. Chris keeps asking me. He keeps hearing from all of ‘em over there, they’re pretty much leaving me alone
…(inc.) of course I don’t have a lot of time. I just now figured out Internet Access, but
I’ll find out. Crap load of ‘em…
AMANDA KNOX: If you can just like tell ‘em like I’m thinking about then.
EDDA MELLAS: I know. I Know.
AMANDA KNOX: … (inc.). Just like thinking about being with them when I’m over with this, makes me feel a lot better.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok… So we got a couple more weeks, probably of… crap… of lounging in the
“Capanne spa”.
CURT KNOX: Sun-tanning, sun-tanning.
AMANDA KNOX: Yes, I’ll make sure to do that.
CURT KNOX:Next, uh… what is it… next Tuesday I will… uh… see you all brown.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah… (inc.).
CURT KNOX: ‘cause the best of it’s …(inc.) sweating…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, it’s true, yesterday I asked for a hat, and they said: “no, no, you’re allowed to ask tomorrow”, and I was like okay, so I just tied a sweat shirt around my head, and my
room-mate was laughing at me, ‘cause she was like: “you look like an old woman and I
was like I’m cold”, so…
EDDA MELLAS: Can you have a hat? Or?…
AMANDA KNOX: Well, I asked them, when I first got here they took my hat, and it doesn’t have like anything on it, it’s just like a hat, like a cap, you know and like what you would
snowboard with, you know, and they were like: no, no, you can’t have a hat. And I just
figured I couldn’t, but then across the hall is a woman who is wearing the exact same
thing, and I was like that doesn’t make any sense.
EDDA MELLAS: So look in is it in the catalogue. Can you buy it, or…?
AMANDA KNOX: Umm… there aren’t any clothes.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok. So maybe we’ll try.
CURT KNOX: We’ll try to bring a cap.
EDDA MELLAS: We’ll bring a cap and try it, In your bag today you’ve got… umm…
CURT KNOX: 2 towels.
EDDA MELLAS: 2 towels… you wanted towels?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, and also… brought me a towel, too. So…
EDDA MELLAS: … brought you a towel?
AMANDA KNOX: …(inc.) “Do you need anything?” - and I was like uh: “No, that’s okay”, and my
room-mate was like: “she needs a towel”… (inc.) my room-mate can tell you things that
I need to get, and I’m just like: “I can sleep in my sweat shirt”, and she’s like: “no, you
need 2 pajamas, and you need long sizes, and you need this and this and this…
EDDA MELLAS: We brought you a couple of good short socks. You’ll have to give us more detail.
CURT KNOX: We can’t find the long size.
EDDA MELLAS: Ummm… you’ve got slippers. Hopefully they made it in this time… Ummm…
some more underwear…I brought you…
CURT KNOX: Some of these little t-shirts.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, and I brought you…I had 2 just t-shirt a white one that I wore… just once
and a brown one that was in my bag. They’re just light t-shirt. …(inc.).
CURT KNOX: You stuck your sweater in there.
EDDA MELLAS: And I stuck a cable sweater, a kind of heavy sweater in there of mine Umm… So… We tried to bring in a bar of chocolate, but I don’t think they’ll let that in. You can buy
that, supposedly.
CURT KNOX: Yeah, everybody in the uh… the room that we were uh… everybody’s writing down
CURT KNOX: And we didn’t have the word for “chocolate” and so…
AMANDA KNOX: Cioccolato.
CURT KNOX: …(inc.) rats…
AMANDA KNOX: That’s okay.
(Fine file audio “VTS_01_1.VOB”)
(Inizio file audio “VTS_01_2.VOB”)
CURT KNOX: … (inc.) make it either.
EDDA MELLAS: Gonna are be okay… It’s bullshit…. (inc.)
AMANDA KNOX: I mean… I was talking to the guy, and he was like what do you think of this?! And I was like honestly that doesn’t make any sense, because I never brought the knife from
my house to Raffaele’s place.
CURT KNOX: So, there, right there, that is… don’t talk to him about the case. I mean, just don’t, I
mean just say… you know…
EDDA MELLAS: And then… does Raffaele always carry around a knife?
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, ok.
AMANDA KNOX: I mean, D.J. did too.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok, and have you messed with Raffaele’s knife ever?
AMANDA KNOX: No reason to.
CURT KNOX: Ok. So just don’t talk to anybody about anything unless ummm…
EDDA MELLAS: What else? Oh… Christina, I talked to Christina this morning. Christina and Ryan
were over. They were visiting Vienna and they said “Oh make sure to tell Amanda we
love her” and…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, how’s Ryan dealing with all of this? Like what does he think? Does he even know what’s going on? Does Kyle know what’s going on?
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah… they’re you know they’re worried…
AMANDA KNOX: I mean, like I would love to have someone with… like I know Ryan’s old enough to really comprehend what’s going on, but like does Kyle even like get it? What does
Ashley and Billy think? Do they even know?
CURT KNOX: Ashley knows everything. And she’s… reads the Internet, and then …(inc.) has to
tell her it’s all bullshit…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, that’s what we have to tell everybody.
CURT KNOX: … (inc.) I think around 4 a.m. this morning Ashley texted me, and wanted me to hug
you and kiss you for her… (ride).
AMANDA KNOX: Zoe doesn’t know though.
CURT KNOX: Uh… she knows a lot more now. Originally, when everything kind of came out, we
were kind of like, you know, just leave her aside and then when I came over, we had to
kind of tell her, here’s what’s going on and stuff like that…
AMANDA KNOX: What do they think… I mean what do you all think about this?
EDDA MELLAS: They just feel horrible for you, and they want… everything cleared up.
CURT KNOX:…(inc.) bunch of idiots.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, really, they’re going what kind of bullshit?
CURT KNOX: No, seriously, that’s what it is.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, and even the… the press in the United States is starting to say things like…
CURT KNOX: Let’s back-pedal.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah… uh… yeah… and the story changes… yeah… every day.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, it’s true, like at one point like I saw… like I was following this TV show that I saw, I saw on for a second, it was because I was curious, and .they kept showing me
kissing Raffaele just over and over and over again, and I was like what are they trying to
do… like… what’s going on?
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah, so… Yeah, don’t contact either of them, you know when this is all over we can, you know figure out. Something…
AMANDA KNOX: Is Patrick out?
EDDA MELLAS: I don’t know.
AMANDA KNOX: Ok, ‘cause I thought…
CURT KNOX: I would say no, just because…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, nobody… everybody’s been held until another hearing, I think, right?
CURT KNOX: Right, right, ‘cause…
AMANDA KNOX: And they want me to just have like a meeting with me and Raffaele in the same
CURT KNOX: Who said that?
AMANDA KNOX:My umm… my lawyers…
AMANDA KNOX: … said that the lawyers of Raffaele want to get me in a room with him to talk to just me and him and the judge and then ours… ours respective…
EDDA MELLAS: if your lawyers sa-… thought…
CURT KNOX: Make sure our lawyers said that.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
AMANDA KNOX: Well like I was in the room with him, and he was like yeah, you probably don’t
want to do that, and I was like…
CURT KNOX: In the room with who?
AMANDA KNOX: With… so me and my lawyers, him and his lawyers, talking to the judge.
CURT KNOX: so both, so both Carlo and Luciano were with you?
AMANDA KNOX: No, umm… it was Carlo who was telling me this.
EDDA MELLAS:; So they wanna have you guys together?
EDDA MELLAS: Well, I mean, uh…
AMANDA KNOX: They wanna do a story, and I was like why…
EDDA MELLAS: Technically, if you guys revoke your alibis and if you guys go back to your original stories before they started beating you and doing that stuff, then you guys were at the
house, and it’s all good…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, yeah, it’s… true…
AMANDA KNOX: Like I’m sorry I said something I didn’t but you told me I was going to jail for 30
years and I had no idea what was going on.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, so I… we hadn’t heard that from Carlo, but they may well try that. I mean it
might not… if, if Raffaele tells the truth, then…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, that would be nice.
CURT KNOX: Everything is fine.
AMANDA KNOX: That would be nice. Like, why did you change in the first place, but, ok…
EDDA MELLAS: Well, probably the same reason you did, honey.
EDDA MELLAS: Well, but don’t try to get a hold of anybody now just be… (inc.) right now just
be… really careful about what you say or what you write...
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I kind of feel stupid right now, because like they asked me and I was like well I told like I uh… they were like well: what do you think about this and I was like well: I
think the same things that I’ve been saying, that I was with Raffaele at my… at his
house. And they were like: ‘well, you’re a liar”, and I was like: “okay”.
CURT KNOX: So just don’t…
EDDA MELLAS: Don’t say anything.
CURT KNOX: Don’t say anything.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok, what do you think about this?
CURT KNOX: Don’t even… don’t even do anything, ‘cause that’s exactly what the play is it’s…
they’re trying to… since you… they know you have TV in your rooms.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, They’re saying: “are you watching TV … (inc.) and I’m like not really… but
I’ve seen…
CURT KNOX: Raffaele, and you and Patrick all have TVs, so what they’re trying to do is they’re
putting things in there to try and get somebody to…
EDDA MELLAS: Crack, and do something… you know… say something else…
AMANDA KNOX: Who did it…(inc.) I just wish they would spend their time trying to find…
EDDA MELLAS: Whoever did it, did it. Yeah that would be nice.
AMANDA KNOX:‘Cause they do have other prints in the room. Like, the “avvocato” (inc…) umm…
that’s the word for lawyer. I …
EDDA MELLAS: The lawyer.
AMANDA KNOX: I constantly think in Italian… Ummm… just ‘cause like…
AMANDA KNOX: Avvocato. Yeah. It’s not like avocado, you know, that’s pretty much…
EDDA MELLAS: Amanda’s lawyers are fruits.
AMANDA KNOX: That’s true. Green.
CURT KNOX: Avocado is a vegetable, isn’t it?
CURT KNOX: It’s a fruit?
AMANDA KNOX: It’ has a seed in it. So therefore it’s a fruit. …(inc.)
EDDA MELLAS: ‘cause it grows on a tree…(inc).
CURT KNOX: I don’t eat avocados.
EDDA MELLAS: Oh, it’s so good, yeah…
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, and I keep thinking, like there are things that I keep thinking about, that I
wanna do when I’m out, and like one of those things is eat a pizza before we leave,
because pizza here is amazing. I don’t know if you guys ever like had the pizza.
CURT KNOX: We tried… we tried one night, but it was, I mean… do you get the separate thin
crust or do you get the…like the…
AMANDA KNOX: Thin crust.
CURT KNOX: Ok, ok, well the ones we got were like… American…
AMANDA KNOX: Oh no, you don’t want… you want to go to like an actual place, like a pizzeria
place, like, where it’s like a sit-down place and the dining room is full and then you
have like a zillion pizzas.
CURT KNOX: I can’t read a thing on the menu.
AMANDA KNOX: Well, yeah, honestly, just like pick one and like that’s what I want. It doesn’t
matter. And they’re always frickin’ delicious. Oh my god, it’s so good. Like, They have
amazing pizza, and I don’t even like pizza in the United States, like I never eat it, just
because it’s so nasty, it’s like greasy and disgusting. But here, it’s… oh… So that, I
want a cup of coffee. ‘cause like, I’m here, and I make my coffee in the “moka” thing in
the morning, but it’s not like an espresso, ‘cause I’m like addicted to espresso here.
CURT KNOX: Well, it’s like me, I brought a Coca Cola yesterday.
CURT KNOX: One of those big, tall, thing items or whatever, so I can drink Coke.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, yeah… That, and I wanna walk with you guys around before we leave like...I mean… what is gonna happen… well, that, but like what’s gonna happen to my stuff?
AMANDA KNOX: I still have stuff in my house.
CURT KNOX: We talked to them… we talked to them about that, and um the…
EDDA MELLAS: When the police…
CURT KNOX: The place is sealed.
EDDA MELLAS: And when they unseal it…
AMANDA KNOX: I… yeah… I can’t get anything out of it right now, I know that, but what if I’m like
released if they’re still looking through the house, for my stuff, I mean we’re gonna
have to come back sometime and get my stuff.
EDDA MELLAS: Well, no, the American, the America Embassy said that if we’re not here to get it
when they unseal it, they’ll box it and send it.
AMANDA KNOX: Well, ok. I mean it doesn’t really matter, the kitchen stuff that I have I mean… I can
just… (inc.). Although they do have amazing things here where you can cook espresso
on the stove.
CURT KNOX: How do you cook espresso on the stove? Is that like the little pot that you had?
AMANDA KNOX: It’s amazing. Yeah, it’s um, like this little pot thing. I mean you can get it in various
sizes, but it has like a little chamber on the bottom where it has the water.
AMANDA KNOX: And you put the caffè.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
AMANDA KNOX: And it shoots it up. It’s just like ah… like I was so excited when I found that. Like,
umm… they made espresso in the morning, and I was like how did you do that? And
they were like, It’s… this thing, you don’t have that? And I’m like no, that’s amazing!
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah they had to show everybody how to use it, yeah.
AMANDA KNOX: Apparently Meredith, the first time that she used it, she killed it, because she forgot
to put water on the bottom, so she just stuck it on the stove, without any water…
CURT KNOX: Oh, just fried the whole thing.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah. She was like: “why is it taking so long?” I was like…(inc.).
EDDA MELLAS: Well, and her family now has come out with a statement about the fact that they’re
mad about the pictures that they keep, printing of Meredith, and they’re mad that this is
being played out in…
CURT KNOX: In the press.
EDDA MELLAS: This big circus, rather than where it needs to be so…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, that’s good I thought they would be like really mad about me or something.
AMANDA KNOX: ‘cause they’re printing such bad stuff about me…
CURT KNOX: I say… I mean, it’s all…
AMANDA KNOX: They printed… (inc.). bull.
EDDA MELLAS: Well, they printed bad stuff about Meredith too, at first.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, they were like yeah… she was a like a partier… (inc.) around like, no, that’s
not true , she went out with friends sometimes, and then came home and studied, like,
she’s a good girl. Like, honestly, like she’s a great person.
EDDA MELLAS: So, they’re … I think they know that, you know what they print is bullshit, so...
CURT KNOX: Right, right.
EDDA MELLAS: That’s what the lawyers… the main thing that the lawyers said. Stay calm. Ignore
that shit. Don’t talk to anybody. Don’t write to anybody.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I have umm… 12 fan letters… (inc.)
EDDA MELLAS: Good lord.
CURT KNOX: Fan letters?
AMANDA KNOX: From people… like, from guys that are incarcerated, from different places. They’re just like… well, what they do is they’re like… some of them are kind of weird, like
some of them are like… uh… it’s all in Italian, so I’ve been reading Italian,
umm…which is good it’s good for practice, but some of them, like most of them, are
like: we understand exactly how you feel, well, but first they start off with “I’m one of
your fans that are incarcerated, because I have apparently a ton of fans that are
AMANDA KNOX: And they’re like I totally believe you, I understand exactly how you feel, all you
have to do is have courage, like that’s basically the same thing that I’m hearing all the
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah, yeah…
AMANDA KNOX: And these things, but then I get one of them that’s like “You’re really hot” (ridono) … inc. I saw your picture on TV and you’re really hot.
EDDA MELLAS: It’s like, oh good…
AMANDA KNOX: I’m gonna send you a very like “un bacio sensuale”, which is a very sexy kiss, is
what he said.
EDDA MELLAS: (mormora).
AMANDA KNOX: I’m not writing back to them.
AMANDA KNOX: Maybe I’ll write back, like, thanks for the support, after I’m totally done with all
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah exactly.
AMANDA KNOX: I don’t wanna do it right now.
EDDA MELLAS: No, don’t write anything now. Don’t write anything now.
EDDA MELLAS: Umm… Do you need pajamas?
EDDA MELLAS: Thick socks?
AMANDA KNOX: Thick socks would be good.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok… (inc.) They’ll let me know where to get socks.
AMANDA KNOX: I mean, I don’t’ wanna like have you guys running around… (inc.).
EDDA MELLAS: No, no, I mean we don’t have anything else to do, besides wait for the days to come and… and visit.
CURT KNOX: Exactly, exactly.
AMANDA KNOX: And um… yeah, and just wait for you guys to visit, so it’s like, oh, great.
CURT KNOX: Thick socks, p.j.s.
EDDA MELLAS: Phone calls.
AMANDA KNOX: Phone calls.
EDDA MELLAS: You get one phone call a week.
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, I was gonna say, I can write letters to you guys, if umm… like during the
meantime… like… what’s your address?
EDDA MELLAS: I don’t know he’ll have to get it for you. Although, be careful about write… yeah…I guess you can write.
AMANDA KNOX: Just to be like: I’m bored. How are you? (ridono).
EDDA MELLAS: Umm… but you…
CURT KNOX: Why would you…?
EDDA MELLAS: You get a phone-call. A week you can ask for a phone-call, so we’re setting it up.
And you can call the United States.
AMANDA KNOX: Call… they told me I only had 10 minute calls.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, 10 minute calls. But you get a 10 minute call once a week. So you could
“Oma” you could call me while I’m there. And we’re working on getting that set up. So
on days that you’re feeling low…
CURT KNOX: But it has to be to a land-line. It can’t be to a cell-phone.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I’ll write it in a little being a prisoner pamphlet that the Consulate gave me
(ride) Oh, that’s neat. That’s good to have.
EDDA MELLAS: We are getting it… so on those days… you know, that you’re feeling low, or
whatever, ask to make…, I don’t know do you have to ask in advance, ask to make a
phone- call? I don’t know haow I...
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I have to write a “domandina” which is a request, but like I don’t really know what that process is the “agenti”… the guards come and they uhmm: are just like: hey
how are you doing? No, actually they ask me “ a posto” which means: “everything in
place?”. And I’m usually I’m usually like I’ freezing my ass off. Ok.
EDDA MELLAS: Can we bring you gloves or a hat?
CURT KNOX: No, no, what we can do… is they have those stocking gloves, I mean they look like
a sock. They’re kind of like knit gloves, rather than leather gloves or something like
EDDA MELLAS: So, a cap some warm socks, some warm pajamas of some type.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, nothing with bottons though, I hate sleeping in buttons.
CURT KNOX: So either that, or what we could do is get a really, I don’t know, fluffy, is the right
word, but a big, big sweatshirt, big sweathshirt and sweats or something like that...
fluffy and then some thick socks.
AMANDA KNOX: Socks are the main thing, ‘cause my feet are freezing all the time.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok, so we brought you more, but we’ll look for thick socks.
CURT KNOX: … inc. She didn’t sleep night 1 with any socks on, I didn’t night 1 with any socks
EDDA MELLAS: It’s cold.
AMANDA KNOX: It’s freezing.
CURT KNOX:… and night 2 we both, I think, put socks on and it was a lot warmer (ride).
AMANDA KNOX: Well, here, I mean it’s freezing, they don’t have heat, like these heaters don’t do
EDDA MELLAS: Do you have uhmm… laundry facilities? They don’t have a place for you to do
laundry or did you figure that out?
AMANDA KNOX: Well technically they have a laundry facility, but it’s just for your bed sheets.
Uhmm usually I have to do all my laundry in my bathroom or, technically I’ve been told
that like… I’ve been told by my room mate, that I can give you…
EDDA MELLAS: Well, that’s fine, we can, you know.
CURT KNOX: Yeah, we can do your laundry.
AMANDA KNOX: The dryers here suck.
EDDA MELLAS: We don’t have a dryer. (ridono).
AMANDA KNOX: Well like if you go to a laundromat. There are dryers. Like, there’s washing
machines and there’s dryers, but the dryers suck.
CURT KNOX: Really?
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, yeah, I can put it in twice at he highest level just to like get my jeans somewhat
dry, and then I have to hang them up when I get home. Like, it’s ridiculous…
CURT KNOX: We tried to find, uh… we tried to find … a laundromat yesterday. We had see… we
had uh… Eleonora.
CURT KNOX: Eleonora… who was at the house drove us around. Eleonora’s at the villa. She lives
in one of the apartments. So she drove us around, when we first got there on
Wednesday. Told us where all these things were wrote them all down. So we found all
of them.
EDDA MELLAS: But the laundromat.
CURT KNOX: But we couldn’t fine a laundromat, we coludn’t find a laundry (ridono – rumori).
AMANDA KNOX: Laudromat are kind of hard to find, honestly, they are. The one I used… Yeah, the cop also asked me, “not the cop, but the captain here the “capo” ,uhmm… he asked me
if I had gone to a laundromat. with somebody in the morning and I… I was like, what?
What are you talking about... like what are these things that you’re asking me about…?
CURT KNOX: Well, see what he’s doing, is he’s … that’s his way …
EDDA MELLAS: Don’t trust him.
CURT KNOX: Do no trust that guy. Don’t trust him that guy. Don’t trust anybody in here, because
what they are… for all you know your room-mate could be a plant.
CURT KNOX: You know… so just don’t talk about .
AMANDA KNOX: I tell her I don’t even want to… but she keeps going on and on about it and then I
just ignore her. Also, like I understand half of what she’s saying anyway, because she
has like these mumble that she does where she just speaks really, really loud, she speaks
really, really quickly and then I’ll look at her like “what?”, and than she’ll just say it
louder really, really fast and I’ll look at her like: “don’t yell at me” honestly like I’ll just
want to sit there and mind my own business, and then she’ll like bark at me about
something, and I’m like: “what’s going on?”
EDDA MELLAS: Do you need deodorant and all of that?
AMANDA KNOX: I have deodorant, umm…
AMANDA KNOX: I have powder…
EDDA MELLAS: ok. How long, how after can you shower?
AMANDA KNOX: I can shower whenever I want. I have a shower in…
CURT KNOX: Ok, so that’s in your…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I have like my own bathroom and umm shower that I share with her.
AMANDA KNOX: Which is chill.
AMANDA KNOX: I thought that was pretty cool ummm… when I first got here, I was like “hey, that’s
not that bad”.
CURT KNOX: Do you have a shower curtain?
AMANDA KNOX: Uhmm… no, there’s like a close… there’s a door that closes.
AMANDA KNOX: But it’s clear… I mean they don’t… they… I mean, I’m jail. They have like this
little window where they can look in and watch me showering, if I want… if they
wanted to. Just because they have to watch me all the time and make sure I don’t try to
kill myself.
CURT KNOX: Well, it’s starting to get very, very crisp outside.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, it’s…
CURT KNOX: It must be getting do they still separate you, from other people when you go out?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I’m not allowed to talk with anyone else, I’m not allowed to be in areas with
anybody else, and I don’t even know why. Like I’m…
EDDA MELLAS: ‘cause you’re technically not convicted of anything.
EDDA MELLAS: They’re just holding you.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I think that’s why, like that’s… ummm… yeah, my room-mate was like “it’s just ‘cause you’re American”. And I was like: “no, I think it’s because I’m not actually
one of you”, but I didn’t really want to say that, so it’s like…
EDDA MELLAS: Everybody else has been sentenced, you know, you’re just being held, so…
AMANDA KNOX: It still sucks.
AMANDA KNOX: I just want to leave. It sucks so much, like I don’t even know if you guys even
understand how much it sucks in here.
CURT KNOX: We can probably imagine.
AMANDA KNOX: It’s so not fair, is the problem. Like if I did something wrong it’s like Ok, well I did something wrong, I mean I’m gonna upset that I got caught on something that I yeah…
but like here, I didn’t do anything, like I’m just here because somebody has nothing else
to do, or they don’t know anything, so that’s why I’m here …(inc).
CURT KNOX: Well, just hang on and know that uh… probably, maybe by Tuesday when I come
visit, you know,… I’ll have some… Luciano’s gonna visit you on Monday, and I gonna
visit you on Tuesday, Carlo and one of his associates is gonna visit you on…
AMANDA KNOX: Who his associate?
EDDA MELLAS: One of his…
CURT KNOX: One of his people that… who’s been working on your defense, and stuff like that. So
he’s gonna visit you on Wednesday and then I’m … uh… meeting with them… uh…
no, on Wednesday, when they’re done they may just drive over to where we are.
EDDA MELLAS: So maybe then by Thursday or something, we can… you can ask to make a phone
call and then talk to…
CURT KNOX: Well, yeah, actually, yeah, do it… do it… Thursday.
EDDA MELLAS: Well, we need to get the Consulate has to let me know… did you get the e-mail that
…(inc) sent us?
CURT KNOX: Which one? It has like 4 different attachments?
EDDA MELLAS: The one… yeah…but uh… one is that you have to get… the, the number has to be
verified by the Consulate, and so I e-mailed then back, and said “how do you get
number verified? So I’m waiting to hear from him, he may have already e-mailed me,
and then once we’ve got it set up.
EDDA MELLAS: You can at least maybe later in the week, you know, Thursday or Friday…
CURT KNOX: Either that or, I’ll , you know, I’ll be back here on Saturday, too, so, uh… I can tell
you then what’s going on.
EDDA MELLAS: You can call anytime. Don’t worry about what day or time night it is… you know
time of day or night it is…
CURT KNOX: Yeah, nine hours difference…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, well, hopefully we can see a light here, at the end of the tunnel.
AMANDA KNOX: Well, I mean, there’s going to be ‘cause like… I just have to wait for it. It’s just…ugggh…
CURT KNOX: Just wait, yeah… Well just look at it as a very tough uh… college class that you’ve
got to get through.
AMANDA KNOX: College classes are not even remotely this hard. Like I would rather be in the…
CURT KNOX: Like I said, tough college class. (ride)
AMANDA KNOX: Like I would rather be in like the ending calculus class or like… than this
EDDA MELLAS: What are you reading that’s cool?
AMANDA KNOX: Umm… right now I’m reading “fall On Your Knees”, which is great, because it
means Oprah’s book club has infiltrated the prison of Italy, as well. It’s what the
Consulate gave me. It’s a book that was in Oprah’s book club.
A: When I saw Oprah’s Book club on the front… and I was just… I Chuckled to
myself, when I saw that ‘cause I was like ‘Ita… she gets everywhere.
EDDA MELLAS: … (inc) prison in Italia…
CURT KNOX: Infiltrated on Italian prison (ridono)
EDDA MELLAS: So if Oprah calls I’ll have to tell her that, because everybody else has called.
A: Everybody else?
EDDA MELLAS: Oh, yeah, you know… Umm…
AMANDA KNOX: I want to know if I’ll want talk with anybody after all this. I don’t know like right
now, I just want to get out That’s all I can think of. But like… I… then I think about
like something like… I think about what I’m gonna do when I get out, and I think I’m
gonna have a pizza, I’m gonna have a coffee, I’m gonna be with my friends, I’m gonna
be with the family. I keep thinking about what I’m gonna do when I finally do move
back, ‘cause I’m definitely gonna be with you guys, for example. I don’t have a place to
live, and like, I have no plans or anything, I wanna see if I can find a job again, so I
guess I’ll have time, I don’t know when I’m gonna start school again, I don’t know
anything about that, but then I was like “wait a second, there are a lot of people who
want to talk to me right now, what if I have to go on the “Today” show or something
like that?”
EDDA MELLAS: Meredith Veira has called.
EDDA MELLAS: Meredith “the today show”… Veira.
AMANDA KNOX: Oh… great…
EDDA MELLAS: That… Our Meredith Veira… yeah… They all want to talk to you.
AMANDA KNOX: great. What am I gonna say?
EDDA MELLAS: They want to talk to me in the meantime, and I’m like “No, not until she’s out of
there”… (inc).
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I don’t want to talk to anyone until I’m out.
CURT KNOX: Oh, there was uh… I saw a gal … bringing in like cold cuts and cheese and stuff
like that, in cllear packets. Do you want me to bring any of that stuff for you?
AMANDA KNOX: Umm… that would be cool. Umm. I like… I mean, I had cheese the other day They brought in cheese for us, and…
CURT KNOX: What kind of cheese do you like?
AMANDA KNOX: It was Swiss cheese in general. Brie… Ummm…My favorite’s like brie, Swiss and mozzarella. Umm… that’s what I have at home. I just like brie, Swiss, and mozzarella.
CURT KNOX: Brie, Swiss and mozzarella. Do you like any cold cuts, any meats?
AMANDA KNOX: Um… I’m cutting back on the meats, actually, ‘cause I’m gonna try to be a
vegetarian when I get back in the U.S. … ah, ah, ah…
CURT KNOX: Ok. So I’ll bring you 3 uh… corn-on-the-cobs (ride).
AMANDA KNOX: Cheese… cheese is so good. But yeah…
CURT KNOX: So you just want some cheeses or something like that?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, that would be cool. You can try. I mean, they’ll probably take it away.
CURT KNOX: Well, I… I’m not gonna…if it comes in a clear packet.
AMANDA KNOX: And they also said that it has to be in pieces.
AMANDA KNOX: It can’t be very big… (inc) stick something in the cheese.
EDDA MELLAS: So the slices like that pack…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, slices like that…
CURT KNOX: Ok. I’ll see what I can find. So let me see, so we got socks probably sweatshirt,
sweatpants for p.j.s, and uh…
EDDA MELLAS: and a cap, we’ll try to get a…
CURT KNOX: Yeah and tell us if your uh… slippers made it through, ‘cause we don’t… well
actually, we’ll know when we walk out if they threw it out.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, if they didn’t want…
AMANDA KNOX: They throw it out?
CURT KNOX: Well, no, they give it back to us…
EDDA MELLAS: They give it back to us…
AMANDA KNOX: I was gonna say…
CURT KNOX: Now did you get all the stuff that we gave you on… Tuesday?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah. I got underwear and ummm… Yeah, I got the underwear And I got that
umm… they gave them to me in a plastic bag. Umm… later on ‘cause I was like the
first time they gave it to me right then…
AMANDA KNOX: But .then I had to wait later on, so I was like why don’t you guys give me my stuff?
It’s ind of weird.
EDDA MELLAS: So do you have enough to read? Or should we bring…
AMANDA KNOX: Umm… it would be nice to have some more things to read, just because…
EDDA MELLAS: Ok. Like what?
AMANDA KNOX: I mean… I have … I have enough Italian stuff here ‘cause they have a library and every thing’s in Italian, but it would be nice to have German stuff… I don’t know if…
EDDA MELLAS: Ok. Which Harry Potter were you on in German?
AMANDA KNOX: Umm… I was on the … 5th book.
EDDA MELLAS: So, how many books are there?
CURT KNOX: I think there’s 4.
EDDA MELLAS: So, if we, if I get on in German ond get you the 5th, 6th and 7th one in
German, and have them sent…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah…(inc).
CURT KNOX: 5th, 6th and 7th. Or…?
AMANDA KNOX: Whatever you want. Like I said, I don’t care. I’ve read the first two already, so I
mean… I don’t really need to read that, those two, but like the 3rd, 4th, 5th etc…
AMANDA KNOX: Umm… it would be cool actually to have the 4th one, ‘cause I have the 4th in English.
AMANDA KNOX: So I could, like, compare.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok. I can do that.
AMANDA KNOX: Ummm… ‘cause that’s just good in general for practicing German. Yeah… it
was… it was sad, ‘cause I couldn’t talk to Oneil very well the last time I ever talked to
AMANDA KNOX: Oneil, my cousin in Germany.
AMANDA KNOX: He’s his 3 years older than I am.
CURT KNOX: Oh, 3 years older.
AMANDA KNOX: ‘cause I couldn’t understand the words.
AMANDA KNOX: …(inc) I didn’t know half the words that he was saying, I felt really bad, ‘cause like I was able to talk with him when I was in Germany, it’s just ‘cause I think in Italian
now. So it’s…
EDDA MELLAS: …(inc).
AMANDA KNOX: It’s weird. ‘cause like sometimes I’ll be doing the English thing after I read an
English book, but then umm… I talk always in Italian, and then… it’s just… it’s just
weird, like my thoughts, right now. (ride)
EDDA MELLAS: It’ll keep you busy if you’re studying, you know, trying to keep all those…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, studying, reading, which is fine so…
CURT KNOX: Do you want any like… magazines, or anything like that, or just books?
AMANDA KNOX: Ummm… my room-mate thinks I’m crazy ‘cause I don’t really like magazines
umm… I find them irritating. Honestly…
EDDA MELLAS:Did you get the little books, the little funny book?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, (…inc) that was actually really coal. My room-mate wanted to see it, but then
she saw it was in English, and she was like, “Damn!” (Inc).
CURT KNOX: You can recite a poem… recite it for her.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I was singing in my room, and she was like “what does it mean?” What does it mean?”. So I was singing it trying to sing it in Italian, so I was like singing “Hey…
ah…” in Italian, it doesn’t really work out, though… ‘cause ….like…
CURT KNOX: … (inc)… You have to have the… beat… or it’s kind of like the…
EDDA MELLAS: Me, watching Italian TV… and I’m watching…
CURT KNOX: Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood western, and he’s like… (imita suoni).
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, there are a lot of movies like that.
CURT KNOX: Oh, and there was Sponge Bob square dancing… (inc).
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, I didn’t get to see Sponge Bob. I see the Simpson’s every day.
CURT KNOX: …. (inc). She had the Simpson’s on. Oh, you know the what’s that number book…?
That Sokuda?
AMANDA KNOX: I hate Sudoku.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok. Ok. That stuff takes my mind off… of…
AMANDA KNOX: You know… Mine is trying to get on MTV my room-mate hates MTV. Whenever she leaves to do her “passeggi”, which is when she goes for a walk outside. I always
click on MTV, and then she can’t really change it, ‘cause like, when she gets back, I’m
like “alright, you can’t change it, cause technically I’m the one watching TV first, so it’s
like, it’s prison etiquette…
CURT KNOX: ….(inc) 99% possession (ridono).
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, so, I try to get MTV, ‘cause I need music, that’s the only thing that really…
EDDA MELLAS: So, oh… we need to ask about …
EDDA MELLAS: … An I-pod.
CURT KNOX: Well, I was thinking about it, because the American I-Pod, the only way you can
charge it…
CURT KNOX:… is to have the electronic conversion, then you have to plug the other thing in, then
you have to plug the USV cable into it, and I’m gonna guess that they’re gonna blow
that one right out of the wall, ‘cause… it’s… I mean…
AMANDA KNOX: Although I am allowed to plug things in, like I’m allowed to use a hair-dryer, for
instance. I have a plug in my room, They, they might… but… you can try.
EDDA MELLAS: We’ll ask. We’ll ask the lawyers, and we’ll see (inc…) see if we can get you some
AMANDA KNOX: That would be fantastic, ‘cause …(inc).
CURT KNOX: The other way could be … I could buy an I-pod and… (inc). load it…’cause I don’t
have i-tunes and I don’t have any music.
AMANDA KNOX: Oh…(inc) your computer.
CURT KNOX: Well I have my lap-top, and stuff like that. So I’m just trying to figure out how to
put that on there. Cause I’ve got all the music. I wonder if I could down-load what’s on
my I-pod into the computer, and then load it into…
AMANDA KNOX: Well do you have icons? (inc).
CURT KNOX: No, no, It’s my work computer, and they blow all that stuff off, so I would have to
try to download i-tunes, so…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, how’s work going? Like, what are they… I mean you are gonna go and figure out your whole, whole work thing when you left there, but what are you gonna tell
AMANDA KNOX: My daughter’s in an Italian prison?
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, well, they all know, I Mean that’s not…
AMANDA KNOX: When I get back people are gonna he like…
EDDA MELLAS: Ywah, she’s the one. Yeah, we already get that.
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, I don’t want to be famous for this shit! Like, I don’t want, like it doesn’t really matter to me at all, and like… uggh…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, well, by the time you get back there it’ll be uh…
CURT KNOX: It’ll work out in the long run.
AMANDA KNOX: Calmed down…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah… calmed down
AMANDA KNOX: May be the University will be really nice to me.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, they have been so far.
CURT KNOX: Mmhmmm … very nice.
AMANDA KNOX: It’s nice to know that somebody doesn’t look at me like a… murderer.
EDDA MELLAS: No, actually you’re getting a ton, a ton of support in the States especially in Seattle, so…
AMANDA KNOX: That’s good.
EDDA MELLAS: People that know you, you know, people that don’t know… these people are
making up stories, so… you know.
AMANDA KNOX: They uggh… they just want answers so they don’t have to work anymore. That is
such bull! I would never hurt anything. Like, I went, and I went to do umm… did I tell
you about how I went to go do Ummm… kick-boxing with Raffaele once?
AMANDA KNOX: Oh. He was kick-boxing, and I went with him once, to the uh… (inc) or whatever
they were like “Oh come on, you should try it, you should try it and I was like “ok, but I
don’t really like punch, or anything, and then they were like “No, no, no, it’s just like
this, so I was learning how to punch, but then like the… the… stuff that…
CURT KNOX: The punching bag.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I was punching the bag, but I was horrible at it, and the teacher come over
and he was like: “alright how are you doing? How’re you doing? And he was like
“alright”, punch me right here and I was like “ok”, and he was like “no, but you gotta be
angry, You gotta be like urr…” and I was just like “I wanna give you a hug. Are you
serious?” And then the girls were like “how do you like it? Are you gonna come back?”
And I was like “You know, it’s cool watching you guys, but it’s really not my thing. I
don’t see the fun of life… going like this…
CURT KNOX: There’s, there’s a gal that uh… work with me that does kick-boxing. She’s uh…
she’s a black gal, and she’s probably as tall as I am, and she has lost probably a 100 lbs.
AMANDA KNOX: Good lord!
CURT KNOX: Uh… And she’s… she’s still a pretty big girl, I mean she’s like 170… 180 lbs.
CURT KNOX: Yeah, I guess, I guess she was really big …(inc). but she started… she started doing
kick-boxing so now she walks in, she has her backpack in the morning, and she has her
gloves hanging on the back of her thing, so she actually uh… she’s actually got to the
stage where she’s now an instructor, at the place where she… uh she’s been going to
AMANDA KNOX: She is gonna like knock a person out. Good Lord!
CURT KNOX: Well,… that’s… that’s….
AMANDA KNOX: 170 lbs.
CURT KNOX: Well, that’s that’s that’s that’s the joke: don’t mess with Christina. Her name’s
Christina Anderson, so they’re, they’re are all… (inc) I’ll pass on…
EDDA MELLAS: You’re cool…?
AMANDA KNOX: I felt better after I had my little cry, it’s like that, was just like… that was the like
worst thing, well it’s not the worst thing, the worst thing that ever happened to me was
when the police were yelling at me and hitting me and calling me a stupid liar.
That was like the worst phase of my life, ‘cause I had no idea what to do.
(Fine file audio “VTS_01_2.VOB”)
(Inizio file audio “VTS_01_3.VOB”)
AMANDA KNOX: ‘ cause like you’re calling me a liar, you’re telling me I’m could go to prison for 30 years… (inc.).
EDDA MELLAS: And again, all that stuff they’re still spouting bullshit, so as long as you know that,
and as long as…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, and they said… I was like what?
EDDA MELLAS: And, and, then… then he careful again. Don’t trust anybody in here.
CURT KNOX: ‘cause they’re all trying to…
EDDA MELLAS: Get it out of you, and twist it, and yeah…
AMANDA KNOX: Even the priest?
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, the priest, like he asked me what I wanted to talk about, we talked about, just
like… I think he’s really just interested in converting me.
EDDA MELLAS: Yes’ cause… converting you…
AMANDA KNOX:To the lord… he’s interested in converting me. He gave me the “Convert’s Bible”,
which is the um… the whole thing about Jesus according to Mark, apparently, like I
read in the introduction this is the “Convert’s Bible”, and it’s in… it’s in like 5 different
languages, and it’s this little booklet, and like I read it, because like I respect him, and…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah, yeah…
AMANDA KNOX: But, and he was like he’s just really, really interested in like…
EDDA MELLAS: Did you tell him you went to a Jesuit high school?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I told him about that, and then I told him I didn’t really know much about
like… the whole religion thing because I’m not religious, and he was like “Whoo…” in
his head he’s like umm…. “We’ll see about that”.
EDDA MELLAS: … (inc.) you’re his new project.
CURT KNOX: Well, actually, there was something said about that, that you’re, you’re, you’re
converting your religion.
AMANDA KNOX: I told you they were making shit up.
CURT KNOX: They’ve got all kinds of crap out there.
AMANDA KNOX: Converting my religion, ok. Like. I… I definitely respect him, and I’ll listen to him.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, absolutely. Talk to him.
AMANDA KNOX: And I tell him, like there are some things, I told him the last time I talked to him, I was like, I read it, I read it in Italian, I read it and I have a pile of shit underlined, I put
question marks and I put smiley faces, there are the things that I agree with, these are
the things that I have questions about, ‘cause I didn’t want to say don’t agree with.
AMANDA KNOX: ‘cause it’s like…
CURT KNOX: We should have smile faces or “X”s you know… frowns.
AMANDA KNOX: A real sad face.
AMANDA KNOX: Well, I don’t want to…
AMANDA KNOX: I just put question marks by the stuff that I thought was like…
EDDA MELLAS: But… just don’t, talk to him, you know… you can talk to him all you want, just
don’t talk to him about this stuff, and especially that other guy too, the disturbed “Mr.
Dad”, you know, don’t talk to him about the case, ‘cause he could just be…
EDDA MELLAS: Being nicey-nice to you. It’s unfortunate, but right now you’ve got to trust like…
no one.
CURT KNOX: Yeah. He hasn’t … uh… pursued anything else, he hasn’t asked you any stupid
question, or anything like that?
AMANDA KNOX: No, he just showed me… that was just weird, like he showed me the article just
because he wanted me to know and I was like, he was like, “what do you think about
this?” And I was like…
CURT KNOX: No, I’m talking about the… the other question that he asked you… (inc).
AMANDA KNOX: No, although he kind of like hints, like he’s given me these, I, I received a stack of
ten letters in one time from all these…
EDDA MELLAS: Admirers.
AMANDA KNOX: Admirers in prison. And he just kind of like winked at me about it, and he was like:
“Oh, you’ve got admirers” and I was like: “I don’t care”… like… whatever…
CURT KNOX: Just be…
EDDA MELLAS: Be careful about him. And everybody.
EDDA MELLAS: In here. Until we get you out of here. You just gotta…
AMANDA KNOX: I mean it seems like the people who really are interested in helping me out are the
ones who don’t ask me questions, they just ask me! Are you ok?
AMANDA KNOX: Which is cool. Because as like the psychologists, like there are a bunch different
psychologists that I talk to, who are just like “How’re you doing?” And I’m like: “I’m
umm… stuck in prison”. And they’re like: “well, we know that”.
CURT KNOX: Set me free, and I’ll be doing okay …(inc).
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, like relatively I’m okay. Chillin’out.
EDDA MELLAS: You’re alive.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah. I’m frickin’ alive. Yeah, like that’s the first thing that came into my head
when I was talking…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, yeah, yeah…
AMANDA KNOX: Like, I was talking to Raffaele, and I was like, after the whole thing happened, I was like, if I wasn’t with you, I could dead right now.
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, you’re alive.
AMANDA KNOX: ‘cause I could’ve been at the house when this all happened.
EDDA MELLAS: And when I think we’re going through all this stuff, I think about Meredith and her
family, and I think ok, it could be worse, Amanda is alive, and people … (inc).
EDDA MELLAS: You will get out of here, at some point in time, who knows how long that will be.
AMANDA KNOX: This sucks, like, my friend was murdered, and then I’m stuck in prison… (inc.) and I keep thinking…. This keeps getting worse and worse, but then again, it only can get
so bad before it gets better.
EDDA MELLAS: Well, you’re dead. I mean… that’s as bad as it gets. I mean, you know…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, exactly.
EDDA MELLAS: This is as bad as it gets. It’s just a matter of how long.
AMANDA KNOX: … (inc).
CURT KNOX: And…(Inc)… how they’re … progressing…, progressing as far as getting you out.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, exactly.
CURT KNOX: You’ve got the “in” card, now we’re playing your “out” card.
EDDA MELLAS: You’re on the road to… yeah…
CURT KNOX: Yeah… (Inc).
AMANDA KNOX: I’m hoping that I’m gonna be able to be home for Christmas.
AMANDA KNOX: That’s what I’m hoping. I don’t know. In fact… like I…
CURT KNOX: I would say…
EDDA MELLAS: We’re hoping to have you just out of here by Christmas, and if you’re out of here,
then I’ll be here, and I’ll just stay here through Christmas.
AMANDA KNOX: That sucks, man.
AMANDA KNOX: Because, I mean it’s the family, it’s gonna be like chillin’out… It’ll be like the most Christmas ever… like worse than…
CURT KNOX: You gonna be a red-button farmer on Christmas?
EDDA MELLAS: No, no… (inc.) Well, no it won’t. I think, I Think… when I come back, umm. Chris may come with me, so that I’m not here… alone, so…
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, have they already… when is Thanksgiving?
CURT KNOX: Today is the 17th, and Thanksgiving is the 22nd
, …
EDDA MELLAS: So this week.
CURT KNOX: So it’s gonna be…
EDDA MELLAS: So we’ll have to see if you can call on Thursday or something, and call Oma’s
house, maybe I’ll have to find out where we’re at, and then umm… you can call.
CURT KNOX: It doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter where you’re at…(inc.).
EDDA MELLAS: For 10 minutes that’s okay, it’s 10 minutes, isn’t it? You know…
AMANDA KNOX: It’s family…
CURT KNOX: Now, do they… uh… do they have uh… do Thanksgiving over here?
AMANDA KNOX: No, I tried to explain to my room-mates, like when I first got here, and I was like.
“Ok… we’re gonna do…?
CURT KNOX: They … (inc.) like 5 minutes.
AMANDA KNOX: No, they just don’t even do it. Like, it’s just like Halloween, they just do it like at
clubs, where they use Halloween as like an excuse to like “festeggiare”.
EDDA MELLAS: ‘cause Meredith did something on… yeah…
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah… she went to a Halloween party. And plus, it’s like… it’s a university town, so a bunch of like “Stranieri” or… foreigners… who… who are getting kind of like to
celebrate Halloween ‘cause there are a bunch of Americans here. Obviously, like,
Halloween’s crazy in the U.S. Like I try to explain to my room-mates what people are
doing. Like just the whole university scene, like for Halloween is insane. It’s like a
week of everyone going nuts. Like, it’s really fun. But at the same time it’s like
“Whoa!” And I mean, there are different things that you can do, I mean, people actually
go trick-or-treating to all the frat houses, and they get booze.
AMANDA KNOX: And they’re like, “here’s a free drink”.
CURT KNOX: Here’s a can of Budweiser.
AMANDA KNOX: Exactly, that’s what D.J. did one time.
CURT KNOX: Gave out a can of Budweiser? Or…
AMANDA KNOX: No, no, no. He went truck-or-treating with friends, yeah and then he showed up later at my party, that umm… I had at my house. So it was a Halloween party. That was, yeah, that was fun. That was really fun. Umm…
CURT KNOX: The one where you got the ticket?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah… No, no, that was a different one…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah, they’re asking us about that. They’re you know trying to ask, like…
AMANDA KNOX: You know, what was going on when the police came like I was in Stephany’s room consoling her because she was horrendously drunk and she just broke up with her
boyfriend after a year or something, so she was just hardly inconsolable and was
screaming for Ben, who was her ex boyfriend. I was in the room trying to comfort her…
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah…I explained to the lawyers…
AMANDA KNOX: She was inconsolable, and I was the only one in the house who was so… (inc.)
because had been there for hours…
EDDA MELLAS: Uhmm, uhmm…
AMANDA KNOX: They told … (inc.) me to talk to the police…
CURT KNOX: Did you get the ticket?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah. (ridono). I got a ticket. I was being responsible…
EDDA MELLAS: Ok, yeah, they asked me, the person…I mean, the media asked me: “what is this about 200,95 dollars”, and I said: she was having a party because they were all going
their way at the party…
AMANDA KNOX: Ok, yeah…
EDDA MELLAS: … (inc.) and they got a noise violation, because they were too loud and I said …yeah… (sbuffa).
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I told them about that because… (inc.) I guessed they would…(inc.)
EDDA MELLAS: Yeah. (ridono).
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah… because what was happening was… Kiur (fonetico), the other girl who was at the party, so me and Stephanie and Kiur (fonetico) were at the party. Kiur (fonetico)
was downstairs with Kyle doing what they were doing, Stephanie was in her room
crying, keeping in her room for a while.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, I was the only one who was available so, I was the one who went outside when these people where trying to talk to the police for me… and I said no, no, I was
like, do listen to me: mhmmm my house… get them inside and shut up and they said:
who are these people that you told to shut; and I was like: they are friends of my friend
who is here… and I was like: they are friends of my room-mate who she invited, yeah, I
don’t know them personally but she is kind of being… Uhmm…, she is kind of
indisposed at the moment…
CURT KNOX:… indisposed… She had this stomach flue.
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, ‘cause was... (ridono). Yeah… I think we had to remain quiet after that…(inc). We had… people leave, and… I told them they have to leave… (inc.) it’s at the
time a house. And the police are giving me a ticket like I… (inc.) when I’m going back
in the place I said: every one was like: fuck! Out of my house. (ridono)…(inc.) My
friends stayed a little while, like my friends helping me to get … outside…, and to make
sure, I had like set up place downstairs for people who are too drunk to drive home…
So I had that…
CURT KNOX: (inc.)?
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah exactly.
CURT KNOX: (inc.). (ridono).
AMANDA KNOX: Yeah, quite drunk… (ridono).
CURT KNOX: Ah, ah, ah.
AMANDA KNOX: … you would probably make this situation worse than the cops …(inc.)
EDDA MELLAS: Are you allowed, if you have questions, to call your lawyer, or is that part of your
ten minutes?
AMANDA KNOX: They said, yes, is my ten minute call, but I mean I’m allowed like… personal
emergencies… I’m allowed to make a call if I have to solve … (inc).
(interruzione conversazione da parte da parte del personale carcerario, le tre persone
si alzano)
EDDA MELLAS: All right.
AMANDA KNOX: I will see you on Tuesday.
EDDA MELLAS: … (inc.) quickly one hour goes…
AMANDA KNOX: …(inc.)
EDDA MELLAS: Allright… I’ll make sure all arrangements to call… once a week, ok? I love you!
AMANDA KNOX: I love you too. Ok, see you in two weeks.
EDDA MELLAS: Ok, all-right.
CURT KNOX: Bye-bye Amanda.
(A questo punto Amanda Knox viene fatta uscire dalla stanza dei colloqui. La
conversazione termina con la successiva uscita dei genitori dalla stanza stessa).
(Fine file audio “VTS_01_3.VOB”)

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