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Amanda Knox - Edda Mellas Prison Intercept 10 November 2007 [9 Days after Meredith Kercher's murder, 3 days after Knox/Sollecito's Arrest]

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(10 NOVEMBRE 2007)
AMANDA KNOX: Oh, mom! It's all right.
EDDA: I know. Are you all right?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I'm fine.
EDDA: Ok. When did you start smoking?
Amanda KNOX: Oh, why they smoke all.
EDDA: Sit Down. Let us here. Are you sure you're okay? (---)
Amanda KNOX: Yes, it was the police who beat me because I said this thing
Patrick, because the last time I went to the police, Monday, they
talked about before with my boyfriend and said they do not know why,
changed what he said.
EDDA: Yes, indeed.
Amanda KNOX: and then they came back to me and they did: "we know you're lying,
We know you were in that House, we know you've met someone, "I said,
"It is impossible, isn't it."
EDDA: Yes.
AMANDA KNOX: so here's what I did ... it was late at night, and they said, ' If
won't you tell us right away, we know you're lying, you lie to go to
prison for thirty years ", and I said," I'm not lying! "and they said," Ok, what were you doing between
the eight-thirty and the 1:30 that night? ", I don't remember, I don't remember.
EDDA: Why?
Amanda KNOX: I don't know why, I don't remember, I was stressed, I was ... I told him to be
Raffaele stayed home to watch a movie.
EDDA: and to consume drugs or something?
Amanda KNOX: we were smoking marijuana.
Amanda KNOX: But I remember I remember now what happened, but not
I could explain to him exactly what had happened, here. I told him that
We watched a movie and we had dinner, and they said, "we know you have
had dinner before the eight-thirty ", I said," No, I thought I had had dinner later, "
and they said, "No, he said that you had dinner and then you left," but now
Apparently he said he returned home alone ... behold, continues to
change version and I don't know why, and it confuses me a lot, did not
no reason to lie, but I don't so I left his house, I don't
I went.
EDDA: Ok, ok.
Amanda KNOX: and then when I shouted against said: "we know you're
lying, we know you're lying, we know you were at home at that
now, we have proof, "I said," it is impossible, I wasn't there. " But the
Lady, since I don't remember exactly what happened during
This time, the lady who served as interpreter dicevAMANDA KNOX: "well,
Maybe you've just seen something terrible and you can't remember, "I said," How can I. ..? "
EDDA: Then it was she who suggested it.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, she said. At one point he translated that I forgot that
that had happened for a year.
EDDA: (---) you were back home and you saw something ...
Amanda KNOX: Yes, and I saw something terrible, and I mean ...
EDDA: (---)
AMANDA KNOX: I have just said that I sent a message to Patrick and so I was
very confusing when they spoke to me, I wondered: "How is it possible that
I don't remember exactly what happened at her house? ", and Raffaele said
that I'd go, but I thought it was impossible, so the next day I
began to think that perhaps I had really forgotten something because
their loud against me and someone gave me a bump on the head, behold, two
times this policewoman hit me in the head and then ...
EDDA: so, you're back to your original version and that's what happened?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, that's what happened and now ... because there were holes, because
When I spoke with them the first time, I said, "Yes, I spent all
the night with Raphael at her house ".
EDDA: Yes, okay.
Amanda KNOX: and then they asked me what I did specifically and I forgot
because it was late at night and they were yelling against and then ...
EDDA: did you mention this to your lawyers?
Amanda KNOX: I sent them a letter yesterday. I could not talk at length with them,
but I still say what had happened, and they said, "Ok, then you
left the House? "," No, I'm not leaving the House, now I remember,
I haven't left the House "and what they're doing right now is
ask me if I remember something, so I'm trying to remember the last time
I saw Meredith.
EDDA: well, you said you were going home when she was there to do laundry or
stuff like that.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, indeed. She's gone to first and then I (---) Raphael at my house and
then I heard the story he had come home (---), which is not true,
because ...
EDDA: Now running stories in which there would be your fingerprints on the
Meredith's face.
Amanda KNOX: What?
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: are crap!
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: are crap!
EDDA: Yes, ok, ok. I know it's bullshit. Therefore, the lawyers told me to
tell you that you absolutely have to try to remember what you can, any
What, whatever happened, as long as you tell them the truth.
EDDA: ... because only in this way can help you.
Amanda KNOX: sure, I know, I understand. I wasn't there, I haven't touched Meredith. That is, not
I understand what you are saying and I'm not watching TV because, ok, I
saw that piece, and it was ...
EDDA: you were in isolation?
Amanda KNOX: No, I'm in isolation.
EDDA: how come?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, all right, it's funny, she's really very well organized, and is
organizing even me, huh-huh!
EDDA: I thought you needed books. What do you need? I brought some
Today, I have already given?
EDDA: Okay, I brought a borsAMANDA KNOX: there's some underwear, (---) sweaters
fleece, pants, I do not know if you will be best (---) we return on Tuesday,
so you'll have to tell me. ..
Amanda KNOX: what I need.
EDDA: I could pour just-twenty, forty, sixty, seventy euros in a
Amanda KNOX: (---) I also have some money here, I have a couple hundred dollars (---)
EDDA: you paid Them here?
Amanda KNOX: No, I paid, I took them with everything else.
EDDA: But you should have an account.
AMANDA KNOX: I have it, I got it.
EDDA: Ok. What can you buy?
Amanda KNOX: the things I can buy like biscuits, shampoo, I can buy
Oil of Olay and stuff, but I can't buy clothes.
EDDA: Ok, so I need to get you some clothes.
Amanda KNOX: I need socks.
EDDA: Oh, I brought a couple of PARS. What kind of socks?
AMANDA KNOX: simply they are heavy, because it's really cold. I mean, obviously I already
sweaters and stuff, so that's good. I don't think I can have a
CAP, but I need some slippers.
EDDA: Okay, so I bring you your slippers?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, and then I guess I have to ask if I can buy me like a razor for
EDDA: Ok, ok. Do you feel safe?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, Yes, the ladies here are very kind and they are always on my side. One
woman ... because once I was crying, and they see you and hear you, and you ...
EDDA: (---) the people here are amazing. They accommodated me in an apartment
in town and now there is one that works with the twinning with Seattle and which has
a large villa in a country not far from here ...
Amanda KNOX: and go and stay with him?
EDDA: Yes, Yes.
Amanda KNOX: Ok.
EDDA: I'll be here ... make me only on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Your Daddy's here, you
landed in Rome today, but he can't get here today.
Amanda KNOX: so it will be here Tuesday.
EDDA: and we can call? You know something about it?
Amanda KNOX: Oh, they call me often.
EDDA: and you need to use the phone? We can give you the phone?
Amanda KNOX: Oh, I don't know ... I don't know what I can get here.
EDDA: Ok, ok.
Amanda KNOX: I don't feel like (---)
EDDA: Ok, (--)
Amanda KNOX: knows what's going on?
EDDA: well, everybody they're painting like a super Monster killer.
Amanda KNOX: are you serious?
EDDA: Yes, Yes, and I knew that everyone in the family, the whole family is German
been besieged by the media, is a crazy thing, it's a crazy thing, and
everything he said is to tell Amanda (---)
Amanda KNOX: I was going to say: "talk to DJ".
EDDA: Yes, I sent him an email.
Amanda KNOX: and what did he say?
EDDA: responded: "tell her I love her and always will no matter what happens." Then
they found your fingerprints or other things in that room?
Amanda KNOX: No! I mean, in that room there have been earlier but I was not there
When that happened, it's impossible, it's bullshit!
EDDA: Ok, ok.
Amanda KNOX: that is, it is just impossible.
Amanda KNOX: I don't know why the police is doing this, because I helped them since
from the beginning ...
EDDA: I know, I know.
Amanda KNOX: and I don't know why they're doing this.
EDDA: well, we hope they can get some testing from DNA.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I'm just waiting for this to occur and that shows that at that
When I wasn't home. So I'm waiting, but I don't know when you
occur, here. The only problem is that I know that eventually I get out of here because
I didn't do anything ... it's just that I don't like waiting around seat
EDDA: Yes. Did you get the books?
Amanda KNOX: I make them take my, but I can use those of the library.
Now I'm reading the jungle book.
EDDA: Ok. What you want me to take you like books? because I think I could get you some
Amanda KNOX: can you get me some books? Uhm ... The books I need for school are
actually the ones that are in the bag. Apart from that ... I just want to get out, not
I want to be here, I'd rather be under house arrest with you, but
I know that lawyers are working on it. Often speak with you?
EDDA: Yes, Yes. There's that lawyer ... Luciano?
Amanda KNOX: Luciano Ghirga.
EDDA: (---) and the other, which we have named for the Embassy, working with people
from other countries.
Amanda KNOX: and I know that the only reason the media they think I'm this monster is
because it is the police that says so.
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: and police say that's because you don't know shit.
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: so I'm waiting for the cops to dicAMANDA KNOX: "Oh fuck, we cannot
try anything! "
EDDA: well ... and lawyers have asked me to ask why you changed
your version.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, because I was told: "If you don't say what you know now, we will put you in
prison for thirty years, 30 years, all my life! " And I said, "I'm trying to
help you, but I don't remember what I was doing exactly that hour ". The
I said that I was watching a movie with him and that I was dining with him;
them: "we know you're lying," I said, "it's impossible, I'm not lying."
EDDA: (---)
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I don't know if he has changed his story because I'm not looking
the TV because it irritates me, honestly.
EDDA: Yes, I look at her.
Amanda KNOX: everything I've seen is "the mystery of Amanda", and I dettAMANDA KNOX: are all
huge shit, I didn't do anything. And I told the psychologist and all
These people that I'm really sorry for saying these things, but it was
just because the police confused me, told me I'd be in
thirty years why not collaborated, and I said, "But I'm working, I did not
nothing! " There is nothing you should fear, and then just waiting to prove
I didn't do anything. I don't think they will want to ... I mean, for me I
the impression that I'll have to stay here a lot because the police want it to be
that was me.
EDDA: well, they want someone, that's what they want.
AMANDA KNOX: exactly, and they stick to anything. Because I changed my version
they think I'm the big serial killer. It's bullshit, I didn't do anything,
and people here are very friendly, actually people here, the police, are not
the police, people who work for the prison, and one of them
saw him cry and entry and I was consoled for half an hour. But I'm fine
When I'm here, I feel bad about what I did to Patrick, because the
only reason I mentioned his name is because it was the first person who
I was reminded of when I was talking, and maybe I imagined by
having seen it, but I know it's impossible, I only imagined it because I was very
EDDA: Ok, that's what I thought. I thought, you know ... the lawyer just wanted
you know, no matter what, if you walked in and if you've done the deed,
just want to know the truth, so that ... Yes.
Amanda KNOX: No, and people keep telling me: If you know something just say it I'm saying it.
EDDA: so you have no idea who could have done this?
Amanda KNOX: I don't have a clue, not a clue, because I was with
Raphael at his home. And what was I doing there? Yesterday I sent them a letter
who should receive it today or tomorrow, where I explain what I was doing in
now I remember, to have black and white. For sure ...
EDDA: Ok. Will contact you tomorrow?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I mean, I don't see why not. Of course ...
EDDA: you know how they kept me here?
EDDA: Three hours.
Amanda KNOX: three hours? Yes, but what a surprise, indeed! Everything you have to give, that
fucked up!
EDDA: I keep waiting and waiting, and then he didn't like my
Passport, Edda Mellas, while you are Knox, and make me: How do we
know that she is his mother? then they had to call the lawyer and I
had to send me to fax your birth certificate ... my goodness!
Amanda KNOX: glad you made it!
EDDA: Yes, I'm so glad you're okay. So, we have two lawyers,
We ...
Amanda KNOX: and what about family?
EDDA: well, they're all ... don't know, say: this doesn't seem to
Amanda, but then they are bombarded by the media, and they say: hold on! You know, the
your friends, and Madison was ... they were very wearing and she ...
Amanda KNOX: Why? They talked with Madison?
EDDA: Yes, and she said: "Amanda I know wouldn't do such a thing", the
your friends have said "Impossible 100%".
Amanda KNOX: they talked with my friends?
EDDA: with everyone, Amanda.
Amanda KNOX: How did they find my friends?
EDDA: I have traced my cell number, I don't know how, and "NBC News
Twenty Twenty "caught me as I was leaving today from the apartment,
the secret apartment that I occupy in Perugia.
Amanda KNOX: What?
EDDA: Uh-uh ... The lawyers have said something interesting, they said:
Amanda found herself involved in something much bigger than her because
This is all a huge crap on an international level.
Amanda KNOX: I didn't do anything.
EDDA: I know, I know. I don't know how much time do I have with you.
Amanda KNOX: is one hour.
EDDA: an hour? OK, ok.
Amanda KNOX: I can speak Italian (sic in Italian).
EDDA: My God! What?
Amanda KNOX: I speak Italian.
EDDA: do they know?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, when I'm here, the police, the police are very frustrating in this
now, I understand they are very stressed and everything, but when I
Here I mean people around, as psychologists ...
EDDA: there are psychologists here?
Amanda KNOX: Oh, can I talk to five different psychologists.
EDDA: Why?
Amanda KNOX: because they want to see how I feel, and so the tale of
how I feel, and most of the time I feel good, why not
I watch TV, but then I always feel bad about what I said about
Patrick, so I speak to you, and then ... I tell him the truth, that's, frankly, the
I say exactly how I feel because I don't want to hide, I'm trying to say
how things really are.
EDDA: and because I'm sitting in a bloody Italian prison, understood as
I feel?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, that's right, and I told him that I would prefer to stay with my mom. It is true that
Nobody here treats me badly, I'm treated better than ...
EDDA: Ok, ok.
Amanda KNOX: Okay, don't treat me badly. I eat the food they have, which among other things
It's not that bad.
Amanda KNOX: I mean, they give you a portion of meat, vegetables and pasta,
always, but still is good, it is not always of the same type, then goes
right, but anyway I don't want to be here, that can wait, I'm good at
wait, I am patient. The priest, the priest here cried for me ... I was so
EDDA: Why?
Amanda KNOX: simply because I was sad the fact that I was here. I spoke with
He and after talking to him you knew how I felt, and I was
said: "would you like to go and visit my church when you're done?" and I said, "Yes,
of course, "because it was so sweet, she started crying, just crying and
He said, "I'm so sorry for your situation."
Amanda KNOX: and then everyone else, IE I mean women who are with me in
This side, there is one that always makes me: "Amanda! How are you? "because it's all
what he knows in English and I am not allowed to answer you, I can't
talk to them.
EDDA: Why?
AMANDA KNOX: I don't know, I am not allowed, I can only talk with girls in
my room.
EDDA: Exit? I mean, they make you go outdoors?
EDDA: Ever?
Amanda KNOX: well, no. I am not allowed to attend the other inmates.
EDDA: Why?
AMANDA KNOX: I don't know, I was just told that I can't talk to them.
I can only speak with whoever is in my room, but not ... I mean, nobody
never said things like, "Oh, it's time to get out." And I asked the woman who is
in the room with me and told me: Yes, I don't think they go to the
where (---). I think if you really want to go out, that is if you ask them, they must
take you in an open area special, because I think technically
talking is not an inmate, and that is why they can't attend,
because they fear that (---)
EDDA: (---)
Amanda KNOX: Yes, exactly.
EDDA: Como se dice? ... (sic in Italian) because when they talk to me tell me
always: How do you say "How do you say?" If you say ... okay.
Amanda KNOX: How, how, si, one, then: How do you say, how does one say.
EDDA: Yes, I always say. There is a lady, Daniela bourgeois, who works at ...
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I've heard of (---)
EDDA: is fantastic. It was she who gave me the apartment and put me
contact with this other man.
Amanda KNOX: I can't remember if I ever spoke to her. I know I've talked to a
Donna ...
EDDA: you know, anybody can come see you but me, Daddy ...
Amanda KNOX: Really?
EDDA: Yes, no friends ... Brett (sic) wants to write you a letter and lawyers
they say ...
Amanda KNOX: Right? They also talked about Brett?
EDDA: I think Brett pretend I don't exist and you keep away from them.
Amanda KNOX: Ok, so much the better.
EDDA: I don't know how they did it.
Amanda KNOX: as (---)?
EDDA: I don't know. And John Norbur (sic) has been interviewed countless times ...
Amanda KNOX: John?! (sic)
EDDA: Yes, and everyone says, everyone has said ...
Amanda KNOX: Amanda ... I wouldn't do such a thing, Yes, I know I wouldn't
fact and that's why I'm not afraid, it's just that I don't feel like
wait and I'm afraid I'll have to wait very long, because the police is not
on my side, they say "it was you", and "I" is not true, and you
you have been those that you gave me a bump on the head and you told me I would be
went to prison for 30 years because I when I was
working all right. " I'm not angry with them, so that they too are
subjected to a great deal of stress, but in this situation are behaving
just stupid, I didn't do anything, you have chosen the
wrong person be condemned, because obviously they don't
know, but everyone I know would be on my side, and that's
one of the things that people here says: "Yes, we know that you have friends who
believe in you, at least you can be sure, "I said," Ok, because the
police don't believe in anyone who supports me, "and their" No, it is important that the police
understand that you did nothing, but know at least that out there there are
people who know that you didn't do anything. "
EDDA: sure, sure.
Amanda KNOX: and I wasn't going to lie, I thought in fairness he could
be true when I said that thing about Patrick, because I saw him.
imagined when I was under a lot of stress, and it is strange because I can't
say rationally that I was completely rational about that point,
because I was in despair, behold, I was so scared when I was
with them because I said, ' you'll end up in jail for 30 years now, if not
write on this piece of paper who did, tell us the name, tell us, tell us the name
name ", I don't know anything, I said:" I don't remember, I don't remember what I was
doing exactly at that moment, I don't know who the killer is, "and they said," No,
We know that you know this, we know that you know ", are crap! I don't understand how
they say they found fingerprints of his ... that is, my
fingerprints on her face, it's ridiculous.
Amanda KNOX: So journalists don't know absolutely nothing, the police doesn't know
absolutely nothing, are cavillando on a bullshit. It is stupid ... ah yes, and
I hope they talk to my lawyers and see if they can get me my
the letters.
EDDA: Ok. I think we will be talking to you on Tuesday.
Amanda KNOX: Ok. Both or only Luciano?
EDDA: I think both.
Amanda KNOX: Ok, because it's easier when ... because I can speak Italian, but not
are able to express everything, because I don't know the words.
When someone speaks to me understand exactly what it is. I didn't say anything
much English here, I spoke very Italian, but often I just have to
listen and respond "Yes" or "something that is not hard to talk" (sic in
Italian) bla bla bla bla bla.
EDDA: Yes, the lady who accompanied me here today is called Stella.
Amanda KNOX: Ah, Stella.
EDDA: Been To Stella?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, it's one of the women walking along my hallway to see
How do I look.
EDDA: No, No, Stella is ... that's another thing.
Amanda KNOX: Ah, ok.
EDDA: Yes, she works for a Catholic charity that helps those in need.
AMANDA KNOX: I heard that lawyers are trying to get you there. Even at
I would love to go there.
EDDA: Yes, it would be ... they are working on it, but she is funny because (---) and I
kisses ...
Amanda KNOX: A very interesting culture, yes I know. Yes, it was weird for me too,
because I remember I was in solitary confinement and had a sister who had come to
talk to me, the first religious come to me, and immediately after
talked to her I remembered what I had done by Raffaele, because that
I did with Raffaele after dinner, what I did is that when we
arrived home I watched one song that I wanted to learn to play with
Guitar, I read some Harry Potter in German, then we watched
Amélie (sic), then I got a message from Patrick that he
I had to go to work that evening and I sent a message with
something like "ok, see you, good night" (sic in Italian), which means
"see ya, good evening", then had dinner and after dinner was what
I don't remember the police there, and why I don't remember was
I mean, isn't that when smoking then I don't remember things, it was because
We talked, there was an event that occurred, we were
talking, and that's why I don't remember, because we were
simply speaking. Raffaele and I we were in his room and we talked
his mother, of his past (---) I'm not entirely sure of the exact wire
following the conversation, but I know we've talked about his mom,
I know we've talked about his past, I know we've talked about my
the past and the fact that some people were telling me that I was a lesbian at
higher, because we were talking about what we had in common or not, because
After dinner they broke the pipes under her sink, they are loose and
poured some water on the floor, and he irritated a lot while I
I thought it was funny, I said: "Oh, it's fun!" (--) so in the morning
later I went to my house to get a rag, and ...
EDDA: at the end who called the cops? I remember when I talked
you, I told you: hang up and call 911. Somebody call the
Amanda KNOX: When I talked to you, she was ... Yes.
EDDA: I told you to hang up and call the police. You used to tell me that there was
someone in the House and I said to hang up and call. Who did he call?
Amanda KNOX: was Raphael.
EDDA: Yes, she called him? OK, fine.
Amanda KNOX: it was strange, I even have trouble remembering exactly, just
exactly, what happened at home because I was in shock. I remember
He called Philomena, but I do not remember to have called you.
EDDA: Really?
Amanda KNOX: No, I don't remember exactly I called you.
EDDA: and yet you called me three times.
Amanda KNOX: Oh, I don't know.
EDDA: Ok. You called me once and told me ...
Amanda KNOX: I was in shock, you know.
EDDA: but that was before nothing happened except the fact that the House
was ...
Amanda KNOX: I know who was calling, but I don't remember calling Filomena
Remember calling anybody else here. I didn't think to call you, not
I remember.
EDDA: Why?
Amanda KNOX: Because a lot has happened very quickly and at that point I
was wondering "what the hell is going on?"
EDDA: well, you're the one calling me and telling me that there was a foot.
Amanda KNOX: Yes! Because I was confused, I was really confused, and that's another thing.
When I was there I heard Filomena say "a foot! a foot! "said" my foot!
foot! foot! " (sic in Italian), and I said, "one foot? There was a foot in the room? "
EDDA: I remember you called me and then I got called back and told me:
"There is only one foot"
EDDA: I've asked ...
Amanda KNOX: Because I didn't know, I asked Raphael to tell me what was in the
room, because I hadn't looked into the room, I didn't know who was there
the room, the only thing I saw in it is when looking from
Keyhole to see if I could see it, but the only thing I
saw was his person on the bed (?), so I didn't see anything, I didn't
saw blood.
EDDA: you and Raffaele have tried to enter and have a look.
Amanda KNOX: I was keen to call the police when we saw the blood
sincerely, but there was so much blood and my first
thought was not "murder!", I don't think "murder!" when
something happens ...
EDDA: (---)
AMANDA KNOX: exactly, I thought perhaps menstrual blood or (---) seemed as if
someone had gone to the House in a hurry and ... I mean, I couldn't
understand, but I didn't think anything bad and when I came home to
Raffaele ... I mean, I talked to him, I told him: it's funny, as I said,
but at the beginning of our conversation was so: here's something odd:
went to my house and the door was open and there was a little blood in the bathroom and then
There was the shit in the toilet and had not been pulled the drain, and I dettAMANDA KNOX:
isn't that a little strange? Maybe you called your roommate, so I
called Philomena and Filomena called me back a few times before returning
home at the end because we had to type her things, I didn't think
something happened when I was home, I had no idea, here.
EDDA: you're alive, you're alive.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I was telling Raphael just happened, had it not been
for you, if I hadn't been at home, I could be dead by now, i.e.
I could have been dead!
EDDA: (---)
AMANDA KNOX: Fuck! (---) Frankly, it's one of those things that ...
EDDA: it's surreal.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I feel like I'm watching (---), especially given that ... that is, I
seen my face on TV and I do not understand very well what's going on
why this is all happening very quickly anyway and I'm not going to sit around and
listen, and I may have seen my face on TV, I saw this "Mystery of
Amanda "(sic in Italian), this mystery of Amanda, and is ... is bullshit,
Journalists know nothing and even the cops know nothing and then ...
I just don't know how long I have to wait, that's the only thing I
EDDA: well, say it could take a while. Will draw against your
arrest and in this case they said about a month and what they hope to
get house arrest until ...
EDDA: exactly, until they fixed it.
Amanda KNOX: But the thing that really can't understand is why Raffaele has
lied. Why did he do this? He had no reason to do so. I remember
be gone ... After talking, we had sex and then we shopped
for a while, because that's how we do, type in the face, and then when I was tired
I fell asleep between her arms and I woke up the next morning
near him.
EDDA: well, maybe he's in the same condition, was under stress (---)
Amanda KNOX: Yes, that's what I thought, too, that is the only answer that I
flashed in my head, because otherwise why would she do that? Would not
wanted ...
EDDA: Want to do some kind of public statement.
Amanda KNOX: Ok. I'm innocent?
EDDA: Yes, although your lawyers have already declared. After I
first saw it, they said you were absolutely (---)
Amanda KNOX: So the only reason I changed my version is because the
Police tormented me?
EDDA: I will speak with you, I ask, so you can tell them.
Amanda KNOX: and also explain, why the police was good and dear to me after
I mentioned the name of Patrick, but first they told me that I was a kind of beast
horrible and the only reason they wanted was that so after were not to
more work, fuck you! go fuck boys! Behold, I am so ...
EDDA: the lawyers were told not to talk about it here (---)
Amanda KNOX: No, I don't want to talk about it. I've told people who asked me ... Some I
They asked: why did you change your story? Why did you change your
version? And I answered him: because I was yelling at him,
He told me ... that is, threatened me.
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: and I didn't want to change my version, but at the same time when I
thought Patrick I imagined something and I didn't lie, I didn't
lied to protect me.
Amanda KNOX: I just said it because I thought it might be true.
EDDA: what did you say about Patrick?
Amanda KNOX: I said ... what happened then ... everyone had left the room and
There was only one COP who dicevAMANDA KNOX: "I'm the only one who can save you, are the
only one who can save you, just give me a name. " And I said, "I don't know!" And
then I do it, I said, "can you show me the message I received
by Patrick? "because I don't remember of having sent a message to
response, and then they showed me the message and I dettAMANDA KNOX: Patrick! and
then I thought I saw Patrick and I think I totally blew my mind
and I imagined seeing and. ..
EDDA: see where?
Amanda KNOX: The basketball court.
Amanda KNOX: and then to my house I figured I go in the kitchen as well because I felt
scream, but it's not true, it does not.
EDDA: so yes, they said you were ... ok.
Amanda KNOX: so it's not true, I just said it because I thought it was true because I
imagined, I didn't say it because I wanted to protect myself, and I feel terrible
for this, because I put Patrick into a horrible situation now is in
jail and that's my fault, it's my fault that he's here, I feel
terrible, I didn't want to do it, I was just scared and I was confused, but now I
Plus, I'm here and I'm safe, but I don't want to stay here because I know you don't
deserve to be here, that's all I can say about that. Anyway
It's good to see you, because I really wanted to see you.
EDDA: I know, I've been here I don't know how many days (---) Oh, my God! And then when
I got here (---) because I wasn't able to prove that I was the mother.
Amanda KNOX: they are full of shit. Full of shit. But I'm fine, I just don't
I want to be here, here.
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: I am so surprised that they managed to get in touch with Madison!
How the hell did they track down Madison? I have never lived with
Madison, I never had lessons with Madison, how on earth could they
know about Madison? And fuck you!
EDDA: like I said, the whole family has heard these horrible things and are
suggesting there is a drug culture and maybe even ... Yes, Yes, Yes.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, it's true that turns a lot of drugs here in Perugia and there are people who use it here
near my house, but I've never seen them, that is, it's not that I'm dealing with
the drug every day, isn't it. ..
Amanda KNOX: that is, the only reason I used here is because I was here with ... er ...
Laura (sic) and Molly (sic) smoke all the time.
EDDA: Weed or cigarettes?
Amanda KNOX: cigarettes of day and evening grass. OK, so we were there to talk, and then
I said to myself, and go a little, you know ...
EDDA: have you heard of them?
Amanda KNOX: No, I haven't heard.
EDDA: well, no one, no one can enter here, nobody can contact you (---)
Amanda KNOX: I don't like what people are thinking.
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: people think I'm some kind of freak, but at the same time.
I mean, I don't know what people think of me Laura (sic) and Molly (sic), but I'm pretty
sure they think they are the shit, because I know and know not
I would do something like that, that I spoke to them the next day and I was
confused as them and then all of a sudden this horrible monster and.
What I do know is that I would like to have a public apology by the
Police when this story is over because I have messed up my life.
When I leave here I'll be a different person, because they are no longer
innocent. I know that things can get messy and that people may think ill
you because of you, guys, thanks a lot! People who are here, like that
woman with whom I speak, tells me: "I'll come out much stronger."
EDDA: is what you keep repeating your lawyers. I was talking about
with him and said, "you will come out stronger than before" and I ... Yes.
Amanda KNOX: Ok, thanks. You know, you didn't need to be so strong and there was
need to find myself in such a situation, eh-eh! It's amazing that you
have to live such a situation!
EDDA: it's surreal, it's a nightmare, really. My fear is that they might be wrong,
that could lead hurt the investigation, here's what worries me.
EDDA: (---) Yes, because it's a big mess.
Amanda KNOX: (---) I was there, and it's bullshit. I mean, I thought that trying another (---)
EDDA: Yes, the lawyers told me that the truth will come out.
Amanda KNOX: I mean, there's innocent people that was ordered ...
EDDA: I know, I know.
Amanda KNOX: ... just because the police were looking for (---) and when they find something
that is similar to something, do: "Oh, here we go!" It is precisely
strange, because from the beginning it has helped police, from the very beginning I was
Fourteen hours at a time, I went there in the middle of the night trying to
help them, and them ... it's not fair, you know? It's not my fault that this happened, not
I have no idea who did it. What I'm trying to remember now is when
I was with her the last time, I was talking to her about Halloween, and I'm
trying to remember what she said about Halloween. IE ...
I cared a lot about this person ...
EDDA: I know, I know.
Amanda KNOX: this person was a friend of mine and they think I killed her?
they think I'm involved, I helped because I was acting with
malice aforethought?
EDDA: I know (---)
Amanda KNOX: Yes, why, why? There is absolutely no reason, that's another
element to my advantage: there is absolutely no reason why I should
do it. Why? (---) Ralph has lied. But then I was under stress and I
say something wrong, and then maybe ...
EDDA: maybe it was he.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I felt like I was beating or whatnot, I felt
bad for him. I'm not mad at him, I feel bad for him.
EDDA: because you know you've been through the same thing.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, that's right, and I know that he's here and that maybe she doesn't treat him well as
me, just because ... Yes, I mean, when I here people look at me as if
I was a little girl, as a daughter, and this reassures me because it means that
the people are nice to me, doesn't treat me like crap, but at the same time
I bet he is not receiving a similar treatment from the guys down there, not
know if it is in isolation right now, I don't know if he is allowed to do
something or if you do not know what happens down there, handcuffed, I feel bad,
really awful about him, I feel bad for Patrick, because ...
EDDA: Yes, I know, well he's in the same boat, will fail the test.
Amanda KNOX: I don't know if I can face him after all of this, because I owe him of
apologies, here is what I know I have to do, I have to go to him and tell him: "I am
really sorry about (---) "
EDDA: Ok, ok, probably now he is experiencing the same stress (---)
He probably says the same cosAMANDA KNOX: "I'm not mad at her because ..."
EDDA: Yes, Yes.
Amanda KNOX: and then, behold, I want to tell someone how I feel about everything
This, but I can't, so I'm stuck here and all I can do is
write to my ...
EDDA: the priest comes to visit you?
Amanda KNOX: she visits when he's here, but it's not here every day. So far I have seen
two times: one time I was in my room with him and the other I spoke through
the bars of my door.
EDDA: don't make you break out of your room?
AMANDA KNOX: make me out when they need me for something, but otherwise
I stay inside my room.
EDDA: Really? With another person?
Amanda KNOX: Yes.
EDDA: then what are you doing in there? Yoga?
Amanda KNOX: Do a little stretching, although the woman who is with me is right
EDDA: (---)
Amanda KNOX: (---) I'm not sure where I have to do laundry. They told me to do it
bathroom, but I've never done this before, so I will ask my roommate
room. He said he will see how must do her laundry, because I do not
I have other jobs.
EDDA: then we should ask before we leave, maybe we can (---)
EDDA: I brought a bag, and the bag, like I said, there's like
four or five heavy blouses.
Amanda KNOX: where did you get them? From home?
EDDA: Some I brought from home and others I bought (---)
EDDA: the family has very strongly about it, they're so upset and
worried about you and are concerned for me too, because I missed something
like ten pounds (N.d.T. approximately 4.5 kg) since I've been here (---)
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I think you're less fit than me, because when I got here the
first time had a MOP because I don't remember what I had to do
(---) and I thought, horrible!, because I didn't think ... that is, also after ... behold,
that's another thing ... even after speaking with the police, when I
made this confession, crap, why don't they told me that I was
making a confession, make me: "tell this person, this audience
Ministry, what you think you know, "I said," Ok, this is what
I guess, but I don't think that's the truth, "and they said," No, No, no, no, no, just say
what you think. This is good? We can say so? "and I said" ok ", and Lo ...
I was traumatized by the theatrics of fuck the police ... UM, can you
tell DJS that I love him?
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: and I hope to see him.
EDDA: Yes, tell. It has always been up to say, "I'm worried sick,
tell me anything "
EDDA: I know, I know, I know.
Amanda KNOX: and my friends were traced?
Amanda KNOX: Why did they tell you something?
EDDA: sure, sure.
AMANDA KNOX: what friends have contacted? Madison, ...
EDDA: is the only one I've seen, because I'm here now and the news appeared in the
United States after I was playing and I had to tell people: I don't want
know, I'm not, I don't want to hear what they're saying, I don't want to, you know,
find out about both newspapers on the front page there's your picture, our home
with our address, so we knock on the door relentlessly, day and night, and
He is really mad.
Amanda KNOX: and he's right.
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: And Deanna?
EDDA: Deanna ... Deanna is destroyed. They found the House of
student, someone from the press. He called the BBC, you know, home ... Yes it is
just worried about you, just worried about you, really.
Amanda KNOX: I'm worried about me. (---)
EDDA: I know, I don't blame you. If I could get you the books, what do you
would love to read? In what language?
Amanda KNOX: UM, I'd like to read Harry Potter in German.
EDDA: Ok. You have it in your bag?
Amanda KNOX: Yes ... uh, no, no, no, actually I don't have it, I have nothing of this in the
bag, I only have the stuff that studio. They talked to any person
with that study, type in my class?
EDDA: I didn't see anything, but it is all in Italian and I don't know what
they say.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, newspapers do not have the opportunity to read them, but I can watch TV and
I don't want to look at it, telling me not to look at it, which are full of shit, and I:
"Ok, great! It's great! " I'm so glad to see you!
EDDA: everything will be fine.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I know, I just don't want to stay here for a long time, but I fear that
I'll have to stay there for a long time, behold, I mean ...
EDDA: (---)
Amanda KNOX: No, you don't think you could witness ... that is, of being involved in a
murder that occurred at your House, you know, you don't think about it, how you don't think then the
Police can charge you, and you don't think ... How do you (---). And then sometimes ... not
I like to think (--), but when I think about it, I think about all that I have
never happened before this and this is the worst thing I've ever
happened to me. I've never been more scared than I am now, I've never been
betrayed more than so, damn police!, IE not ... Yes, I sound crazy, but is only
because (---) are very frustrated. They know who they are: IE, I talked
them, I've been with them for hours on end, all I did was help them, behold, and why
They said these things about me? I don't want the world to think I'm
a bad person and I get out of here I want to apology of police and I
going to ... I don't know, to write a book about it.
EDDA: well, maybe (---) after all this.
Amanda KNOX: Heh, heh! After all this shit. Although at the same time are not in
that can mean a lot of detail because you don't know much, I wasn't there.
EDDA: No, but it's your experience as a whole, you can tell the offense (--
AMANDA KNOX: Yes. It is sheer madness, as they could think such a thing of me?
I mean, I know who I am and who I can be passed to the head the idea of
kill someone or to help someone to do that when I was there is fucked up!
When they told me, when I have read the arrest warrant have
said: "Yes, this person has acted with premeditation and deliberately
helped someone to kill another ... to rape and kill another
person, "I said," what?! "
EDDA: What?!
Amanda KNOX: I understood the Italian, the interpreter spoke to me, but I said: "No, No, No.
I can understand. What?! " And I dettAMANDA KNOX: oh, God!, but it is not true,
Here, the police said horrible things about me, this Prosecutor
He said horrible things about me, I was stung by insects,
about it.
EDDA: what bugs?
Amanda KNOX: there are insects.
EDDA: bed bugs? Oh, my goodness!
Amanda KNOX: Anyway it's nothing serious.
EDDA: you have SOAP, toothbrush ...?
Amanda KNOX: they gave me a toothbrush, they gave me a sponge, I don't have the
EDDA: you can buy?
Amanda KNOX: can I buy the shampoo, I can buy Oil of Olaz, I can buy
EDDA: (---)
Amanda KNOX: Yes, even though I ordered it. I ordered (---) and a notebook, and I
they took him, they told me that I had not ordered, that strange,
because I gave him my stuff and they said I could order it
tomorrow when I ... you know ...
Amanda KNOX: the police will be really sad because I do, "I hope you leave within
Friday so you can come to my Sunday "thing, and I said," Yes, me too ".
EDDA: Yes, I know, I don't think that things will go as well.
Amanda KNOX: when I read (---) of the judge who said that I should stay here
year I cried, you can't be serious!
EDDA: well, I think that can keep you up to a year pending
of the process.
AMANDA KNOX: exactly, I cannot refrain for a year until ... unless
prove that I'm not guilty, but I don't think ... the only problem is that
I don't think the police are interested in proving that I'm not guilty,
they will say, "well, that proves he was not present in that room, but she could
being in the kitchen ", of course you will find fingerprints in the kitchen ...
EDDA: Everywhere.
Amanda KNOX: ... because I live there. So fantastic, here! It would have been much more
simple though it had been killed at the basketball court, where I never go,
but ... that is not to say this because my friend was killed and would
been so much better had it not been killed.
EDDA: well, I was thinking about this, I thought ... I am facing this,
but my daughter is alive ...
Amanda KNOX: she is dead! We tried to track down the father? because I know he's here
somewhere, but I don't know where.
EDDA: I think they're gone.
Amanda KNOX: they've already gone?
EDDA: I think they are gone.
Amanda KNOX: I told myself that maybe it would not hurt you I talked to him and told him, "Yes,
We are suffering. "
EDDA: I think the lawyers wanted to release some kind of statement about
how horrible this pain and that we too are suffering in another
Amanda KNOX: so here is my proposal. I know I said something wrong, but not
I mean, I was just trying to help. And I really, I ...
EDDA: No, I think they are more concerned not about the matter of Patrick,
Why will he is innocent (---)
AMANDA KNOX: I don't know.
EDDA: but ... There's nothing on something awful, how come? something awful
It happened in the kitchen and something awful happened.
Amanda KNOX: This ... ok, that's what I thought when I was super
stressed, what I thought might have happened, because I
imagined to meet him at the basketball court and I imagined
be at my house so, but I told him, I don't think it's true, I
said, I do not think that this is legitimate because I remember I was at home
I'm imagining this, but instead of Raphael, and they said, "No, No, No, tell us
simply tell us this, tell us what "and I said, ok, I told them and they
they put in prison here, thanks. They told me ... when they
talked to me said, "Ok, you can go home and bla bla bla bla bla"
No, not going home, I'm in jail, thank you, and now and then I come to
know that after this, I thought I'd be withheld just because I knew
something, and when they told me they are suspected ... but won't say mica
seriously? I have helped, you scared to death, you've confused,
I have beaten him, roared back, and now I beat in prison accusing me of
He killed my friend, who was murdered in my house? I might be
dead right now and you tell me that I'm a murderer.
EDDA: right now it's tough, because we cannot be publicly (---
), you know what I mean?
Amanda KNOX: (---) No, I never said I was mad, because I'm not angry,
I'm frustrated (--) when I'm here I tell myself that I'm sorry I said
those things about Patrick, but at the same time I'm fine because I know I'm
innocent, here's what I say, and it's the truth. I mean, the only reason ... This is
even the first time story of being frustrated by the police, because
with you I can talk about anything and I know, I know I'm frustrated by the police
and at the same time I also know that they are under great stress because on
When it happened they haven't slept a wink and, ok, I understand that you are very
stressed, but don't blame an innocent person like me. What did I do?
Nothing, I helped.
EDDA: so, shoes, (--)
Amanda KNOX: the slippers.
EDDA: slippers, ok.
Amanda KNOX: Namely, your shoes were fine, it's just that I'd rather have ...
EDDA: Those where you found them?
Amanda KNOX: they beat Me up them because they took my shoes.
EDDA: Ok, what kind of slippers do you want?
AMANDA KNOX: simply they do not slide off due walking, because floors are cold.
EDDA: everything is cold.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, it's cold everywhere and my roommate ... strange! When
I came here the first time she started to organize my stuff
in the closet.
EDDA: Ah-ah-ah-ah!
Amanda KNOX: and I observed while doing the bed and he made me redo it why not
fine (---) open the window because all that cold air, she doesn't
like the air that enters the room.
EDDA: need a coat?
Amanda KNOX: I have one, I just need a few sweatshirt, IE won't let me leave,
then ...
EDDA: Ok, because I brought ... The only thing I could find is a
Denim jacket with fur inside.
Amanda KNOX: only that this type of Sweatshirt I got ... I am concerned that ... is strange,
they think I'm (---) and then I got 4, size lingerie
that is far too small. Now I wear the BRA matched to that
underwear and that's okay.
EDDA: well, tested the stuff I brought because I was bending with Daniela
and I said: it's pretty (---), but I don't know.
Amanda KNOX: I don't want to stay here, I told him that I would have much preferred to be
house arrest with you, because at least I wouldn't feel like a
criminal, because ... well, I'm here, I'm in prison.
EDDA: I don't even know if the house arrest .... arrest
are granted in a certain kind of situation and I don't know if you can stick with
me, you know?
Amanda KNOX: Really?
EDDA: Yes, it must be ... the work of another priest who has helped others
need of his house arrest and has a place, but it does mean that I can
come and see you and be with you at any time.
EDDA: Yes, well, I think ... Yes. I leave the job and (---) I do not know how long
I can stay here.
Amanda KNOX: well, they're going to understand. You should talk to the Consulate and try to get a
seen, because technically you can't be here for more than a month without a
Amanda KNOX: that is, technically you would have had to sign all the goods into America, but
Maybe in your case will make an exception because your daughter is retained for
murder ... so they can make an exception. I'd tell you to talk to
the lawyer who works in Rome.
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: because he will know. And you trust lawyers? Because I trust, but I speak
with only fifteen minutes, lawyers here.
EDDA: No, Yes, I wanted to just ask you what do you think of your lawyers.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, it seems to me that they are very interested, I mean, I had no way to
talk to them than I would have liked, but only because they were fifteen minutes,
but still I wrote everything I wanted to say and that I didn't have
so to say, and then just make sure they get my letters. There are
two ... so they gave me some paper to write, and there are these great
sheets of paper that are folded in half like a book and I've written four, two
of those things.
EDDA: Ok. Be careful not to write more until I ask you. I
I will ask.
AMANDA KNOX: they said that there was no problem if I wrote something, I asked her,
and still there is nothing contradictory in relation to what I said, that is
my version, written him because it is the truth. The only thing I
worrying is that if questioning Raphael and he confirms my version,
We were together at her house and we were talking, he could say that
We were talking about something else, and they would say, "Oh, no, they're
lying ", you know? Because I and Raffaele what we do is we go into this
Instead, we eat, we stay home and watch a movie together and then we talk,
We talk, we talk and talk, so I know a lot of things about him: I know ...
This however I think told me later, but we talked about his
mom, we talked about his past, very long, and there was a
particular event that occurred, I simply forgot. There
We said: what do we do? because it is not that we hadn't had dinner. And when the
as they said, "Yes, you've dined and everything before 8.30",
that is not true, we're eating dinner later, him dinner later,
so of course I wasn't ... I'm not game at 8.30. After the movie I received
that thing from Patrick and then we started to have dinner and after dinner was
poured water onto the floor and we somehow clean
literally (---) and then I went looking for a rag, but had only
brooms, then I told him that I would take a rag from there. It seemed
upset by this episode so I hugged him and told him: "What
can I do to make you feel better? "he said," I want to smoke a joint, then you
the barrel is prepared, I was lying on the bed, I was thinking how we were
different, because I thought it was funny. The whole conversation is
begun precisely because we were different (---)
EDDA: No, I don't care, it doesn't affect me.
Amanda KNOX: No, I'm just trying to explain what happened, why did you talk
with my lawyers so you tell him what I think, because I can't,
I'm locked up here, I can't talk to anyone.
EDDA: will be back again on Monday and Tuesday. They have already reviewed all the evidence
the police is releasing.
Amanda KNOX: the police ...
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: I want to know what are these evidence they have against me, because
It's bullshit, where the hell did they fish?
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: my fingerprints on her face? I sure hope it isn't true,
because how can you be true? I didn't do anything.
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: I.e. it is serious evidence, my prints on his face.
EDDA: I know.
Amanda KNOX: How can this be true?
EDDA: I just ... I mean, there are lots of crap in the papers.
Amanda KNOX: this is in the papers, if they tell me that the police have evidence that there are
my fingerprints on your face, I don't know what to say.
EDDA: cannot be successful.
AMANDA KNOX: that's right, this can't be true, is impossible. But what about if you say, "No,
No, it's true ", i.e. If they have my fingerprints on her face must have been from
another time I saw her, but I never touched her face, well, then you
EDDA: (---)
Amanda KNOX: Ok, why are the bales ... They talked with Madison? But how
the hell ...? You know, I was worried that anyone knowing (---)
EDDA: Oh, my goodness! No, I know. The program Today has
invited to attend ...
Amanda KNOX: but are you serious?
EDDA: Yes, Yes. Right now they're going after.
Amanda KNOX: those of Today?
EDDA: All. The whole world is hunting me.
AMANDA KNOX: do you think that they will find the killer? (---)
EDDA: well, I hope so.
Amanda KNOX: another thing that makes no sense to me is because it's been broken the window.
EDDA: Yes, indeed.
Amanda KNOX: Why? I still don't understand why it happened, but anyway ...
I know. (---) I'm glad to see you.
EDDA: I'm glad, too.
AMANDA KNOX: do you get back?
EDDA: Yes.
AMANDA KNOX: you ... I thought it was ...
EDDA: Saturday and Tuesday.
Amanda KNOX: Oh yes, I said "Saturday and Tuesday" (sic in Italian)
EDDA: Yes. Today I called, I was supposed to return Sunday, but I think
Susanna and Diana (sic) are working to make sure that I can use
all the sick days, because I have a lot, and then I have this Of (sic) ...
EDDA: (---) and I have an apartment.
Amanda KNOX: In this House, huh-huh!
EDDA: Yes, three.
Amanda KNOX: Wow! Not bad!
EDDA: Yes.
Amanda KNOX: they were concerned (---) in a hotel (---) if given a place to stay?
EDDA: this man is a good person who ... Yes.
Amanda KNOX: so he thinks I'm innocent?
EDDA: No, I think you were drunk or drugged or something (---) is to
they say here.
Amanda KNOX: everyone thinks it's a drug thing? I'm just, I smoked a bales
Reed, is not that ... they asked me: "when you smoke, then you feel very
confused? ", I said," No, I feel stupid! ", that's all, it's not that I go on
rounds and say, "Hi!" (---) I was with my boyfriend, nothing unusual. And then I
ask, "have you ever made of cocaine, heroin?", I said, "No!" I know
Anyone who uses it.
EDDA: you cannot imagine all that I imagined I
about all the possibilities.
EDDA: Okay, I knew once I saw and talked to you, you should
reaffirmed everything that was going on (--) that they were all crap.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, you know the truth, I don't know who did this, so I can't
giving away. But they said: "we can help you if you remember something
that can be of help to the police, "I said," Ok, I'm trying to remember, but
I already told you everything I know, "then how can I remember something that is
important, you know? I'm trying, I'm trying, but ... it's not easy!
EDDA: how you spend your days?
Amanda KNOX: spend a lot of time in bed, because it's cold (---), I read and I sleep, I sleep
so, I often go to the bathroom, I don't eat much, i.e. eat what I
damage, but I'm not hungry (---).
EDDA: try to do a little stretching, I don't know.
Amanda KNOX: I do a little stretching, but the woman he is with me always tells me:
"You're going to break your neck to force to do so" huh-huh-huh!
EDDA: Huh-huh-huh! She's Italian?
Amanda KNOX: Yes, Yes, I mean always says, no one speaks to me in English ... says to me (--), and
I said, "Ok." When I start to sing and ask her to bother singing, you know,
singing is another way to make you feel better ...
EDDA: sure, sure.
Amanda KNOX: and I fAMANDA KNOX: "Yes, Yes, yes" and then when I start to sing interrupts me for
ask me some questions, ok, and keeps repeating: "I know that you will leave in three days,
in three days you're out, "I said," did you say the same thing three days ago, "Okay,
EH-eh! Is odd, but it's fun (---).
EDDA: I was worried that there were people that beat you here or people
that, you know ...
AMANDA KNOX: No, they are very helpful here, no problem.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, you can say everything I've told anyone you want, because it is the truth,
It doesn't bother me to anything I said and there is no reason why I
should be scared, I just don't want to stay here, I don't deserve it. I was
worried about ... I thought you knew my situation but I knew
that you weren't aware so I knew you'd lost your mind.
EDDA: and I told (---) but I didn't know that I would use my
sick days, but I said, "How about this: I don't eat, I can't sleep,
burst crying sometimes at random, I go back and forth in the House at night,
I'm constantly in the bathroom, and ... "
Amanda KNOX: Yes, well, how did I go to the bathroom every two seconds? It is true that I drink
a lot of water, but I go to the bathroom even when not ... that is, when I go to
bathroom not I get nothing, and think that I feel the need to go to the bathroom,
I don't know why, it's weird.
EDDA: last night, when I got to know these people and then I got
told you to stay, they had their family there, and have prepared a nice
dinner, I mean there was to be moved as they were friendly.
Amanda KNOX: well, so busy are held (---) better this way, I'm glad you
treat you well, I knew it would be this and that it will be in the future.
EDDA: Yes, Yes, the hardest thing is being here alone, that is, they are sitting in
that apartment in the evening and there is ... I mean, there's no TV, I couldn't
focus on the book I had bought, I refuse to listen to the radio,
Why send the songs and then (---).
Amanda KNOX: it's not easy for me to watch TV, turn it off and stop it, if there's a movie to
limit is fine, but when I got here I was initially reduced badly,
just a rag. I was in my room, without being able to watch TV, not
I had nothing to do, I was just lying on the bed in this
so, in tears and trying to remember, and all I did for a couple of
days. And time passed very slowly ...
EDDA: Yes, I understand.
Amanda KNOX: I was there, lying on the bed trying to sleep, I mean I was trying to sleep, but I was
always only on Doze.
EDDA: I see, so did I.
Amanda KNOX: but Dick! I didn't think I would feel that way.
Amanda KNOX: obviously (---) and afterwards I felt better.
EDDA: (---)
Amanda KNOX: I'm glad to see your face, that is they are here and the people are nice to
me and if anything happens to me this has no impact on you, that's all.
EDDA: Yes, well ...
Amanda KNOX: throw Me into another cell and say that a murderer for the rest
of my life, and people will forget me and I will remain locked inside here
and in 50 years or thirty ...
EDDA: we don't give up, we will continue to fight until you have
pulled out of here.
Amanda KNOX: if they can prove that I didn't do a year from now, I will have lost a
year of my life!
EDDA: I know, I know. You ... oh, you said you asked for a timeline, so you can
begin to ...
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I ordered a "notebook" (sic in Italian), but I have also said to
be careful what I write in her diary. Well, I don't do these
things (---) They are entitled to seize all my stuff. Honestly I haven't
any worries about what I wrote.
EDDA: I rather let me begin to write the beginning of your experience in Perugia,
You understand? return to this, which is quite safe.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, one of (---) just told me to imagine that I was for some
the other hand when I write the story and want to read, so I started
history since I knew (---) and told me he liked me, behold,
so I'm translating into Italian for Rina (sic).
EDDA: who is Rina?
Amanda KNOX: Rina is the guard who helped me and said she wanted to be my mom,
I don't have a mom, how strange!, so that's who is Rina. I'm really
Nice, that is technically shouldn't be cronies, but the fact is that
If they see me in tears come and make me: "don't cry, it's okay ..."
And there's a woman here in prison but can go out, sweep and make
chores for prisoners think in Exchange for money, and when it passes in front of the
my door asking me how it goes, and then before he left he said, "In the mouth of
Wolf "(sic in Italian), which means" in the mouth of the Wolf "and is equivalent to
"good luck".
EDDA: Ah, ok, ok.
Amanda KNOX: that is, the problem you have to deal with is in the mouth of the Wolf and you must
answer "Crepi!" (sic in Italian) which means "kill!", huh-huh-huh!
EDDA: Huh-huh-huh!
Amanda KNOX: but I don't want to! EH-eh!
EDDA: Oh, my goodness! Okay, so I don't know, ask him if he will have the
bag, see what looks good on you and what doesn't fit, and then on Tuesday we
What else do you need to say.
Amanda KNOX: right now, the slippers ...
EDDA: slippers, all right, you haven't written?
AMANDA KNOX: I know, I was not given permission to bring a list. I mean, I made it
but they told me I couldn't take it, it's a piece of paper! OK, just
EDDA: I did pull out the handkerchief, I searched before
Amanda KNOX: Oh yes? And they checked you didn't have cigarettes in my pocket, I don't smoke,
I told him.
EDDA: the attorneys always offer me cigarettes.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, almost by way of apology for (---) eh-eh-eh! Here smoke everyone, that's why
that smoking is not a big deal, they smoke.
EDDA: (---) it takes forever, okay? And I say, "Ok, you can go"
After we have the facts by attorneys and they say: "do you have any money?", "Yes",
"ok, because they can deposit into an account", then I gave him my money, he
counted them, put them in your pocket and that's it.
Amanda KNOX: What? Huh-huh-huh!
EDDA: don't give you a receipt, so you don't know if you gave him seventy euros or
No, because ...
Amanda KNOX: Yes, I have taken ... namely, the ladies here were really on the ball, we
they wrote my name on it and everything, that when they
searched my bag by removing all the stuff that I couldn't use, I did not
allowed to have a cap for some reason, because ...
EDDA: (---)
Amanda KNOX: (---) that I was wearing, and I said, "well, it doesn't matter." I don't know why and
I honestly don't even wonder why is the procedure and people working
Here is not ultimately what decides. It's funny, I'm a little
worried because I have ... I have to get used to using the Shaver (---).
EDDA: did you ask?
Amanda KNOX: not yet. See if it is in the catalogue, which means that I can order,
and then I can also order certain foods, if I want to, but the food here is okay.
EDDA: you don't have to take you ... I have a whole bag full of food.
Amanda KNOX: Ah, here's something else! "Cookies" (sic in Italian). At breakfast they give you
coffee only, and that's fine, I didn't then that hungry, but one of the things
now I am used to eating at breakfast are cookies with the
EDDA: so I have to be careful because I brought a whole bag.
Amanda KNOX: food?
EDDA: Yes, I brought chocolate, cookies, because the lawyers they
said: "it may take them some food," I said, "like?", and "chocolate and
Biscuits ", and I said," Ok, "and then they made me bring in.
Amanda KNOX: What?!
EDDA: Yes, it must be placed in a clear plastic bag.
Amanda KNOX: Ah, ok.
EDDA: Here.
AMANDA KNOX: what are cookies? I don't really like those that are too sweet, because there is
an avalanche of sugar and I don't like it, but the ones I like to
example named "Hugs" (sic in Italian).
EDDA: "Hugs"?
Amanda KNOX: That means "hug".
EDDA: Ah, ok.
Amanda KNOX: because there is chocolate ... that is made as a circle, half chocolate
and half vanilla.
EDDA: Ok, ok, ok.
Amanda KNOX: So called "Hugs".
EDDA: Ok. But must stay in a clear plastic bag, because maybe
I have to leave out all the food I brought, I do bring
AMANDA KNOX: probably the smell, the taste and then give it to me.
EDDA: No, do not enter.
Amanda KNOX: No, I mean, if ever they were to bring him in the will a
small check to make sure that it contains no poison or something,
so don't try to commit suicide in prison. But at the same time people
Here, I mean, I know it's just a formality, because when I here people who are
Here are very friendly.
EDDA: Ok, that's good.
Amanda KNOX: the police were jerks. Came here the police, not for
question me again, but for me to sign the documents, and they told me
just sign here, sign here, "sign here," I said, "can I read it?" and they said "Yes",
but it was not a ' yes ' decided, and I said, "Ok, what is this?" and they said, "blah blah blah
blah ... ", and I said," Ok. "
EDDA: so they did sign something in Italian and then provided a
Amanda KNOX: I know stuff that I have been taking certain things, but those of the police
knew and sometimes they are just assholes.
EDDA: Ok, oh, it's there, all right, see you Tuesday, everything will be fine. OK, I love you, too
GUARDIAMANDA KNOX: wait a minute. Let's first get out mom.
Amanda KNOX: Yes, Yes. Before you.
Amanda KNOX: I love you. I love you, mom.
G: Hello? Can you sign here, please?
AMANDA KNOX: Yes, of course.
G: nothing, only that I give you the stuff, well, it's nothing.
G: hold rh? Keep u

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