Monday, March 06, 2017

The second sequin star is not available on Amazon

Sequin Star 2 is too much of a hot potato for Amazon, so we're selling it as PDF form as a direct download.

Why is it so controversial?

 Here's why: The Ramsey case is not unsolvable.

What kind of alchemy is required to dig up new revelations decades after the JonBenét Ramsey case went cold? In the second Sequin Star narrative, the authors seek to build a brand new psychological case from the ground up. They burrow deep through the darkest vestiges of the criminal archive and hold the Ramsey Intruder Theory up against real cases involving real intruders, like the Karla Brown murder and sexual assault from 1978.

The authors also test a myriad of inconsistencies in the Ramseys’ ever-evolving narrative. Why do they exist? What are these irksome inconsistencies covering up so many years later?

In addition to timeline critical events spanning 2007 – 2012, the second Sequin Star also interrogates: - Lighting inside the Ramsey home on the night of the murder
- The northern neighbor Scott Gibbons’ eyewitness testimony
- The Broken Playroom door
- The flight itinerary of N2059W, John Ramsey’s personal plane
- John Douglas’ profile of the killer
- The Ramseys’ attitude to the media during the maturing phase of their saga

The narrator, investigative photojournalist Nick van der Leek, examines the Ramsey case file through the fiery psychological shafts of grief. He masterfully casts over endless evidentiary fluff, revealing tangibles buried deep within the 20-year-old Ramsey canon.

Lisa Wilson, an L.A. based true crime researcher, meticulously assimilates and filters all available information to synthesize, from the cloud, the most cogent counter narrative yet. “The second narrative in this series is solid,” Wilson says. “It expands on the theory of the first in many ways we didn’t expect, and neither will the reader.”

By applying an arsenal of modern investigative techniques, the authors have crystallized the unspoken horror haunting the Ramsey case in the starkest terms to date. So many words. So many years. So much time and life lost. What can be salvaged from the ashes of one little girl’s life?

Buy the second sequin star [PDF version]  here.


sequin star 2 has been rebooted as the BLACK STAR OVER BETHLEHEM trilogy, available here.

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