Sunday, July 05, 2015

OPEN LETTER: Attention L. Power [and others in the Amanda Knox fan club]

Very sweet of you to take such an interest in fraud and crime, L Power [or whoever you are]. And you do take an obsessive interest in it. Do you not have other hobbies, or a real job?

Although it seems to be a fun job shooting down other folks you have never met from the safety of your home, I wonder if you have the courage to tell us a little about yourself. It's one thing to mock something someone else has said, but who are you, and what do you stand for? What you do for a living, what's your version of the crime on November 1? Because if we're going to discuss credibility to take you seriously we also need to know whether you are credible [and at a minimum, honest].

Of course, no one - especially not you - will take such a genuine challenge seriously. Because that's not what you're paid to do. Your remit is to shoot the messenger in order to distract from the message.

We're not going to discuss the actual narrative. We're not going to go into why someone was accused of a crime in the first place! Haha what a joke.

No it would be silly to even consider such a thing. We're not going to talk about how someone was in a position to be a suspect, just how corrupt an entire justice system is. But we are going to discuss in detail the motives of the writer [to make a profit] and reviews you don't agree with. Well Amanda Knox also wrote a book and made $4 million from it. Her family paid for PR. She has endlessly done the rounds on television to promote her case. But in your view, any discussion of this is unacceptable. A dissenting view has to be shot down. Do you support free speech? Do you support the right of a human being to have an opinion, or a discussion? Do you? Because what's odd is when our views differ from yours you engage in character assassination. Why?

In Dr Hodges new book we see the same people running down his book with the same tired catchphrases. Do any of those folks read the book? Did you? Have you read any of my books? Then why are you reviewing them?

It makes me wonder...if everything you say is tactical as opposed to honest, strategic as opposed to heartfelt, contrived as opposed to authentic, how can any of it be taking seriously? As such, fraud is an interesting word for you to be using. Fraud is an interesting accusation to be made by you of others.

I've made a clear and unambiguous challenge to you here. I've asked you:
- to state who you are [what's your identity]
- to state what your job is

We want to establish your credibility, and also your motive for obsessively shooting down Pro Justice discussion. Are you prepared to have a discussion on your credibility? Are you? In fact I'd like to extend this invitation to everyone on your side - your FBI profilers, all your experts.  Deal?  An open, honest discussion where we simply discuss credibility.

If you fail to respond this challenge on its own merits, no excuses, no justifications, simply answer the questions, if you don't we both know exactly why, and so will other people. I won't be holding my breath for your clever catchphrase, knee jerk response. I have actual, honest work to do.

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