Sunday, May 17, 2015

Excerpt from VANITY, the long awaited sequel to AUTHENTICITY, and Book #4 in our Bestselling #JodiArias Series

What’s abundantly clear when you read the hundreds of new messages from Travis’ phone that were released last week, is the lack of genuine affection that Travis felt for Jodi.  In contrast, when he speaks with Lisa and Deanna, or when he’s speaking about Mimi, his feelings for these other women come across as much more sincere. 
With Beth Karas’ permission, we’ll be providing these text messages and discussing them in detail in our 4th book about Jodi Arias, titled VANITY.  Due out next week.  Here are just a few clips.
December 10, 2007
07:25:55 TRAVIS:  Very true but I wanted to grab your hand and hold it high.
07:26:37 LISA:  Hold it high?  What do you mean?
07:27:42 TRAVIS:  Show everybody.  I mean I just want to be your boyfriend.  I know its not my way but that’s how I feel.
December 14, 2007
06:18:23 LISA:  Yes That’s true.  Thank you so much for the gifts tonight.  It has reminded me how much fun we have always had
06:21:20 TRAVIS: Yeah. Now what am I gonna do?  You bring out a fun side to me.  I like how I usually am with you. I’ll miss it lots you help my creativity.
06:23:38 LISA:  Haha.  Well speaking of creativity, would you feel comfortable letting me know what the last gift was going to be?  You don’t have to, I’m just a bit curious.
06:35:28 TRAVIS:  It was just very boyfriend girlfriend thing I was done with it it was kind of a project and very assumptive to having a long future and I was hesitant about it anyway but I thought I would at least declare my desires.
06:36:18 LISA:  So you don’t want to tell me?
06:37:28 TRAVIS:  We don’t take a lot of pictures so I was making a travis lisa photo album so we could fill it up
06:38:29 LISA:  Oh, baby, I’m sorry.  That is a lovely gift thought.  I’m sorry
06:39:50 TRAVIS:  You are doing what you feel is right.  Don’t be sorry I wish with all my heart we could fill it up

January 26, 2008
06:15:12 DEANNA:  Turns out we’re not going to CA... Just thought i’d let ya know.  But I am going snowboarding for the first time tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  Night travi... love you J
06:15:17 TRAVIS:  Only bunny slope be careful.  Love you too.
06:26:06 DEANNA:  Don’t worry i’ll be careful... promise.
April 11, 2008
02:45:55 DEANNA:  Found some really old pics of me and you today.  They were making me laugh! I love you Travi J
03:32:53 TRAVIS: And I love you J working in Tucson J
03:41:51 DEANNA: Have fun! P.S. The Office was amazingly awkward and awesome.
16:16:18 DEANNA:  Can you hike mt rubideaux? Like do people do that?
16:18:37 TRAVIS:  Yah there is dirt and paved road take ur pick
16:20:13 LISA:  Cool Probably not this weekend.  But one of these days.
And then there are the messages with Jodi… The majority of their conversations centered on errands, sex and money.  And when he barely showed her the time of day, instead of walking away, she simply upped her game of manipulation.
On May 5, Travis contacted Jodi with a simple request, to read his blog.  She tells him she will but immediately turns the conversation to herself. Knowing that Travis has a soft spot for people in need, she boasts that she took her grandpa to the doctor and rescued a dog.  She also asks Travis to critique some pictures of her and when he does so favourably, she slips in a sexual advance just to keep him engaged. 
May 5, 2008
09:10:16 TRAVIS:  Go read my blog and tell me what you think?
09:12:12 JODI:  Ok but it’ll have to be tomorrow I’m not near a comp now
09:12:48 TRAVIS:  Okay
18:32:37 TRAVIS:  Did you read my blog?
18:34:29 JODI:  Not yet.  The moment I rolled into town I took my grandpa to the eye doctor.  I’m in the waiting room still.  It’s taking forever!  Why can’t u this weekend?
18:39:42:  JODI:  I pulled into the parking lot and there was a little dog in a truck w/all the windows rolled up! =( It was hot.  I called the police.  Why can’t u this weekend???
18:51:34:  TRAVIS:  I have crap going on.  There is a graduation party for Taylor that I told him I would attend.
21:25:53  JODI:  Can I get ur honest opinion on a picture?
21:26:12 TRAVIS:  Yeah
21:27:30 JODI:  I’ll email it w/the one of your eyes.  I’ll txt u when I send them both.
21:47:51 JODI:  My comp is frozen.  Haha what’s new?
22:11:06 JODI:  I have a favour to ask.  Call me when you have three minutes.
[they have some idle chit chat about somebody else here]
22:51:17 JODI:  Good! Can u give me ur opinion on that pic now?
22:56:25 JODI:  Am I too squinty-eyed or does it look ok? It’s for my website so I’m going for an “on the field” sort of look.
23:03:31 TRAVIS:  I like the picture of me and the one of you is perfect.  It would a great about me picture.  You look like a beautiful adventurous successful, photo journalist, but not trying to hard.  There is nothing glamorshotesque about it.  Run with that pic.
23:05:52 JODI:  Thanks!  That’s EXACTLY what I was going for!
23:06:25 TRAVIS:  You nailed it.
23:08:24 JODI:  I’ve got something you could nail.  Kidding, sort of =) Glad u liked that picture of ur eyes.
On May 10-11, 2008, Jodi asks Travis to check out pictures of her again. 
23:25:42:  JODI:  Can u tell I’ve got some time on my hands? =)
23:27:00:  TRAVIS:  Your pics are not coming through so no I can’t tell.
23:28:21:  JODI:  =( Well hopefully they’ll upload soon.  Let me know when u get ‘em.
07:50:51 JODI:  You near ur comp?
08:03:54 TRAVIS:  I am now.
08:05:40 JODI:  Will u check my profile pic if u have time?  I like it cause it’s modest but it may be a little dull.
08:06:03 TRAVIS:  What site?
08:06:41 JODI:  MySpace =)
08:08:24 TRAVIS:  Its good.  Not your best but pleasant.
08:09:05 JODI:  I’m uploading new ones as we speak!
08:11:20 JODI:  Haha, braids in the Blondie album
08:12:58 TRAVIS:  Whose hat is that?
08:13:28 JODI:  Mine
08:14:16 TRAVIS:  How have I never seen it?  That hurts?
08:16:05 JODI:  ahhh sweetheart, cause it’s been in a box for the last 10 yrs =) I never wear it but I thought it would be cute for that photo.
08:16:56 JODI:  What do u think of it?
08:17:10 TRAVIS:  Wow.
08:18:13 JODI:  hmmm... Just uploaded another one of the ring
08:22:13 JODI:  And a new one in my photos my eyes look trippy! =)
08:24:44 JODI:  I’m assuming the pics I sent u didn’t upload?
08:31:08 TRAVIS:  Nope they didn’t
08:32:35 TRAVIS:  I like the picture
08:33:32 JODI:  Which one?
08:33:52 TRAVIS:  uhaul
08:34:59 JODI:  Oh ok. I’m still debating that ione.  It might or might not come down.  I’ll eave it for now.  Thanks.
08:37:40 JODI:  While your giving me all of this feedback if ur still on myspace tell me what u think of the 3rd pic in the Snow album
08:57:42 JODI:  I’m just trying to impress u and fishing for compliments.  My self-esteem is lower than usual.
08:58:33 TRAVIS:  Honey you lok beautiful in all your pics
08:59:29 JODI:  Thanks sweetie.  You never fail to make feel beautiful.
09:00:18 TRAVIS:  Plus I just got urother pics downloaded and you are smoking hot in them.
09:01:02 JODI:  Yea! =)
09:01:46 TRAVIS:  Alright I’m falling a sleep.  Good nighty night.
Travis, not oblivious to the games she was playing, appeased Jodi just enough to keep her content.  But he bails on the conversation early without asking her why she’s feeling bad about herself.  Because frankly, you can tell he doesn’t really care. It is Jodi’s VANITY that she thinks he does, thinks he should and believes, one day he will.



yawningreyhound said...

Gosh, she even lies sentences apart..."I'm not near a computer" then "my computer's locked". The narcissism just screams out begging to be noticed. Stabbie must've been exhausting in a relationship.

yawningreyhound said...

Forgot to you know the date of the blog request to be read? Is that the blog TA wrote that asked if his girlfriend is an ax murderer? If so, wonder if she ever read it.