Sunday, March 22, 2015

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When the Jodi Arias trial began in 2013, I never imagined the two year trip we were about to embark upon.   A roller coaster ride through dark, twisting tunnels; nauseating and uncomfortable with no end in sight.  Yet there’s something that keeps us here like moths to a flame.  An unquenchable desire to see it through to the end.

MENDACITY, the second book in a series of three, not only interrogates Jodi Arias and the people central to her case, it interrogates us and our darkest inner corners.  It picks unapologetically at our failures and insecurities.   And within this narrative, as within all our books, Nick and I share personal stories and our own revelations.  We do this to illustrate our interconnectedness with the world as crimes don’t just happen to one person or a family, they affect all of us and we affect them.
We also draw inspiration from the movie The Matrix.  A story that leaves you questioning - what is reality? Are we living to our potential or are we mired in half-truths? Or perhaps even worse, are we content to deceive?

This expedition to undercover Jodi would not have been possible without the contributions of many others.  First, we thank Jen Wood, from, as well as Jarrett Seltzer, her producer on Trial Talk Live!  Jen’s insights from being front and center at the trial for the past two years have been truly fascinating, and we appreciate her generosity in sharing them with us.  I also had the pleasure of speaking with Beth Karas while in Phoenix.  Her website has been an invaluable resource.  Cathy from has also been a friend in justice.  We thank Troy Hayden for his tireless and objective reporting on this case.  And some others we have quoted from, and whose work we admire:  the Gold Patrol’s Jeff Gold and Jennifer McKelvey, Monica Lindstrom and the 13th Juror, Paul Sanders

I also want to express a huge thank you to my family and friends for being the best cheerleaders any girl could ask for.  Your encouragement and love have been a source of strength during many sleepless nights over the course of the past year.  Finally, I want to thank my co-author, Nick, one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met.  Thanks for pushing me and encouraging me to be my best.  And thanks for all the WTFs from you the reader (and those on social media) that have kept me laughing along the way.  Without your interest and loyal support, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun or as interesting.  We also want to thank you for your views and reviews – all of them, as these keep us humble and on track. 

This journey of writing, research and discovery has been a blast, John, and I can’t imagine sharing it with anybody else.   

Author’s Note: the other author would also like to acknowledge the tireless work of Paul, his counterpart in California and partner in crime. We make a great team, thank you for your consistency and humility.  Let’s Rock On!

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