Thursday, December 18, 2014

RESTORATION is available now - but what's it all about?

"As an uncle, I want to say I hope Oscar will start on his healing process as he walks down the path of restoration. As a family we are ready to support and guide Oscar as he serves his sentence." - Arnold Pistorius. 

RESTORATION (also referred to as 8RESTORATION) is the 8th and final narrative in the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial eBook Series. Written over the first three weeks of December 2014, before and after the state's successful application for Appeal, the authors examine a brand new narrative theme. 

RESTORATION, in sum, seeks to interrogate hope in the face of #B$. How do we maintain course, how do we break out of the jails of our own making (even when these have become our home) and what gets us to change course when our world is far from perfect (and so are we)? 

Over the course of the RESTORATION narrative, the authors - van der Leek and Wilson - draw on all their resources to tie the remaining loose ends together. No stone is left unturned; no character in the familiar cast is spared their scrutiny. The result: 


Unusually, in their analysis of the Heads of Argument (HOA) Gerrie Nel is targeted for dropping the baton in several instances whilst his courtroom adversary, Barry Roux, is ushered into an even harsher spotlight. Carl Pistorius, Oscar's pious brother [aka 'Titanium Hulk'] is also placed under a magnifying glass and tested for #B$. 

Although the authors intended to touch lightly on evidence and unanswered questions, their investigations were so fruitful the majority of the RESTORATION narrative is 'all about Oscar'. Only towards the final chapters do the authors graduate the narrative away from secret whatsapp messages and updated scenarios to take the narrative outside, deep into the heart of the mountain. 

Highlights include: 
- the startling similarities between Dewani and Oscar's plea statements 
- an in-depth study of the crime scene 
- a much deeper contextualisation of social media and other communications 
- a re-examination of motive 
- a re-examination of what Oscar was actually thinking at the time he fired those shots 

Doors will be blasted open, and in the still floating debris, the reader will be asked to walk on through the smoke to the other side. Do you dare? 

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