Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rosetta's Philae landing in T minus...

What is the point of landing on a comet? Well, to find out how life on Earth could have started.  Did comets seed the Earth with water?  Probably yes.  But asteroids also would have been part of the cataclysmic beginnings of our molten Earth.  And gas.  And plasma firing off from the younger sun.  And a moon shaped object colliding with the Earth, and then acting as a shield.

How far off is the schema of INTERSTELLAR?  Dust storms and the like? This image (below) was captured on Monday (November 10).

More here.

In Interstellar there's a scene where a baseball game gets interrupted by a massive dust storm. Kinda like this..

When did this happen? Just last month.
 More here.

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