Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Confessions of a Failed Author #12

Do you speak German?

People are writing about me in Germany and I have noooooooooooooo idea what they are saying.  Whatever they are saying the '!' suggests....forceful feeling. Oops.  Eina.  Sorrryyy!

I'm guessing either they love me or....nah...probably hate me.  Ja vol!

Nick van der Leek ist Südafrikaner und wohnt in Südafrika. Ich habe fünf der sechs bislang veröffentlichten Bücher dieser Serie gelesen, und es war eine hochspannende Lektüre, die den Mordprozess von Oscar Pistorius genau schildert und analysiert. Wirklich spannend geschrieben.

Diese Version enthält leider nichts als Kopien der Facebook Statuse von Reeva aus früheren Jahren. Ich war von dem Buch sehr enttäuscht!

Incidentally the movie I have been waiting all year for has finally arrived and it didn't disappoint.  I've already watched it three times and I can easily go twice more.  That's about how many times I watched AVATAR.

The music in this film is MONUMENTAL.  You can listen to a clip of it here (sound clip is at the bottom of the post, play it from 3:44).

Meanwhile, I have to be honest.  I stole all of Christopher Nolan's ideas.  Because my sci fi epic - BLOODLINE -  set in Scotland has...well...how do I say this...it's a total fucking rip-off of Interstellar!

Let's see:

- food shortages - check

- drones - check
- secret space port - check

- world population wiped out - check
- everybody in his inner circle (practically) dies - check
- father and daughter get separated - sort've check, mine has mother and son
- involves spaceships, Mars and setting up a new colony - check
- involves the imminent extinction of all human beings on Earth - check
- involves a dude and a robot - sort've check, my dude has a dog

and this is where it gets creepy:

- involves a very important book case - check

- involves solving an equation - sort've check, mine involves a mystery more around the location of the base and who is operating it
- involves fighting on glaciers - check
- one of one - check
- involves fiery explosions on glaciers - check
- involves rocket ships flying over or crashing into ice - check
- there's also a sea scene somewhere else - check
- senior scientist dies fairly early on - check
- hero falls for a brunette chickie with short hair who has a different belief system to him - check
- central theme is loneliness vs bonds of family (and humanity) - check

Look, either great minds think alike or I should be sued for plagiarism.  I think the latter makes sense. Only one teeny tiny problem.  I published my story on Amazon (here) before the movie came out... And I wrote it like...2 years ago. Which means, Nolan stole MY idea!

Nah, it will make more sense if he sues me.  Need my address, Mr Nolan?

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