Friday, November 07, 2014

Confessions of a Failed Author #11

So hey, it's 04:05 in the morning, I've been up since just before 3.  I think.

See that photo above, see that white thingy?  That's the moon.  I've been thinking and writing about the moon a lot lately.  Fucked up, ne?

You see you can't be doing that shit and expect to make a living.  Rent is real.  Bread and water - you have to make bread and butter to have...bread and water?  Hang on, does that even make sense?

Anyhoo, my many fans will be pleased to hear that...see that towel on my head?  I'll be throwing it in today.  Yep, I'm finally doing it.  I'm ditching this career.  I'm quitting.  Yep it's taken #11 confessions to finally fess up.  To finally face the mirror and say: You Rock!

Lol, no actually I am going to a teensy weensy interview later this morning. Not exactly throwing in the towel, maybe throwing a dishcloth.  It's 8 hours a week for R7000 a month.  I'll need some extra moolah because...well, I've been wanting to buy shit, like furniture, and a better phone.  And my car and teeth could do with a service. And I wouldn't mind paying for those swimming season tickets so I can swim at an outdoor pool this summer (and perhaps winter too).

I think my official title is something like 'Facilitator'.  So I'll be passing on my skill at failure to eager young minds.  Somebody Stop Me!

And then I'm going to do something I've been meaning to do for months.  No, not kill myself.  Have you noticed the background to this blog?  Jeepers, do you even pay attention?  Well have a look.  And I've apparently been told certain parts of the protocol - like writing -testing have been abandoned to accommodate me...because... because I suck so much.... So after my interview I'm going to watch Interstellar. And I'm not even going to pay for that.

Yes, in the middle of the day. Not working.  Not sending my CV around.  Not editing my fucking website, or one of my godawful blogs. Not even writing books nobody reads.

Watch a fucking movie.

Yeah, you're right.  So little discipline, not even working in the fucking day (just through the night) no wonder you're nowhere in you're life. And that twitter claim about people buying books every day - I just made that shit up.  Where are the stats?  Where is the proof?  Why are you (ie me) such a lying piece of shit?

Yes, you're right.

But sometimes when the moon is full, that's all that matters.  Some moonshine and the dark fields. And going Interstellar.

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Joan said...

So happy about your eight hours a week xoxo