Saturday, August 09, 2014

Juror 13 Notes

Above and below: Notice the pillow is upright on the bed (against the headboard).

Above: Crack in bedroom door.


Above: Was this where Reeva chose to spend the night?

Nighttime view from Stipp's bedroom window

 Were the towels and black garbage bags to stem blood or mop it up?

Note the missing section of wood above D, This could have been made by initial battering of the door before shooting, and would have given the shooter line of sight on his target, but only if the fragment was dislodged prior to the shooting.  
Notice the white draining marks, which appear to be water moving and eroding blood.  Ie after blood collected in the toilet, it may have been flushed.  Also notice what appears to be a wood splinter to the bottom, and slightly to the right, in the toilet bowl. 

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