Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Don't Have a Kindle e-Book Reader? Don't Despair!

If you've been meaning to buy one of my Oscar Trial eBooks (they're just R35) but thought you couldn't, well, you can.  You don't need a Kindle, you just need to follow these -easy-as-you-please steps.

If you're registered on Amazon you'll need a credit card to purchase (otherwise do an EFT into my account).

Once you've purchased you'll receive this message:

If you do not have a Kindle e-Book Reader please follow these instructions to the letter.

  1. Save this file (attached) to a folder where you will access it. It is an eBook.  DO NOT TRY TO OPEN IT YET!.
  2. Google “Kindle Reader” and download a Reader for PC that relates to your version of Windows.
  3. Install the program. It is a FREE eBook Reader for PC.
  4.  Now go to the file that you saved “wffp_amazon7.prc” and RIGHT-CLICK it.
  5. Then select “Open with “Amazon Kindle for PC”.
  6.  Once it has opened click on the button that has icon “Aa” and select “Sepia”
  7.  Then click on the icon next to it on the right which will give you full screen.
  8.  Then use your arrow keys to go up to the start of the book and off you go ….  Note it will not open on the cover page. So you must use the “up” arrow key to see the cover.
  9. You will see a Table of Contents in Blue font. Clicking on any line item takes you to the Chapter listed.
  10. You will also see blue coloured superscript numbers next to text. These are hyperlinks. Clicking on these takes you to the relevant endnote. To get back from the end note just click on the number again in the endnotes section.
  11. Once you have done this once, thereafter you can open the book by simply first going to the Amazon Kindle for PCicon on your desktop and clicking on it. The book will be listed.
  12. The Book Site link is given here,  Please encourage others to go there ---- theother.orgfree.com
  13. Enjoy.

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