Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review of Resurrection: Think outside the box, posted 16 July 2014

I have read these books out of order, starting with 'Reeva in her own words' and then jumping ahead to 'Resurrection'. 

Ultimately, this is an interrogation of the Oscar Pistorius story, addressing the issues of authenticity, as well as 'could he?' (Pistorius) or 'should he?' be resurrected? 

The paradox of a world renowned Paralympian athlete is highlighted: a Paralympian who has admitted he wouldn't be doing athletics i[f] he was able-bodied. 

A number of questions are posed: 

-should Oscar Pistorius have been allowed to compete in able-bodied athletics?
 -does he, in fact, have an advantage when he runs with is blades? 
-does he steer attention away from other able-bodies athletes when he is in the same arena? 

 There are a few surprises that I did not expect, including a plausible motive, or at least context, which may have led to the tragic shooting on Valentines Day 2013. 

The author picks away at the tapestry of the Oscar Pistorius Brand, posing interesting questions. Although some statements are controversial and the reader may not always agree, this is a well researched and cleverly written comment on Oscar's narrative that will get one thinking outside the box.

 More information here.

To hear the author discussing how and why he wrote the series, go here.

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