Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to post an Amazon review – for dummies

And by dummies, I include myself in that group – not necessarily the village idiot, but someone occasionally challenged by the ambiguities of doing stuff online.

In my quest to triumph over this apparently simple task, my recces have come up with the following top tips:

 There are a couple of routes that will lead you down the path of posting a review:
a) go directly to the amazon website, and look up your item
b) if you have purchased an item through amazon, the company may send you an email inviting you to review this product, in which case, just click on their link.

If you are going to the amazon website to intentionally review a product, search for your product in the usual way, i.e. using the search bar (you may have to filter the search by department).
Once you are on the main page for that product/book/DVD/CD/eBook, scroll all the way down, past ‘product description’, ‘product details’, etc.  Keep going until you get to ‘Customer reviews’.  There you will find an icon (saying ‘Write a customer review’) that you can click on.  Click.  Or tap (if you’re on an ipad).

If you have not yet signed in, the amazon website will invite you to do this now.  If you do not have an amazon account, you will have to create one in order to sign in and write your review.

You will be taken to a page titled ‘Your reviews’ – all your latest purchases will appear there, so you have the option to review them at your leisure.  In this instance focus on the item you plan to review.

There are 5 blank stars – you can tap/click on as many as what you think your item is worth, i.e.  highlight 4 or 5 stars.

Just below the stars, there is a text box in which you can write your review.  There is a further text box that will appear below this, where you can give your review a heading.

Lastly, there is a yellow icon saying ‘Submit’.  Click/tap and voila.

Your full name will appear under your posted review.  If you do not wish to be named, you can edit your public name.  On the review page, there is an icon you can click on in the top right hand side which allows you to change your name.

Now go and post!


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