Friday, July 25, 2014

Engler's The Reeva I Knew was shared to the Daily Maverick's Facebook page at 18:51 on 14 February 2013

Move your cursor over the date below, and you'll see the time it was posted.

The article was tweeted at 7:37PM, almost an hour after sharing it to Facebook. 5 days later Engler wrote this, originally for the Sunday Times.
What were the circumstances of Engler's departure from FHM?

MediaslutZACurrent editor Hagen Engler has been ‘asked’ to step down ”resigned”...

This was after the April 2012 issue.

On Engler's public Facebook page (311 likes) there's no sign of his Daily Maverick piece.  If he did share it here, he's subsequently deleted it.

What is certain in his Daily Maverick article timestamped 07:28 Engler writes: Today her name is known worldwide. In a few hours, I’ve spoken to the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times and the Sunday Independent, all wanting to know, “What was Reeva like?” And sure enough he was giving interviews to CNN, saying nice stuff about Reeva like:

  She was “just a great, fun presence of a person,” said Hagen Engler, former editor of the magazine FHM. He described her as “a bikini model, beautiful, gorgeous girl” with a “wicked” sense of humor. She understood the industry and was intelligent and fun to work with, he said.

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