Friday, July 25, 2014

Crime in South Africa - is the average South African worried about a 'swart/or-any-other/gevaar'?

Do people care about crime in SA?

Sometimes they care a lot:

July 25, 2014:  Taegrin Morris died after being dragged for a long distance behind a hijacked car last Saturday night.The memorial service in Reiger Park was attended by thousands of people, including Ekurhuleni mayor Mondli Gungubele, councillors and police officials, according to the report.

Now, don't laugh, but during the writing of this series, I was home alone for several days. My companion/s went on holiday for about 10 days and during that time my best friends were victims of an armed robbery. It was the second time they found themselves face-to-face with intruders in their Houghton home. In the same week PJ Powers found herself face to face with five armed robbers in a Guesthouse in the Free State.

So during my week staying alone at home, I found a mark on an inside door (made of wood) that looked like something had been jammed in it, to pry it open (fortunately unsuccesssfully). That same night I heard a very odd noise, it sounded like a metal door opening...I called security - not to come into the house, but to inspect the garden where I heard this strange noise, and a second noise. Well, it turned out the next morning one of the dogs had knocked over a earthen pot, and the pot with plant inside had rolled down two steps. A ceramic pot rolling on tiles can be msitaken for a metal door opening...
In any event, these sounds were quite scary given the above context, so I elected to 'barricade' my inner door, which also locks. Overkill? Paranoia? Some might say in South Africa, being a little paranoid is healthy, and sensible. But the jury is still in chambers on how much paranoia in SA is a 'little', or enough.

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