Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Blast From the Past - thanks for the kind words Vincent Mather (whoever you are)

Guess what happens when you google your own name...and randomly google someone elses?  You come up on a character talking smack about you.  Of course, they don't do it to your face, their contempt is apparently too they sneak around and post things here and there. Very dignified.  Very clever.  The unfortunate thing is this sort of thing once it's up on the net it's like carved in stone.  So if you were a douche then it's like a monument - Vincent - you've erected to your own doucheness.  Bravo.

If you follow the link above you'll see I copied the clever role play repartee Vincent has put together on the blog MushyPeasonToast (which today documents Laurian Clemence's own babies death, Mushy is consistent if nothing else, and certainly consistent when it comes to tastelessness).  But without further ado, Vincent, over to you.  This is you quoting yourself, quoting me.  When, circa 2006?  And today, you're who?  Just Vincent Maher the Chief Product Officer at Mxit, who loves techno, gaming and playing Go. Oh. 

Vincent Maher said... Here's what Nick says to me one night (just before I got up and walked away):
Nick: Isn't it weird that we have to sleep. It's like pressing the reset button.
Vincent: Uhuh...
Nick: And it's all because the earth rotates.
Vincent: Uhuh...
Nick: I mean, if the world stopped turning we wouldn't have to sleep
Vincent: I need to go get another beer [walks off determined never to speak to him again]

 Then... I got cornered in the food line.

 >>>I see based on this very current tweetpic (and great subject matter, very wholesome eating), 'the food line' is still a top priority to you Vince (and your mugshot confirms that too, btw)<<<

Nick: So you're a programmer right?
Vincent: Er, yeah among other things [I wonder what planet this guy has been on since he got here]
Nick: So I figured out how to solve the Internet.
Vincent: Really?
Nick: Yeah, like you how on TV the adverts pop up without you asking them to?
Vincent: Er... yeah, I know what TV is
Nick: Okay well I figured it out. You put this revolving cube on the Internet that rotates with text on it, big enough for people to read
Vincent: Errr.... errr....

>>>here Vincent skips some crucial backstory but nevermind<<<

Nick: So do you want to build this thing?
Vincent: Errr...
 Nick: You don't seem very taken with the idea
Vincent: Look, I am quite busy so I won't have the time

 So here goes, and this is in my personal capacity:
Dear Nick, I have met many people like you who talk more shit that you listen. When you tell people stories that are obviously impossible, when you speak with authority about stuff you clearly don't understand, people don't want to hang around with you. Fuck off.

 Vincent. 10:13 am

Ok. So that's the end of Vincent's comment.  I have met many people like you who talk more shit that you listen. Dude, I don't even understand what you're saying. I don't quite get what your 'fuck you' is about either?  'Fuck you'....for...because you were irritated and found some discussion below you?  But look, listen...good luck with the programming techno job thing at Mxit.  And keep supersizing.


Vincent Maher

Jun 2 (4 days ago)
to meSteffiJess
Hi Nick

Good to hear from you again.  As requested, I apologise.  No hard feelings?

Kind regards,

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