Friday, April 25, 2014

Artscape Exhibition in Cape Town - 2 early reviews

Amazing opening night at Artscape, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ronnie Kasrils, Africa Melane from Cape Talk and other ordinary people. Treated visually by photographs from a couple of amateur and experienced photojournalists, depicting ordinary life in SA and celebrating 20 years of democracy and freedom. Closing my eyes and hearing Diana Ferrus recite her poem "I've come to take you home" (in honour of Sarah Baartman) so, so beautifully...

Opening address delivered by Minister Ivan Meyer was to the point and reminded us about Madiba reuniting all people - "your" culture, "my" culture, "our" heritage, always in this order. To illustrate this, he mentions one particular picture that has touched him. It is a photo of a man and a boy on a horse, the man looking ahead, into the future and the boy looking back, also into the future - "our heritage"! Congratulations, Nick van der Leek-Photo, it is a great photo. This is building the future, not brick by brick, but photo by photo.

- Sonja Hibbers
 Project Partnerships & Operations Manager at World Design Capital Cape Town 2014

I just came home from the Artscape, and it was awesome. Guys, if you do one thing on Freedom Day (or any other given day), go see the exhibit. Mucking Afazing. 

Eric, you did an awesome job in putting this exhibit together. Well done. *applauds*
- Miriam Mannak
Cape Town-based journalist and photographer

We have had a request from the SA Embassy in Congo/Kinshasa to ship the exhibition there for a showing in June.
- Eric Miller
Curator and well-known Cape-based photojournalist

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