Wednesday, March 26, 2014

22 Questions For Oscar Pistorius

Link to OP's original affidavit here.

1. At 22H00 your legs were off and you say you were in bed watching television.  What did you have for dinner, and when did you and Reeva have dinner?  What were you watching on television, which side of the bed were you on, on which side of the bed is your handgun, and on which side of the bed are your fans?

2. Reeva's shoes and overnight bag were on the left side of the bed.  Your gun was under the bed, on which side?

3. What woke you up early in the morning of 14 February?  What did you say to Reeva when you got up to get the fan, and why were the fans outside to begin with?

4. If you were hot, why not simply open the door to let cool air in?  Why not turn the air conditioner/thermostat on? As it was you brought the fans in then did nothing with them because you thought you heard a noise? Could that noise not have been Reeva opening the bathroom window because she was also hot?

5. After you say you heard the bathroom window slide open, you screamed for Reeva to call the police.  What did she answer?

6. You were too scared to switch a light on, it was pitch dark in the bedroom, yet you were able to find your gun and walk towards the bathroom? How long did that take?  While you were walking in the pitch dark, did you not hear Reeva in bed behind you or any other sounds coming from the bathroom?  Or was it a case that in your terror you walked quickly forward screaming, and thus screaming, were deaf to any noises coming either from Reeva or the intruder? In other words, you weren't listening to ascertain what was happening either in front or behind you.

7. Did the light in the bathroom not provide any light to make it less pitch dark in the bedroom?  Also, did the lights from the house opposite yours (opposite the balcony with the curtains, blinds and fans) not produce ambient light against the curtains?

8. You heard movement in the toilet, and the door was closed.  What sort of movement did you hear?  Did you ask who it was?  And having shouted to call the police, did the 'intruder' behind the door, who was Reeva, remain silent throughout?

9.  If the intruder (Reeva) remained silent, did you scream hysterically, and this sounded like a woman?

10.  Can you demonstrate, right now, how you scream like a woman?  Possibly the witnesses can listen and see whether these sounds coincide with the sounds they heard.

11. If you were so terrified, why did you approach the danger?

12. If you were so terrified, why did you not make any attempt to find out where Reeva was, and how she was?  If there was an intruder in the house, was it not possible that Reeva and the intruder could have been in the toilet at the same time?

13. You found the toilet door closed.  In fact it was locked and bathroom light was on.  Even so you elected to shoot through the closed (locked) door. In your affidavit you say: "I fired shots at the toilet door and shouted to Reeva to phone the police." Did you know at that point that both phones were in the bathroom?  Was it also pitch dark in the bathroom, is that why you didn't see your/her phone?   So you were firing shots whilst shouting?  Could you not have shouted, who is there?  Could you have fired a warning shot? Why did you fire four shots?  Why did you fire four shots in four different directions? Why did you fire shots directed towards the toilet?  If the intruder was using the toilet, or sitting on the toilet, you should have been aware that you were not in any imminent danger. Why not one or two?  Also, why did you stop shooting after the fourth shot?  Also, why did you stop shouting after the fourth shot?  Surely you had no idea who was behind the door and if there was still a danger?  Why did you stop shouting to Reeva after the fourth shot?

14. At what point did you shout Help Help Help?

15. When you reached the bed you realised Reeva was not in bed.  How come?  Could you see her, or did you feel that she was not there?  Once again, with the bathroom light on, how could the bedroom still be pitch dark?

16. After you found your toilet door locked, and realised Reeva wasn't in bed, you say you opened the balcony door and went outside and screamed for help.  Is that when you screamed Help Help Help?  And it was only you screaming at this point?  And this was after 03:17?  Did the nieghbours opposite your balcony with all the lights on not hear anything? Why have the neighbours nearest your house not testified as to what they saw or heard?

17. Why did you not call an ambulance at this point?  And why call for help if you had shot through a door and had no idea what happened, if anything?  Reeva may have been downstairs?  Why not check downstairs and try to find out where she is. Why would she be in the bathroom necessarily, and not an intruder? How would you have known anyone was necessarily behind the door?

18. You put on your prosthetics presumably with enough light coming through the curtains, and then went to the bathroom to kick the door on, during which time you 'think' you turned the light on.  Did you or didn't you?

19. You bashed the door open with a cricket bat.  How long did it take to break open the locked door? By this time you had still not called for Reeva, or the police or an ambulance.

20. You found Reeva still alive, slumped over the toilet. You don't mention that she was bleeding or any of the wounds you'd inflicted on her.  You also don't mention the bullets you used, how many bullets you fired, or the blood on the floor.  What did you do to help Reeva besides drag her out of the toilet?  Did you say anything to her, did she say anything to you?

21. Surely, given the extent of her injuries, it would have been better to treat the deceased where she still was, and carrying her downstairs, on prosthetics, risked further injury to her.  Why was no attempt made to stop her bleeding upstairs?  Was a tourniquet used?

22. You tried to render assistance to Reeva, but she died in your arms.  You had two fingers in Reeva's mouth when the doctor arrived.  If she was trying to speak or breathe (since she was still alive) and your intention was - after all - to kill her, surely by controlling her airways you could control whether she could incriminate you or not?

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