Tuesday, February 04, 2014

DA media briefing on AGANG flip flop [VIDEO]

The real reason for the split between the DA and Agang came from a misunderstanding (and a naive mistake for a politician) in that Ramphele confused an analysis made by the Citizen Online for the press statement they had previously agreed upon. In other words the Citizen Online rewrote the press statement in their own words and Ramphele misunderstood this as the original statement.  She then thought Zille had tricked her, behind her back, and then made some rash comments on her Facebook page and also on her party website.  Zille rightly says these sorts of behaviours are evidence of a candidate who obviously is not fit to stand for president, perhaps not emotionally resilient enough, and better to find this out earlier than later.

Even so:

 Zille: It doesn't help to have tiny, shattered, splinter parties all over the place. 

Zille: People asked me from boardrooms to shacks: 'Why don't you and Ramphele join.' We were answering that call.

Zille: We can't do a single thing without hundreds of thousands of people introducing the race narrative one way or another.

Zille: I would have liked to avoid this, but if you don't take risks, you won't win. If we didn't take risks we'd still be a 1.7% party.

Helen Zille is South Africa's last best hope. We're very fortunate to have her, a lovely and important leader for SA. I don't understand the DA cynics and haters. I know there are white South Africans that say the DA are corrupt. The only thing I get from Zille is genuine sincerity. She's a polar opposite to Zuma - educated, principled, intelligent, warm, involved, visionary, generous and kind. She talks sense and speaks articulately, and she speaks for all South Africans. 

 I think she is absolutely right that South Africa has 5 or 6 years before it becomes a hopelessly failed state. Each year the Zuma clique absorbs more and more independent structures - the police, NPA etc etc. If they aren't stopped soon, the whole country will be so sown up it will become what we've all feared for so long - another Zimbabwe. Right now we're heading that way. The creep has become a crawl and now we are starting to slide towards national failure. 

 The only way to stop the ANC and this slide into corruption (which benefits a few greedy elites) is to vote for the most powerful opposition. Whatever your politics, I think you can't argue with the fact that the DA is honest and wherever they lead they do deliver. 

 On the upside this 'embarrassment' with Agang has provided the DA with awesome publicity - just watch the entirety of this news conference FYI - ahead of the elections. For me the key weakness is the DA aren't in the headlines enough. They deserve to be. I think Zille emerges from this looking like a good, strong, prudent leader that stands for the interests of a better South Africa for all.

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