Wednesday, May 01, 2013

You hit a rock on the road - this is what happens (and this is what R23 000 worth of damage looks like)

Had I hit the rock full on the tyre I hesitate to think what would have happened. I may have lost the wheel entirely, or even lost control of the vehicle. As it was I struck the rock on the right inside of the rim, which meant some of the most solid parts of the car absorbed the impact. The scariest thing of all - this was no accident. The rock was placed about 2 metres from the side of the road, just large enough to go under the front bumper.

Where did it happen: Just after the J-Bay turnoff, on the N2, about 75km from PE.
When: Friday evening at about 8pm
Roadside conditions: Pitch dark on both sides of the road, with plenty of thick bush very close to the shoulder on the one side.
Other Comments: A large truck hit the rock shortly before I did and was also put out of commission. Response: Once you hit an object in the road, slow down but don't stop. Drive as far as you can, at least 1km, before stopping. Then immediately call for assistance and alert friends and family where you are. Call for roadside assistance. Watch the road carefully for signs of attackers, and be prepared to abandon your car if you see anyone approach you. You can also try to flag passers by, but don't expect anyone to stop and 'rescue' you. Oh and dial 10111.

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