Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Thought for the day: why mortality is something you should be grateful for

The book I've been writing for the past few months, almost a year now has made me ponder the meaning, not so much of life, but death. We think a lot about life after death, but I wonder - if you consider all the lives that were lived before us, earnestly, passionately, sincerely - how much has been invested into the fabric of existence that bears fruit now, in our generation. Think of things like oil (energy), think of simple technologies we take for granted - t-shirts, footpaths, villages, sugar, sandwiches, coffee, and the internet (the latter already a styaple in our lives). We've inherited the efforts, all the striving of countless human and non human lives that preceded ours. All of us alive right now, have inherited some amazing technologies. If there was no stress, no challenge, no dead-line, life on Earth might have been pretty ordinary - all bacterial, all stromatolytes. But somewhere along the line urgency crept into our genome. Instead of worrying about death, be grateful for the legacy of life that all of us here, now, can live to enjoy. If you're alive right now, that means you! - enjoy the legacy that you were born into, and as your time on the planet reaches its inevitable epilogue, be grateful, and consider the legacy you might leave behind... Want to read more on this topic, try: Death: Why we should be grateful for it

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