Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My good deed for the PHOTOS

Earlier this afternoon I was taking some photos in the blazing sun beside the N1, SA's main highway connecting Cape Town in the southwest with the northeast of the country.
Just after Leeu Gamka in the Karoo (which is around 350km north of Cape Town) I spotted a mongoose in a dry and empty container dam.  Having seen me the critter tried its damndest to escape, running along the curved sides of the dam wall, and getting to about 80% of its height before falling...fairly heavily...back to earth.

 "How the heck am I gonna get out of here?"

 "Hmmmm....where did that ladder come from?"

The critter seemed both alert and agile, so I guessed that if I put a longish object in the dam, it would jump on and run itself out of its situation.  As I set it up I noticed the tail of a second mongoose peeking out of a blocked drainage pipe at the bottom.

I then moved back to the opposite side of the dam and in a jiffy the mongoose had shimmied up the branch, jumped onto the rim and then ran along the lip of the dam for a few feet before jumping off.  I assume its partner in crime followed a few moments later.

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