Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Want to be on the cover of Fitness Magazine? Yes? Then contact me to arrange a shoot.

We require the following for a complete entry:
•    Completed entry form (click the download button above)
•    Physique photographs: We require a close-up, full length and then a series of poses of your choice. STAGE PHOTOS ARE NOT ALLOWED, photos should be studio / home photos.
•    Entry form and photos to be emailed to usnmodel@fitnessmag.co.za or mailed to Postnet Suite 99, Private bag x8, Northriding 2162
Entries close 30 September 2012
It’s not an easy task to choose candidates for cover models, so the judges decisions will be based on the following criteria:
•    A fitness physique – shapely muscles and an acceptable body fat level
•    An entrant should display a lean athletic physique with subtle muscle tone and lines in the mid-section and arms. We’ve received many entries from various gorgeous and gracious ladies, but unfortunately their physiques are still that of mainstream models.
•    Your overall look and smile. Here at Fitness mag we’re a friendly bunch, and we like smiles! We like to see happy fitness girls that show they have a passion for training and a healthy lifestyle.
•    Well groomed ladies who take care and pride in their presentation.
•    How photogenic you are is important. While physique and presentation are the two most important factors when deciding on a good entry, when every girl has an exceptional physique we have to bring in more categories and criteria to judge entrants. One key area that we look at is how photogenic candidates appear on their entries. This is, after all, a photographic competition and our fitness cover girl has to catch that lens in a magical way.
Who will be the winner...
Our top entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges from USN and Fitness magazine. The judges’ votes will count 70% towards the final result, with the remaining 30% coming from web-based votes from our readers. From this we will narrow down the field to our top finalists.
A shoot for all the top finalists will give them all an equal chance to win the competition and appear on the Jan/Feb 2012 cover of Fitness Magazine, and become a spokesperson for USN.

Contact me to arrange a shoot by clicking here.

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