Friday, August 31, 2012

Israel Strike on Iran's Fordow Facility [PHOTOS]

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My opinion: This is a tough one.  I'm not on Israel's side, but Iran - and any Islamic state with a nuclear weapon - is not to be trusted.  Why?  Because Muslim fundamentalism leads to a scenario where mutually assured destruction is no longer a deterrent.  The suicide bombing/martyr mentality on a nuclear level is simply intolerable.

On the other hand, a pre-emtive strike is also an intolerably aggressive act.  But given both sides' predilection for religious exclusivism, it's an ironic impasse.  One could say they deserve to have each other as neighbours, because in a sense they are mirror reflections of one another's cultural arrogance.

But it's also tragic that in the 21st century a young and and older democracy can't learn to get along, but that's what you get when you don't separate the state into a secular (sensible) government from your religious (emotional, reactionary, faith-based) society. 

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