Wednesday, July 18, 2012

People are different, so don't sell your soul trying to please everyone

It's amazing how two people can have complete opposite views. You can show them the same thing, and they may respond not slightly differently but COMPLETELY differently.  It shows tastes differ, perceptions too, standards, appetites and the rest of it.  Here's a short sample of comments on the movie Prometheus.

The film is just pointless, it raises loads of questions yet no answers. No suspense, it's not scary, just dumb. Really poor.

Loved it! Great script, acting, lavish production. Loved the back story created for the Alien universe, in what is a superb reboot of a franchise.

...stomping out of the theatre angry, wondering why none of these movies can get it right.  Incoherent.

A masterpiece from the master himself. Best movie of 2012 so far.  My sympathies to those who don't 'get it'.

It's garbage.

This isnt trying to be better than Alien its a thing on its own so haters gon' Hate. Seriously dumb people.

Utterly atrocious. The story is laughable, the character development is non-existent, the pseudo-science claptrap is intolerable. A hateful pastiche of the Alien films with other elements stolen from any recent sci fi you can think of. The dialogue is cringe-worthy in the extreme - just embarrassing. There is exposition delivered at every possible opportunity.

it was amazing and the sequel could quite possibly be even better.

Hated it.

I know the expression "on the edge of my seat" is a cliche, but this is the first time since Se7en came out that I've been tense and uncomfortable, but in a good way, throughout the entirety of a movie. With the possible exception of Chronicle, this is the coolest sci-fi movie I've seen in years, and the H.R. Giger visual style, combined with the fact that a lot is left unanswered, lets the viewer develop real curiosity about everything that happens. While still scaring your @$$ off, of course.

After two and a half hours, I still didnt really have any emotional attachment to any of the characters. Actually, it lacked many of the emotional elements that I was looking for in this film. I didnt get scared, I didnt feel sadness, I didnt feel happiness, and I didnt really get grossed out either.

It does raise questions....but in the end its up to you to make the answers. thats what FILMS do.

What a waste.

Intelligent movie. Not another bug hunt - thank God.

This movie reminds me of people who only look at the pictures of Playboy magazine, forgetting to read the very informative articles. Hollywood mocks us!

I was engrossed from beginning to end. Beautiful cinematography and storytelling.

Unfourtunately, after it's first hour, the film grows tiresome and relentless and then, through the final sequences, when it needs to be electric and filled with adrenaline, it instead boring and non-climactic.

This was really good.

This was a complete disaster of a movie that made absolutely no sense at all and all the wonderful cinematography and Michael Fassbenders in the world cannot save it... NOTHING any of the characters did made any sense AT ALL. This movie is an insult, a slap to the face of his audience. Half a star for pretty CGI and a great performance by Michael Fassbender and a big fat ZERO for everything else.

Alien prequel or not, this is one of the better movies of the year. It's been 30 years since his last sci-fic movie Blade Runner (still my favorite), and Ridley Scott proves he is a master at creating a believable world that you could live in with his visuals. It's hauntingly beautiful and scary as hell and will absolutely spark discussions about its meaning. As for Michael Fassbender, is it too early to consider him for an Oscar nomination?

That low hum is the sound of Ridley Scott coasting.

Delivers not because it harkens back to previous films, but because it slows down to tell a story.

No way is this a great movie. Sure the effects and visuals are stunning, but the movie drags and nothing really ever becomes of anything from beginning to end. Space man come... Space man go... Monster created. And in the end a suicide mission for the Prometheus ship and crew? What a big disappointment. Too much existential mumbo jumbo.

Great script, acting, lavish production. Loved the back story created for the Alien universe, in what is a superb reboot of a franchise.

A good script is vital to good film-making, whether its complex or simple, and this film just doesn't have it.

Expected more. Yuck

It was so epic...and yet it wasn't.... it feels more like an old man's philosophical diatribe than an Alien movie.

I was really impressed.... especially since I felt the most compassion for my least favorite actor in the film!

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