Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For those who *GOT IT*, Prometheus Poses Eternal Questions About Science, Creationism

SHOOT:' It's shocking, but a lot of people who should have gotten this flick, didn't. I have an idea the reason is they went in thinking PREQUEL PREQUEL PREQUEL and then got stuck wondering why what they were seeing didn't fit properly into a prequelic structure. Instead it was a round peg in a square hole, leading to howls of protest and disappointment. Here's a Review I can live with though.

Prometheus does what all good science fiction should do: It uses scientific concepts currently out of the realm of possibility to provoke thoughts about philosophy and the future. It asks questions that get us thinking, and the gray areas are intentional — the lack of final answers is what kept us watching Lost until the end, constantly debating what happened in Inception and, ultimately, it’s what will lead us to multiple viewings of Prometheus and endless hypotheses about what really happened.
“I think Ridley’s instinct kept being to pull back, and I would say, ‘Ridley, I’m still eating shit a year after Lost is over for all the things we didn’t directly spell out,’” Lindelof told Bleeding Cool. “‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ And he said, ‘I would rather have people fighting about it and not know than spell it out.’”
In other words, Prometheus intentionally does not answer all the big questions it raises. It can’t — the answers have yet to be discovered.

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