Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dr. John Berardi's best workout tip

Livestrong: What's your best workout tip?

Berardi: I've got a few, actually. First, every week, mix in some strength exercise, some high intensity interval exercise, and some lower intensity cardio exercise. If you prefer one type to the other, of course, do more of that. But make sure to get all three. The combination is what helps to boost strength and lean body mass, improve health, increase metabolism, and burn fat.

The second tip is to adopt a "no problem" attitude when it comes to exercise. I've been working out regularly for almost 25 years. And, while I like to put in 4-6 total hours of exercise each week, I don't always get that much time.

Busy day? No problem. At lunchtime I'll run up and jog down the hill outside my office for 15 minutes.

No equipment? No problem. I'll just do high rep body weight squats and pushups for 20 minutes.

No change of clothes? No problem. I'll just do 10 pushups every hour throughout the day so I don't get sweaty.

Wife wants to spend quality time together during a scheduled workout? No problem, we'll go for a long fast-paced walk together.

Most of my workouts are done at the gym or at the local track. But if life presents a challenge, it's no problem. There's always something I can do to get a great workout.

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