Saturday, July 07, 2012

Diary of a Sub 40 10K #7

Can't quite recall whether this is #6 or #7, and it probably doesn't matter since not much as happened since #6.  Running wise.  Injury wise quite a lot has happened.  Starting with Saturday's trail run - mercifully it wasn't 10km but closer to around 8km, but that didn't stop this old toppie from straining my left calf on an uphill in the final few hundred metres.  I have to say, I really felt like an old man running amongst rabbits on this run.  Two Bayswater Bailers, Craig and Leon disappeared into the veld, while I took strain trying to keep my feet on the single track.  Despite running the likes of Albrecht, trail running is a beast of a different sort, and there was no where to hide for me.  I finished around 7 minutes behind Craig and about 2 and half behind Leon.

Fortunately the injury seemed to have settled down slightly, so I was even able to run on Sunday, which I took very easily, so did Craig.  In order to make up for my poor show I thought I'd do another hard run on Tuesday evening, as part of an Adidas sponsored series of night runs.  I started fairly well, avaeraging just over 5 min/km but through Gascony my legs blew up and at around 4km I stopped, limping, my left calf feeling like someone had knifed it.  Somehow I was able to run again, and managed to finish the last 3km at a steady pace.  But I've been limping since then and haven't run since then either.

I have been to the phsyio to have the calf and some of my movement assessed.  After having a pretty painful rub down, and a few needles literally stuck into the muscle, it's feeling a  bit better today.  The assessment was less rosy, with the physio informing me that my glutes (bum muscle) are "weak and lack endurance".  Yep, I got that on the trail run.  I've since bought a stretchy rubber material to do some specific exercise to strengthen the glutes, and then there are two more exercises that are supposed to improve my form as well.

I reckon I'll be strong enough for a very easy run tomorrow morning.
Here are some graphs and stats in no particular order.
 The above graph represents a new record for maximumk HR at 174.

 Slowish 6km (above) after Saturday's tough 8km trail run.
 Injury took place at around the 4km mark - see above graph.

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