Saturday, June 02, 2012

Photography For Sale

Nick van der Leek's landscape photography already hangs in some of the most luxurious bedrooms and lounges of suburban South Africa. A beautiful set of seascapes was recently bought by a banker from Houghton, Johannesburg.  A bright yellow sunflower crown foregrounding a lovely field of flowers, and framed using rustic recycled Oregon Pine, was purchased to brighten up a South African kitchen.  Wildlife photography - including an adult male lion with porcupine quills in its paws - makes another fine addition to the household.  Some of Nick's most beautiful images are his wide, misty, very unusual views over Cape Town and Johannesburg (usually at dawn or dusk).

By purchasing a photograph or a collection of prints, you are not buying a random image, but a work of art. Nick van der Leek is the great grandson of the famous Dutch landscape artist Tinus de Jongh. Casey van der Leek, his brother, a full time artist, paints many of the scenes Nick photographs. Joan Schrauwen, Nick and Casey's aunt, is a talented sculptor, muralist and water colorist resident in Veldrif.

The de Jongh inspiration is very much alive, if understated, and under-reported. Tinus' spirit lingers in the love of golden light, and pristine, natural scenes, that his granddaughter and great grandchildren have in common.

The prints below can be ordered as very high quality, high resolution prints suitable for various canvas sizes, with wooden mounts and frames optional.


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