Friday, June 01, 2012

Lance Wins Immunity! Florida's 70.3 tribe and World Ironman title in Kona no longer safe.

Armstrong's winning time in Florida was 3:45:38. Photo: Elizabeth Kreutz
Triathlete editor-in-chief Julia Polloreno today caught up with Lance Armstrong, who won his first 70.3 race—his fourth attempt at the distance since returning to the sport—in Florida on Sunday. Armstrong turned in a 2-hour bike and 1:15 half-marathon to blitz the rest of the pro men’s field. Here he talks about the changes to his race nutrition that made all the difference in Florida, his strategy for setting up a strong run, how he’s been able to slash recovery time, and more. Armstrong is in Kona prepping for his next race, Honu 70.3 on June 2.
Julia Polloreno: You went into Florida as the favorite—how did it feel to win your first 70.3 after so many years away from the sport?

Lance Armstrong: First of all, I didn’t feel like I was the favorite—you guys said that.

JP: Well, we were right!

LA: [laughing] I wasn’t trying necessarily to win the race. I was just trying to keep working on the nutrition part of it—trying to get it to a better place than it had been the first three go-rounds, which were quasi-disastrous.

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