Monday, June 18, 2012

Diary of a Sub 40 Minute 10K #5

For the first time in two weeks, I felt confident enough to pick up the pace this morning. On today's 6km run (31:17) although I started modestly, and felt heavy, and ran with a mutt it was gratifying to note that I challenged the previous ceiling (31:15).

Running mate Craig Booth came within a second of challenging my record this morning (28:21). What was impressive was Craig's outbound run - although he turned at a brisk 15:10 I'm sure he could shave another 30 seconds off that time if he starts quickly and maintains a consistent pace.

If you look at the above graphic it's clear that the pace reached its maximum right at the end. It was at this point that my right hamstring seized up 2 weeks ago, and although the last 500 metres wasn't a sprint, the leg seems to have recovered 70%-80% to where it needs to be.

The plan for next week is really to focus on diet, as one of the alarming things in today's run was how heavy and bloated I felt. I drank 5 beers (lite beers, but still) during Saturday's rugby and could really feel it. So beer is at the top of my list of banned substances. Going to stay off the stuff at least until next Sunday.

I'll also be running Albrecht in its usual slot, but am going to stay off the Vibrams for another week or two. I may add the odd swim or two and gym session or two just to burn the excess that I've added this weekend. Next Sunday I'd like to go under 30 minutes and the week after - presuming all goes according to plan - try to challenge the record: 27:59 or better. By July I need to be nudging 27:30 and August 27:00. Let's see what happens.

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