Sunday, May 13, 2012

FW de Klerk on CNN

 SHOOT: People who say de Klerck is a racist or the father of Apartheid show a shocking lack of insight and education. How many presidents in world history had the humility and the intelligence to not merely share power, but give it away?

The Koreans are an example of a nation that is today still divided and unwilling to share power politically. You never hear complaints of Apartheid there, when their's is far more shameful - a Capitalism based Apartheid, separating a nation into two based on levels of wealth, and keeping one trapped and in the dark about the real state of affairs beyond its borders. And while Mr Mandela is a respectable and in many ways incredible figure, one can follow de Klerck's reasoning, as a lawyer, that Mandela broke the law. Whether it is justified to violently overthrow an oppressive system is a stickier matter, but in the simplest terms, here is one president who literally authorised the release of a prisoner, and gave up his job as the president of a country, in favour of that prisoner.

 It's difficult to understand how any person cannot celebrate the decency in this.

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Anonymous said...

De Klerk was able to lead the nation through the turmoil accompanying changes in political order to eventually giving away power. Any leader who can facilitate that process without civil war is to be recognized for their work. Mandela was patient and worked with the process to avoid civil war. Both men are to be commended for their statesmanship.