Saturday, February 11, 2012

Troubled Americans> Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen

Personally the whole idea of a civilian carrying a weapon around and 'solving a problem' by shooting it is the sort of cavalier cowboy trailer trash mentality that too many unenlightened Americans are foisting on the world. Does it really solve problems, or does it teach that 'might is right'? Well, the pendulum swings, and when power shifts, careful of reaping the whirlwind. A better way of dealing with this would have been talking to his daughter in private, encouraging her...not giving her a lesson in spite and revenge. So she posted a message he didn't approve of on Facebook, he then did exactly the same. Kookoo!

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Tom said...

That is the reason why teens today are violent. A parent such as that guy is only motivating his daughter that if you can’t solve things the easy way then you resort to violence. This kind of behavior shouldn’t be promoted so that our teens will not end up into becoming as stupid as that guy.