Monday, August 08, 2011

How To Recover from an addiction to Pornography

SHOOT: You hear about rehab for alcohol and drugs, but never about Porn. Somehow, I reckon it's possible that Porn is just as common if not more common, and just as damaging if not more damaging to relationships.

“In order to completely recover, a man has to emotionally connect with himself,” said Chamberlain. This is also where a supportive spouse can make all the difference. Rather than suppressing their feelings of hurt and betrayal, honestly expressing those emotions within the exclusive environment of the marriage has potent healing power for both the addict and their spouse.

“There are a lot of forces at work in a porn addiction,” said Steurer.

"Love You, Hate the Porn" makes clear the truth that couples are a source of both pain and comfort to one another — even in an addiction. It powerfully affirms that there is abundant reason to hope for all victims of pornography’s relentless war against marriage. That is the message Chamberlain and Steurer are hopeful will reach anyone desperately searching for light in the darkness of porn addiction.

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