Thursday, July 28, 2011

400mm falls in one morning in Seoul

SHOOT: If the icecaps are melting, then more water and water vapour enters the system, and it stands to reason that more places will experience flooding. Which is exactly what we are seeing in Australia, the USA, parts of Europe, South Africa, South Korea and the Philippines. Did I say 'if' the icecaps are melting...?

Torrential rain wreaks havoc in Seoul and beyond

Dozens dead as Gangnam area turns into a river and subway stations shut

Public buses are currently avoiding the Gangnam area altogether due to the heavy flooding.

Seoulites who thought the monsoon had come and gone and were making holiday plans this week have been shocked by rainstorms and landslides which left dozens dead nationwide.
Some 400 millimeters of torrential rain hit Seoul this morning, swamping city roads and causing massive landslides throughout the country. The rain is forecast to continue until Thursday, and central regions will likely get up to another 300 millimeters of precipitation, according to weather reports from the Korea Meteorological Administration.

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