Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some people believe the Earth is 6000 years old.

As usual, this fella believes everything in the bible is to be taken literally, hence the following idiocy:

- people once lived 900 years[not that perhaps they had a different mathematical system or perhaps they meant to say we literally lived 900 years]
- God has the ability to wreck worlds; he made it he can wreck it [wow, nice Guy, sounds like God is an egotist no different to the average person, and no more special]
- God ordered us to fill the Earth [with ourselves? And don't stop...just go on and he did have a mischievous streak.]
- God promised to preserve his word, but not our language... [Interesting splitting hairs there. He'll destroy worlds but protect his own words? And what's that about language? Languages evolved but everything else was created? In fact the bible claims languages were also created spontaneously at the Tower of Babel. Well, a simple study of semantics proves otherwise...but then a simple fact check shows a lot of Biblical claims to be scientifically questionable].
- Adam was 130 when Seth was born [wow. How old was Eve assuming they were still married...]
- Noah's flood was a worldwide flood, and all the geological strata you see is from that one flood [never mind the rocks say in the Grand Canyon and those in the Fish River Canyon etc date from different epochs, but hey, don't start checking your facts now]
- But wait there's more...1:56:32...and this guy and his family do this, spreading intellectual garbage, for a living.

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