Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Cyclone Yasi: countdown to landfall

12hrs 2mins Due at 10pm (AEST) Feb 2 based on latest projections from BOM

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    * Q&A: Preparing for a cyclone
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    * Evacuation and info hotline 1300 993 191
    * Register as evacuee at Red Cross

10.43am The window of opportunity for evacuating will close in around three hours. Cairns hospital is already empty after staging the largest hospital evacuation in Australian history.

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Cairns airport will close at 10am local time.

10.34am Ms Bligh said the forecity of the storm could bring down transmission towers, meaning electricity could be lost in parts of regional Queensland that aren't even affected by the cyclone.

Ergo Energy is planning for anywhere between 150,000 and 200,000 people losing power.

"They expect that we could see the impact come as far south as Mackay in relation to electricity supply," she said.

10.24am Anna Bligh says the next 24 hours "will be terrifying". Ian Stewart says "we haven't forgotten" the smaller towns, even though much of the talk has been about the large population centres.

The most at risk areas are between Cairns and Cardwell.

700mm of rain, 280km/h winds and 2m storm surges will hit around 10pm tonight.

10.20am Ian Stewart urges people to prepare themselves and their neighbours as it will take 24 hours for the conditions to return to normal. He said people should prepare for the fact that "the roofs of the houses may lift off."

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