Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stunner rejects marriage proposal from a total Baboon! [PHOTO]

How baboons deal with rejection - a blow by blow account:
Brian: Getrude...from the moment I saw you...I...I...
Getrude: Brian...no...no...it...it's just not...
Brian: You mean, you don't love me too? Here I am pledging my undying allegiance, and you...you have the gall to reject me. Give me that ring back...
Getrude: It's not you Brian. It's...well...it's me.  Here's the ring.  Oh wait no, it's a tick.  Sorry I seem to have dropped it.

Gertrude: You'll come back from this setback. Here, let me fix your tie.  By the way, was that a real diamond?

Brian: [Reflecting later]: Sniff sniff.  Well maybe I saved my neck on that one.  She was probably just a gold digger anyway.
Brian: There she goes.  Guess I better just...be a man...and let her go.  Wait, I'm not sure if I'm evolved enough to be a man.  I don't even know if I can BE a man.
Brian: I guess I'll just be charming self.  Live and let live.

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