Monday, January 31, 2011

Scenes from a Shoot [PHOTOGRAPHY]

A photographer's work is never done... by Nick van der Leek

I recently found two new locations in Bellville that I wanted to try out. It's always an interesting dynamic, photographing someone new, in a new place, where the light at the end of the day is glorious but constantly changing.

While going au naturel [no light cards, reflectors or tints] allows you to concentrate on the job, sometimes the environment can be taxing.  I'm not sure I got the shots at the top of Bloemendal, but then again with on 30 minutes to shoot there wasn't much time.  Once again, that's also a good exercise, to get as much as you can and try to come away with something.

Sometimes, often, you have to let go of the vision you have and just go with the flow. But it also pays to keep a critical eye out for what you might be missing. Unfortunately in this shoot I only found out afterwards that Marizanne had brought a black top [she was wearing it under a blue blouse]. I knew she would look great in all black on this gray background but I assumed when I looked at her clothes she didn't have it with her [should have asked].

Although the wind was howling during this shoot, I probably should have insisted at some point on a ponytail - because virtually every picture shows her face covered in hair.

You'll notice I often get down and dirty on a shoot, lying completely on the ground. This not only relaxes the model and gives her the freedom to be herself, but sometimes you get very unusual and sometimes very striking shots...

Length of shoot 1 hour [very short]
Memory cards used: 1 x 4GB [card full just as sun set]
Camera: Just one, Canon 1000D, 2 lenses including a 300mm Sigma.
Model: 22 year old jewelery designer Marizanne Lourens.

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