Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 Reasons why I'm happier in Cape Town than I was in PE or Johannesburg

1. I'm 1.5km from the nearest gym, and I can park within 10 metres of its front door - and the gym kicks ass, it doesn't smell like chlorine or cement powder
2. I don't hear mini bus taxi rackets every fucking morning, in fact there is no noise pollution at all, and no constantly howling winds.
3. I can park my car less than 5m from my front door, and I don't have to walk downstairs or upstairs or through a series of security checks just to get out of the driveway.
4. My family pick up the phone and actually try to see me here.
5.  "    friends "      "   "     "         "       "         "    "   "    "    "
6. I don't get accosted by car guards or boemelaars every time I go anywhere, at every intersection.
7. The modern conveniences: dryer, washing machine, bath and shower, swimming pool, dedicated desk for my computer, dedicated store room for my bike.
8. The girls are prettier and they take me skiing, and the neighbours invite you to a braai 2-3 weeks after you've moved in.
9. The gay guy to girl ratio is higher here than anywhere else in the world.
10. Model management agencies reckon I'm not a loser.
11.  The surfers here are totally hardcore.
I could go on ...

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