Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Separated At Birth

Above: Manda Reyneke
Age: 47 years
Pursued her daughter's boyfriend and then tried to have him killed when he failed to reciprocate her feelings of 'deep affection' by hiring two Nigerians and paying them R10 000 for the 'hit'. Was later ordered to serve time in a mental institution.
Attractiveness level: -1/10

Above: Dora Smith
Age: 59 years [although is likely to tell you 51, 54 etc]
Believes she has what it takes to compete with models and ladies as much as 40 years younger than herself.
Excels at drama, stretching the truth [to put it mildly] and exaggeration. Likes to call the police [see left] on accusations of intimidation/violence when her advances are spurned.
Attractiveness level: -3/10 [Notice the curled up smile on the left side of her mouth.  Is that a cougar snarl? GRRRRRRRRR!]
Actual non-photoshopped real life image below:
Verrry hot!

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