Friday, December 03, 2010

Brief blip into my life at the moment

I'm in Montagu right now, drove through from PE at about 7pm and arrived at about 2:30am.  Think this is the closest I have ever come to falling asleep behind the wheel.  Had to be here though, to review a cottage which will not be available from today {Friday} onwards. And from here I am going to shoot Tinus de Jongh landscapes with my brother as planned a few weeks ago.

Yesterday was a nightmare; I was in court because I anticipated a case scheduled for January 14; one case against me was thrown out, so they went to another magistrate and so when I appeared before him {I wanted to, as soon as possible, that's why I had the anticipated} but now the magistrate didn't want to hear the case, said he didn't have time, and so the lawyer for my ex-flatmate then cynically and mischievously had the case postponed to February 28 without any input or consent from me.  Boy are they in a hurry to prosecute their own bogus case! A few hours later I got to the police to collect a few things {I need an armed police escort to go and get my flatmate to unlock so I can get my things}. Police say I may not fetch my stuff, the lawyer has instructed them to bring them to the police station, all of it at once.

Since he knows {because I told him} I am now somewhat out of pocket he calls his buddy {must have been yesterday or today, more than likely today since the entire case was based on me asking for a month's notice so I could make arrangements for my things} tells him that my bike is for sale, and he can probably pick my bike up for a bargain. So the very next day his buddy phones me asking how much I want for my bike.

Have you ever encountered such low behaviour from fellow human beings?  I think this plumbs a new low for me.  And I think the newspapers will have a field day with this.

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