Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stoltz beats Stander to win Momentum 94.7 Mountain Bike Challenge

November 21st, 2010 by Conrad Stoltz

Thanks to my Specialized team mate, Burry Stander I was able to pull the hare out of the hat and win the 94.7 MTB race.
It was only a 1h42 race (50km), so as per Ian’s recommendation I hooked it right from the gun. The pack strung out right away and on the first high speed bumpy downhill, I let the big 29er wheels and the plush suspension on my Specialized Epic 29er do the talking. Of course, the few extra off season kilos (or “pudding bum”) helped with the momentum and I soon had a little gap. Defending champ and all round ace Burry Stander is just behind me and ready to rumble when my tire started spewing sealant. (we went through a building site- I must have picked up a piece of metal or glass) The true team mate, and gent, Burry threw me his tire plug and CO2, (I know, I was badly prepared) and I was lucky to not loose too much time. I set off at TT pace and was surprised to be back in 2nd after a few kms. Catching Burry took ages and lots of hard work. And once on his wheel I needed some time to lick my wounds and try calm crampy quads.

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SHOOT: Stoltz is hardcore.

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