Thursday, November 04, 2010

SA Sports Illustrated Correspondence

Howzit Angus

Are you interested in a feature or interview on Cameron van der Berg?  Won two medals at Commonwealth Games; the guy is on fire.


Angus Powers

 to me
show details Oct 11

morning Nick

Yes, we’re definitely interested in a CvdB Q&A.

Check out the enclosed for an example of how we structure ours.

We’re interested in hearing about:
-Cameron’s standing in SA swimming (captain?) and the new generation of SA swimmers coming through
-the life of a swimmer – eg training in SA or overseas
-what was Commonwealth Games like?
-what are his major goals?
-how are things looking for London 2012?
-and some lifestyle/personality questions etc etc.

Word count: 1000 words
Rate: R2/word

Deadline: what would work for you?

Let me know your thoughts.


Nick van der Leek

 to Angus
show details Oct 11

Awesome does Friday sound as a deadline?

Angus Powers

 to me
show details Oct 11

Friday’s good, Nick. If you need till early next week, that’s cool too.


show details 1:22 PM (5 hours ago)

hey Nick

Apologies for the delayed reply. I’ve just come off deadline.

I sent through this mail with the bad news a couple of weeks ago:

From: Angus Powers <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 09:54:25 +0200
To: Nick van der Leek <>
Subject: Re: Cameron Interview

Hi Nick

Some bad news... We heard via Men’s Health, who are also doing something with Cameron, that he was very unhappy with your lack of preparation for the interview. Worse, I got a call from Ryk expressing the same.

So we’ve got no choice but to spike your piece, and redo the interview in-house.


ryk neethling

 to me
show details Oct 24 (10 days ago)

Looks good. Cameron's sponsors are: Investec, Tag Heuer, Nycomed and Arena International.



NOTE: Obviously No Email was sent on 25th October so why does Angus claim that he did? Angus himself suggests most of the questions that were asked [see interview below or go here] so where's the substance in there being a lack of preparedness.  The questions submitted were asked and SASI could have selected only these had they wanted to; where's the substance to this accusation of 'standards' when the bulk of the writing is Cameron's answers.  Very odd.

Via Twitter Freelancer @Nickvdl launching an unprovoked attack on SI after having a story on @CameronvdBurgh turned down.
Via Twitter: Decision to bomb story was purely editorial as story did not meet SI's journalistic standards. @NickVDL paid a kill fee as per norm.

Actually no kill fee has been paid.

Read the article below and decide for yourself if you think their claim that it didn't meet SI's 'standards' is genuine or not.


Anonymous said...

Sports Illustrated are clearly full of shit. Go after them!

Anonymous said...

Dit klink nie soos Ryk of Cameron om sulke goed te se of doen agter jou rug nie. Ek stem saam, hulle's vol K*k.

Anonymous said...

Nick you';re taking a bit of risk letting it all hang out.

Anonymous said...

These emails reveal a different side to their story. Cheeky. Don't let 'em get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Sports Illustrator obviously has an asshole and a liar in their employ - doesnt say much for their mag!!!
He obviously doesnt have the balls to be straight with you - good riddance I say.
Keep up your good work Nick - there are lots of others that appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to buy SI again that's for damn sure.

Anonymous said...

Nic, we're rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

they should at least pay yu.

Nick said...

Ja, still haven't paid me, haven't even asked me for my banking details, but they claim on twitter to have already paid me. A tad dishonest wouldn't you say.

Anonymous said...