Tuesday, November 02, 2010

News you'd rather not know: Drunk man falls into lion enclosure - all three maneaters shot

“Then just after 5am his friend came screaming for us to phone the police and for an ambulance. He was p**s-drunk.”“That’s when one of the lions apparently got hold of his leg and he fell in,” Jonas said. “When we got to the camp (about 500m away), we saw the remains of his body. There were three lions eating him. Most of his stomach was torn out and his leg had been ripped off.”
When The Herald arrived at the ranch, Van Straaten’s widow, Emmie, was at the main homestead. She said it was her son-in- law, Johnnay Janse van Rensburg – who took over the ranch from previous lessee JF Venter just two weeks ago – who owned the ranch, while she managed it.
“I was in Paterson (about 30km away) when I got a call from Valley Security, who patrol the premises, saying there was something wrong and I must come quickly. That’s when I phoned Johnnay,” she said.
Emmie said there was no reason for Bredenhand to have ended up in the lion enclosure.
“He was involved with the running of the restaurant and the bar. He had nothing to do with the lions.”
She said they arrived at the scene to find the lions eating Bredenhand’s body.
“We couldn’t get hold of the vet at that hour, so we took the decision to shoot the lions so the police could get to the body.”

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SHOOT: Adult human being get drunk [aka shitfaced], start teasing lions trying to prove how smart [aka stupid] they are, and the lions eat him for breakfast.  The part that's wrong in this story is why the lions had to pay with their lives.  How do you shoot 3 lions simultaneously except with a silencer.  If you must shoot one, the sound will chase the other two away. 

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