Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The f**ker isn’t going to get away with being an asshole forever

Gee, ya think there might be some truth to the stories people are telling about the founder of Facebook, that he might be a sexual deviant, perhaps even sadist?
Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is about to have the shit embarrassed out him with help from his ex-girlfriends, Hollywood, and of course the asshole himself, Mark Zuckerberg.
Who would have a thought that a ‘tech geek’ would wind up the subject of a movie which for no other reason, was made to paint Zuckerberg like the piece of shit many of his former business associates, girlfriends and Harvard pals think he is now, and before he hit the big time with the social networking site.
How he was able to weasel (or steal depending on whom you ask) Facebook from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss is anybody’s guess, but CG reckons that when the time is right and the opportunity presents itself, one of them is going to snuff the life out of Zuckerberg.
Zuckerberg, while he is riding his high horse now and surrounded by a security detail invisible to the untrained eye, isn’t going to die of natural causes, not even old age.
He has stepped on far too many toes on his way to fame and fortune, and trust everybody that knows Zuckerberg intimately and professionally when they say, the f**ker isn’t going to get away with being an asshole forever.
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The film’s success rests on the spectacle of controversy and the innate human compulsion to seek and find in powerful figures grave faults in an effort to mitigate our own feelings of inferiority. And so, discussion about The Social Network will mostly regard whether or not Mark Zuckerberg is an asshole.

The Social Network shows Zuckerberg as an asshole: talking shit on his ex-girlfriend on LiveJournal, betraying his best friend, stealing a billion-dollar idea. And the film wants us to understand—or at least speculate—that Zuckerberg does these things without question or doubt or remorse.

The question that emerges as the basic premise of the film is “Why did the youngest billionaire in history fuck a bunch of people over to get to where he is today?”
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 Mark vs Eduardo

Mark intended to pull to get TheFacebook.com funding without having to wait for sign-off from Eduardo. His plan: Reduce Eduardo's stake in TheFacebook.com by creating a new company, a Delaware corporation, to acquire the old company (the Florida LLC formed in April), and then distribute new shares in the new company to everybody but Eduardo. Mark discussed this plan with confidants over IM several times.
Here's one instance:
Confidant: How are you going to get around Eduardo?
Zuckerberg: I'm going to buy the LLC
Zuckerberg: And then give him less shares in the company that bought it
Confidant: I'm not sure it's worth a potential lawsuit just to redistribute shares. You have nothing to gain.
Zuckerberg: No I do because until I do this I need to run everything by Eduardo. After this I have control
In another, Mark writes:
"Eduardo is refusing to co-operate at all…We basically now need to sign over our intellectual property to a new company and just take the lawsuit…I'm just going to cut him out and then settle with him. And he'll get something I'm sure, but he deserves something…He has to sign stuff for investments and he's lagging and I can't take the lag."
On October 31, 2004, Eduardo signed a shareholder agreement that alloted him 3 million shares of common stock in the new company. In the agreement, he handed over all relevant intellectual property and turned over his voting rights to Mark Zuckerberg. Mark became Facebook's sole director.
On January 7, 2005, Mark caused Facebook to issue 9 million shares of common stock in the new company. He took 3.3. million shares for himself and gave 2 million to Sean Parker and 2 million to Dustin Moskovitz. This share issuance instantly diluted Eduardo's stake in the company from ~24% to below 10%.
Mark's plan had succeeded. Eduardo was, for all intents and purposes, gone.

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The upcoming movie based on the book features cocaine, models, and dark, moody, lighting from the director who brought you Fight Club. It's a character assassination.

SHOOT: Indeed, The Social Network is character assassination and in this Savarin succeeds in getting his revenge on Zuckerberg.  It's a PR disaster for Facebook which they may well not recover from, at least not in terms of popular respect.

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