Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chinese build 15-story hotel in 6 days [VIDEO]

As the United States and China battle over the finer points of currency manipulation at the G-20 summit, American negotiators may want to take note of this startling testimonial to the productivity of Chinese workers: A construction crew in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha has completed a 15-story hotel in just six days. If nothing else, this remarkable achievement will stoke further complaints from American economic pundits that China's economy is far more accomplished than ours in tending to such basics as construction.

SHOOT: I witnessed this sort of fast-track construction when I lived in South Korea.  You'd walk through the suburbs everyday and suddenly, apparently out of nowhere, a new house would have sprung up or a department store.  They build a metal frame which is quick to install then literally pump cement into a housing around the frame.  The downside is many buildings look exactly the same, very square, very squat, due to the fundamental use of these metal frames.

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